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5 Misconceptions About Meditation

Meditation is an ancient mindfulness practice with rigorous scientific backing in the modern age. It can help you find peace amidst a chaotic world, enhance your awareness, quiet distracting thoughts and build mental resilience in a truly unique way. Despite the many benefits of meditation, myths, assumptions and misunderstandings still cloud many people's [...]

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10 Benefits of Yoga: How It Helps Relieve Stress

Yoga has been uplifting people for millennia with its healing, balancing and invigorating properties. Although it started as a fundamentally spiritual practice, yogis and scientists alike have discovered that modern-day people benefit immensely from using yoga for stress relief because of its astounding ability to build physical and mental resilience. The Stress-Relieving Benefits [...]

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5 Tips to Elevate Your Meditation Space

Meditation is the practice of staying mindful and focused on the present. If you yearn for serenity and peace, a daily meditation practice can provide a tranquil escape from the chaos of everyday life. However, finding a space for this can be tricky. Quiet, comfort, lighting and decor — these elements create an [...]

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What are Emotional Healing Retreats?

We all understand steps we need to take to heal the body. But what are the steps to heal the emotions? Emotional Healing Retreats are the perfect way to gain perspectives and knowledge to let go of the past. Start by gaining an awareness of how your emotions are controlling you. Next, reach [...]

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Take Control of Your Health by Building a Healthy Plate

To build a healthy lifestyle, you need to consider all aspects of your health — physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. At SpiritQuest Sedona Retreats, we offer a place for you to grow, heal and live your healthiest life. Building a Healthy Plate One of the first ways of taking control of your health involves [...]

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How Do We Improve Spiritual Health?

When we consider our spiritual health, there is often a gap between spiritual, mental, and physical health. However, spiritual health affects our overall well-being in every aspect of our lives. Letting go of blockages and incorporating daily techniques and practices can greatly improve one's life. Let's explore how to improve spiritual health. [...]

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Heal the Inner Child for Self-Growth

People often ask: What is an inner child? Can I heal my inner child? What type of trauma damages the inner child? Let's start with the first question. How do we come to know our inner child? Every person on this planet has at his/her roots a history dating back to childhood. We were [...]

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Why Seek a Women’s Retreat?

Retreats for Healing & Empowerment In today's world women are finding themselves juggling many responsibilities. Women often find themselves overwhelmed and facing health issues. The value of attending a women's retreat is that it provides many tools such as *Realignment and balance *Tools for healthy living *Pointers to nurture one's self *Strategies for stress-management *Clarity [...]

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Why Go on a Men’s Retreat?

We hear and honor men's voices daily here in Sedona, AZ. We hear that men feel overwhelmed by family and work demands. We hear a loss of purpose and a decline in mental health including signs of anxiety and depression. We hear anger and frustration. We hear stories of grief and a loss of [...]

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3 Things You Should Know About Sedona’s Vortexes

The Sedona, Arizona, vortexes (or vortices) contain energy that draws in visitors from across the nation and around the globe. Travelers to these sacred sites often experience spiritual renewal and healing. They leave feeling refreshed and transformed. No matter what travelers believe, or what perspectives they have on energy and Spirituality, it is known [...]

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