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The following treatments listed on this page have an emphasis on the emotional body to get to the underlying destructive patterns that will be addressed during your Healing Sedona Retreat at our Retreat Center in Sedona, AZ. We encourage you to select sessions from other treatment pages in order to get the most out of your healing Sedona retreat.

Our retreats are holistic and draw from various Yoga traditions so we prefer that you combine sessions for the body, mind, and spirit. The Healing Retreat Sessions listed below take place primarily indoors at our Spiritual Healing Retreat Center.  Your Healing Sedona Retreat will assist you in living your passion and purpose by letting go of anxiety and depressive states of mind through breathing techniques and utilizing yoga principals for healthy living. The most transformative journey will be one which combines several different types of session. That’s where we can help! We are experts in consulting with you on the phone and customizing the self-healing retreat package that’s perfect for you. Let us do the work! The beauty of our healing retreats at the only Personal and Group Retreat Center in Sedona is that SpiritQuest retreats are built around your specific issues and goals. Most popular are the 3-5 day retreats, however some clients stay up to 12 days!

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Healing Sedona Retreat: Setting Healthy Boundaries

Healing Sedona Retreat in AZ with SpiritQuest Retreats

Empower yourself to create your own future when you learn to release patterns of the past! This healing Sedona retreat session is designed to help you learn skills that will allow you to find a more peaceful and harmonious way of being by setting healthy boundaries and remembering your priorities. Setting appropriate boundaries is one of the most essential skills for stress management, and addressing mental health or DEPRESSIVE STATE OF MIND symptoms. In the Yogi tradition, healthy boundaries are a must!

Sedona Retreat Session: Breaking Old Belief Patterns

Breaking patterns session for healing sedona retreat

In this Healing Retreat session you’ll learn how belief systems are the “instructions” you have in your subconscious. These instructions determine almost all aspects of your life, similar to the way computer software determines what a computer will do. Many of these beliefs were formed early in childhood and have not been updated to a healthy adult viewpoint, which can be the root cause of stress, anxiety, or depressive state of minds causing numerous problems in your personal life. By looking at the patterns in your life, the practitioner will help you learn to recognize your unconscious belief systems and how they are actually affecting you. Once the belief is found it can be updated through self-healing, at which point it loses its power over you. This is an awareness session and draws from various yoga and meditation traditions.

Sedona Retreat Session: Breathwork Letting Go

Breathwork session for healing sedona retreat

This spiritual healing retreat session is a safe and powerful way to venture into a deeper spiritual understanding. Repressed memories might arise, visions might appear. Mostly our guests feel a huge release and a letting go. The physical body knows how to release it’s pain through intensive breathwork. It’s the egoic mind that will hold on to what it believes defines it. This session may draw from Kriya yoga, Kundalini yoga, or other breathwork traditions and helps you realize that it’s all illusion and freedom comes from allowing an emptying of all that has kept you bound.

Sedona Retreat Session: Calling in Your Soul Mate

Calling in soulmate for healing sedona retreat with spiritquest

This healing Sedona retreat session is about connecting with an awareness of the Mate who awaits you. The journey is one that creates an inner trust in self as well as elevates you into a great understanding of what it is you search for and desire. The space that is opened up during the Ceremony allows you to experience a new beginning and a wonderful letting go of the past relationships. We tend to believe that love has its limits but the truth is that the only limit that love really has is understanding.… When we raise our level of understanding it opens new doors and permits our true love to enter.

Healing Sedona Retreat: Chakra Energy Renewal & Balancing


Chakra stones for healing sedona retreatRevitalize and restore your energy flow with this nurturing wellness healing retreat session in one of our tranquil retreat center rooms. Chakras are the seven main energy centers of our body. First mentioned in the ancient Vedas, the Hindu books of knowledge and the root of yoga, these swirling vortexes regulate our energy flow. Every sense, feeling and experience is connected to a specific Chakra. When you are stressed about something, the Chakra itself can become unbalanced and this manifests itself as illness in your physical and emotional body. This yoganic session is a sound-sational experience which may include crystal bowls, tuning forks, and/or voice to raise your inner Chi, increasing your energy awareness and filling every cell with balance and joy.

