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Would you love to explore what you feel is missing in your life? Want to free yourself from your monkey chatter and egoic mind? SpiritQuest Sedona Retreats is the leading provider of spiritual retreats and helps you to find quiet and peace once again. Small weekend spiritual retreats provide a great opportunity for connection and intimacy. Specifically, these events are limited to small groups, so you let go of your life’s stresses. This Spiritual getaway teaches the tools to re-balance yourself and love at the deepest level of consciousness.

Spiritual group retreats take place a few times each year. Led by team members, there is a focus on achieving peace and balance. Today’s busy world causes people to go into “survival” mode. Consequently, many people report that they no longer have a sense of purpose. They have lost their way. Others report depression and anxiety due to a disconnect. By participating in a spiritual weekend retreat, our guests learn to slow down and be present. When we are present, we are more mindful of the moment. This way we learn to live in a state of gratitude. Additionally, we are more mindful of the lives around us.

Come a day early or stay a day after the retreat to do some one-on-one single sessions just for you!

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Group Retreat Dates

  • April 5-7, 2024

  • August 2-4, 2024

  • November 1-3, 2024


  • $795 per person


  • Three ways to book this Retreat in Sedona, Arizona:

    1. Call 928-282-2509
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  • I live my Truth, I nurture my Spirit, and I celebrate who I Am

Spiritual Group Retreat Description

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Your true Self is a spiritual being made of pure love energy. Your true self may be overshadowed by your ego, unreleased pains, or a lack of self-worth. SpiritQuest Sedona Retreats allows you to explore your inner consciousness deeply. The journey of nurturing and reconnecting with your Spirit begins gently as you process your emotions. Our Spiritual Weekend Retreat includes Mantra Meditation, Gong Meditation, and Breathing Techniques. As well as, Shamanic Sound Healing, the Ceremony of Letting Go, Mandala Intention Setting, and Spiritual Alignment. Some segments take place indoors and others out on the sacred land of Sedona. Bring your friends or family to join us. Some guests arrive one or two days early for one-on-one sessions. Give us a call and we can help you arrange the perfect spiritual vacation for you. Also, see our individual retreats.

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Spiritual Group Retreat Itinerary

Aligning With a Path at Your Spiritual Group Retreat

Our unique weekend spiritual retreats start with basics and build upon healthy principles.  Spirituality is defined in many ways. We support any path chosen by our clients as long as it is integral, heartfelt, authentic, and compassionate. A spiritual group retreat goes deep into discovering dysfunction and assisting in re-alignment. A few questions our clients might ask themselves are: What does it mean to live a life of right action? How do I let go of the ego? What can I do to feel comforted and connected? What is my purpose in life? How do I create better flow in my life? What actions can I take to keep me on my spiritual path? What will be my daily spiritual practice?

We offer our spiritual group retreats to those who seek to change their lives or take their spiritual practice to the next level. We put an emphasis on meditation, yoga, mindfulness, right action, forgiveness, and compassion. Sometimes we all need a little “tune-up” and the SpiritQuest Sedona Retreat guides are trained to do just that. Our group retreats are perfect for achieving joy, bliss, and peace in one’s life.

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Join a small intimate group of others to learn what it means to Discover Your Soul’s True Purpose. Live in the moment and free yourself from your past. Delve into your inner consciousness and bring yourself to a profound level of balance. Whether you’re healing emotionally, going through life transitions, or simply wishing to reconnect with your Mind, Body, and Spirit, now is the time to experience a transformation that will change your life! These spiritual getaways provide a weekend of serenity that helps you gain life skills. Enhance Spiritual practices to re-ignite the joy that is yours for the taking! See all Group Listings.

“My time in Sedona with SpiritQuest Sedona Retreats was amazing! I was at a point in my life where I felt very lost and disconnected. Coming here I felt the exact opposite. I was so excited about a weekend spiritual retreat. Now, I’m leaving feeling loved, accepted, worthy, and appreciated. Above all, SpiritQuest Sedona Retreats has restored the love, faith, and connection I was missing in Myself. I’m leaving feeling like a whole new person and want to thank SpiritQuest for that. This was the best spiritual vacation I ever could have wished for.”

Megan S., Denver, Colorado, VA