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“There’s only one soul in all of creation you can truly know, and it’s the only one whose fate is placed in your hands.”
~C.S. Lewis

SpiritQuest Retreats: A Place for Healing & Personal Growth
Our lives get richer and more whole as we seek balance and serenity. Our spiritual retreats allow us to assist you in your own raising of consciousness. We can help you learn to “let it go” and will help you gain more tools to discover your purpose and reason for being. Our staff at SpiritQuest is devoted and committed to helping those who seek to have a better relationship with themselves and others. Our retreats make a difference that will last a lifetime!

Note from Management
I am personally awaiting your call, as the manager I hold space for each and every person who calls. There is nothing more in this world that I want more than to help a person in need. Whomever you are, if you are hurting, we can help. Even if your issue seems too big to conquer, your SpiritQuest family has the tools and the expertise to handle any issue. We love you and you deserve to put the time and energy into you, for once!

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SpiritQuest Retreats in Sedona offers Private Soul Retreats that can be Customized for Spiritual & Emotional Healing.

Our Sedona Retreat for spiritual growth and healing is offered at our Retreat Center. These retreats are truly intensive and are the most powerfully transformative retreats offered in Sedona — or anywhere else for that matter — because they give you the opportunity to work one-on-one with a hand-picked team of master practitioners who are focused completely on your needs. Experience a Sedona retreat at the best healing center in town.

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Sedona Spiritual Retreats

A way to reconnect with yourself and all things: new beginnings and alignment

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Experience a sunset while on a retreat in Sedona

Sedona Healing Retreats

A way to clear the past and move forward: deep healing and peace

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Couples Retreat in Sedona, AZ with SpiritQuest Retreats

Sedona Couples Retreats

A way to repair & replenish your relationship: good communication and appreciation

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Relaxing - Womens Retreats with SpiritQuest in Sedona AZ

Sedona Women’s Retreats

A way to empower yourself and find your voice: strength and purpose

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Sedona Shamanic Retreats

A way to find the inner shaman and feel connected: wholeness and contentment

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Wellness Sedona Retreat - SpiritQuest Sedona, AZ

Sedona Wellness Retreats

A way to address dis-ease and heal your body: nourishment and fulfillment

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Awaken your spirit with SpiritQuest in Sedona, Arizona

Treatment and Activity Sessions for your Customized Sedona Retreat

Our SpiritQuest Retreats consist of 3-4 sessions per day. Typically, SpiritQuest offers a unique structure to the day. Clients start their retreat outside on the Sedona Red Rocks followed by an emotional release session in our Retreat Center. End of day sessions are usually in silence where clients can be nurtured with bodywork and/or sound clearing and meditation.  We have a specific way  we order our retreat sessions and can best design your customized package if you call us. However, if you are interested in the selection of what we provide, please take some time to browse our offerings. The next step is to call your retreat coordinator at 928-282-2509. She will help you put together a retreat that is uniquely yours and will be most beneficial for you.

Why Choose SpiritQuest?

We Custom Build all of Your SpiritQuest Retreats.

Personal Retreats for the Heart! Whether you’re healing from emotional trauma, going through a major life transition, or are simply ready to embrace yourself as the master of your own life, now is the perfect time to experience for yourself the amazing transformation that has changed so many lives! SpiritQuest Retreats offer holistic retreats in Sedona that address all aspects of mind, body, and spirit. We specialize in customized retreats and group events. Your retreat is hosted at the Retreat Center and on the sacred red rocks of Sedona. Featured in the Spring 2019 issue of Su Casa Magazine!   SpiritQuest Wellness Retreat

Sedona Group Retreat Schedule:

SpiritQuest® Offers Monthly Group Retreats to Heal the Spirit

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Sedona, Arizona is the perfect place to book a retreat with SpiritQuest Retreats

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