Sedona Retreat Session: Clarity to Face the Crossroad

Personal Healing Retreat in Sedona, AZ with SpiritQuest Retreats

Are you at a transitional place in your life? This healing retreat session will help you find clarity on which way to go and how to manifest a healthy future. Make your life meaningful and relevant as you reclaim neglected strengths. Create concrete guidelines for increasing opportunities. Bring passion and excitement into the present moment. As you move forward during your healing Sedona retreat, view yourself as the curious explorer rather than the powerless victim. Gain the skills to manifest a positive and beautiful future on this healing retreat session!

Healing Sedona Retreat: Clearing Anxiety & Depressive States

Release anxiety and your depressive state of mind with a retreat at SpiritQuest in Sedona

People are often traumatized by seemingly ordinary experiences and sometimes by extraordinary experiences that they just can’t let go of. In this healing retreat session, you will be looking at layers that govern your responses to overwhelming life events. The practitioner will employ a series of exercises that will help you focus on bodily sensations, and releasing the “Chitta” in the body and mind through Yoga breathing exercises and gaining perspective on the fear that may be contributing to the anxiousness. Through heightened awareness of these sensations trauma can be healed. This session draws from Yoga traditions and the overall perspectives of a book by the American Therapist and PhD, Peter Levine “Waking the Tiger”.

Sedona Retreat Session: Dealing With Abandonment

Dealing with abandonment for healing sedona retreat

it’s time to face your feelings head on! Often a loss of physical closeness due to death, divorce, and illness is felt as an emotional abandonment. A few incidents of emotional abandonment don’t harm our healthy development, but when they’re common occurrences, they affect our sense of self and this in turn can impact our personal security. This spiritual healing retreat session teaches you to value yourself, to allow yourself to be nurtured, and to let go of the feelings of resentment.  Doing so will help you reach a place of satisfaction within yourself.

Sedona Retreat Session: Emotional Clearing

Broken heart mended during healing sedona retreat

This spiritual healing Sedona retreat session is designed to energetically remove and assist you with trauma and emotional, or mental health damage. Often emotional baggage inhibits us from experiencing the joy, richness and opportunities of the present. Using spiritual, yoga and self-help techniques, bypass the logical left brain and learn to embrace the moment and heal your spirit.

Sedona Retreat Session: Horse Medicine Human Spirit

Healing Sedona Retreat Session offered in Ariziona :Horse Medicine Human Spirit

This Healing retreat session is designed to energetically remove and assist you with trauma and emotional damage. Often emotional baggage inhibits us from experiencing the joy, richness and opportunities of the present. Using Bypass the logical left brain and learn to embrace the moment and heal your spirit.

Sedona Retreat Session: Emotional Clearing & Dreams

emotional clearing for healing Sedona retreat

This retreat session explores dreams or life situations and using Active Imagination this session will help you heal and release past trauma, as well as gain self-awareness, transformation, and wholeness. As our dreams help us sort out situations in real life, so can we turn situations into a dream state and then interpret what we need to learn or how we can remedy the situation. This session uses active imagination and dream state to get to the root of the cause.

Healing Sedona Retreat: Forgiveness - Letting Go Of Anger

Let Go of Anger during healing Sedona retreat with SpiritQuest

Sometimes we get overwhelmed by our circumstances and frustrated by what we expected to happen versus what actually occurred in our lives. This causes anger and resentment to build up. Often we begin to blame others or ourselves. This spiritual healing Sedona retreat session invites you to “Let go of the wish that the past had been different” and to truly learn how to forgive yourself and others.

Sedona Retreat Session: Grieving Process

Grieving Process during a healing Sedona retreat

As we experience the loss of loved ones in our lives, we begin to learn that by recognizing our pain and the grieving process, we are acknowledging the depth of our love. If we did not have the capacity to love, we would not feel the hurt. Grief is also a beautiful way to honor those who are deceased. This spiritual healing retreat session is about learning to cope during this time and to focus on the joyful memories we hold dear.

