Introductory Plant Workshop – Sedona, AZ

Learn the Energetics of Plants

Plant workshop teacher - Rhonda

Plant Workshop Teacher – Rhonda Pallas Downey

Our Plant Energetics workshop is a fun-filled experience, Friday – Sunday. First, explore influential figures in the field of plant medicine. Discover how plants and flower essences correlate to and work with the human chakra system of energy. Delve into understanding and connecting with the life or vital force of each energy center within the human body. Bring conscious awareness to your patterns and behaviors, your life force energy, and the energy centers within you. Support your personal growth and overall health, vitality, and well-being.

chakra energies with plants

Learn Plant Energetics and the Correlation to Human Vibrational Fields.

Develop Insights For Potential Facilitation

Over the course of 3 days, gain a deep appreciation for flower essences, and plant medicine. Understand the “Doctrine of Signatures” which suggests an inherent essence in all of nature known as the “arcana” or hidden property, that is the origin of all natural forms or substances. This essence can only be seen and experienced through “the light of the spiritual eye.” Now is the time to discover your inner talents and how your new plant knowledge can be utilized to guide others. Receive concrete steps and pointers to become an energetic plant medicine facilitator once you commit to more in-depth training. Or simply enjoy your newly gained knowledge of the power of plants!

Join us a day early or stay a day after the workshop to do some one-on-one single sessions just for you!

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May 10-12, 2024

November 8-10, 2024

$2395 per person

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“I am true to my inner power, aware of all that I am.”

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Power of Plants Workshop Description

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Learn how plants serve as a primary source of nourishment and replenishment, as well as treating illness. Plants are used in rituals, and certain plants are believed to contain sacred and magical powers in addition to their medicinal qualities. Folk medicine and herbalism are the oldest forms of healthcare and the first empirical science recorded in the scrolls of ancient history. Our workshops are designed to help you embrace the life of plants and their energy systems. Understanding a plant’s field of energy, you can connect with the healing vibrational plant medicine of plants, trees, and flowers. Explore the healing energy of the human vibrational system known as the chakras. We will also explore deeper into the plant world (the signatures of plants, where they grow, the soil and environment they live in, who their neighbors are, and who their tribe is). 

Receive an Achievement Certificate!

Our introductory plant workshop provides the foundation to understand the energetics of plants. We would be happy to provide additional training if you would like to go deeper. In addition, our plant energy workshops address holding space for others and yourself. Upon completion, we will provide you with a certificate of achievement as part of your credential collection.

Client receives certificate of achievement

A Little Something For Yourself

If you would like to enhance your experience with a few Private One-On-One Sessions for healing, awakening, and personal growth we would be happy to arrange it for you. Now is the time to clear your schedule to join our Power of Plants Workshop. Gift yourself today!

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The Power of Plants Workshop Itinerary


I have always been interested in plants and how they influence our emotions and healing.  I am so thankful that I could take this introductory workshop with SpiritQuest. I learned how plants influence and work with human energetics. I loved learning about the history and vibrational aspect of flower essences. The tools I gained, both from lectures and hands-on experience, will stay with me and benefit me in the future. It would be such a joy to work with others and share this information! I feel that after taking this training, I now have the foundation to further pursue my dream.  I can’t wait to learn more. 

Cassie W. - New York