Sedona Retreat Session: Healing Inner Wounds

Personal Healing with Healing Inner Wounds Session at Healing Sedona Retreat

This Spiritual Healing Sedona Retreat session in AZ gives you the chance to open your heart for personal growth and face real issues in a safe and nurturing environment. Our skilled spiritual therapist will help you with insights to break through the pain, anger, and stress of destructive patterns, clearing the way to build a stronger commitment for self-healing to your inner peace

Sedona Retreat Session: Hypnotherapy

Personal Healing Retreat in Sedona, AZ with SpiritQuest Retreats

Reprogram your mind to achieve happiness and success! Hypnotherapy involves reaching a psychological state of awareness that is very different from the ordinary state of consciousness. Lay in one of our serine Healing Retreat Center rooms where you will be guided to understand that a hypnotic state it is possible to clean out old destructive beliefs and reprogram the mind with new ones. Hypnotherapy has been found to be especially beneficial for problems related to lack of motivation, low self-esteem, buried or repressed memories, stress management and addiction.

Sedona Retreat Session: Inner Child Healing

Heal your inner child for Healing Sedona Retreat

This spiritual healing retreat session focuses on the healing of early childhood experiences. As a child we may have experienced painful and sometimes traumatic situations. This unique and highly effective form of spiritual work involves a dialogue process which safely allows you to access and heal hidden areas, memories and feelings of abandonment or shame. You will feel protected and nurtured as you go to that vulnerable place of Inner Child within yourself with guided meditation.

Sedona Retreat Session: Reiki Energy Work

Love yourself and accept yourself during our healing Sedona retreat

Reiki, a word that means “universal life energy,” is a type of energy work which has its roots in Japan. In this Healing Sedona Retreat Session in AZ,, your Reiki practitioner will uses a gentle laying on of healing hands in our Reiki Retreat Center room to infuse you with this vibrational energy, which may be used for relaxation, stress reduction, physical or emotional healing, manifestation, and spiritual expansion. The healing energy is imbued with its own intelligence, allowing it move to where it is truly needed without any undue influence by the mind, thus creating a solid foundation for further personal healing and growth.

Sedona Retreat Session: Replenishing The Overworked Soul

Personal Healing Retreat in Sedona, AZ with SpiritQuest Retreats

Do you work too much? Is life passing you by and causing stress, anxiety, or depressive state of mind because you are consumed by your job? This Spiritual Healing Sedona Retreat Session deals with learning to gain balance and self-empowerment in your “real” life experience. Isn’t there something deeper than working round the clock? Learn to open the door to the inquiry of personal growth where your own boundaries for happiness reside. What is your life purpose? What are you passionate about? We become that which we do. What do you spend your time doing? Do you have a spiritual practice? Let yoga principles help your alignment.  Your practitioner will help you gain concrete insights and healing tools to determine how to shift your life into a greater place of peace and deep contentment.

Sedona Retreat Session: Loving Yourself In Acceptance & Grace

Personal Healing Retreat in Sedona, AZ with SpiritQuest Retreats

Learning to be what you dearly desire and love about yourself in this spiritual healing Sedona retreat session. Like attracts like. Love is not something you take, it is shared. Learning how to nurture the “graced one” within you and let go of “the judge” will help you move into a place of empowerment and healthy boundaries. Once you Love Yourself, you can fully love another.

Healing Sedona Retreat: Self-Confidence & Personal Empowerment

Personal Healing Retreat in Sedona, AZ with SpiritQuest Retreats

This Healing Sedona Retreat Session is a must for those who need to reclaim their personal power through developing a deeper spiritual practice based on the healthy principles of yoga. When you have high self-efficacy, then you will think, feel, and behave in a way that contributes to and reinforces your personal growth,success, and improves your personal satisfaction. You will be more likely to view obstacles such as stress as challenges to overcome, so you aren't afraid to face new things. You will recover through self-healing quickly from setbacks, because you view failure more as a result of external circumstances than internal weaknesses. Believing in your abilities affects your motivation, your choices, your toughness, and your determination.

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