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Circadian Rhythm Flow & Wellness Retreat Tools

What does it mean to be well? Wellness involves having an overall sense of contentment, ease, and serenity. To be well, you must address all aspects of life. That's why a holistic approach to wellness is most beneficial.  True wellness means that you are caring for your physical body, your emotional body, your mental [...]

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5 Tips for Harmony During the Holidays

Healthy Holiday Boundaries The holiday season is upon us. This is traditionally a time when we gather with family and friends in order to bond and build memories. However, for some the holiday season can turn into friction, feeling judged, and airing of old laundry. The best way to create a warm spark of [...]

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How Humility and Respect Tame the Ego

A wise man once said that the blade of life swings at knee level.  In order to be free from the dangers of life, we must keep our heads close to the ground, not up in the clouds. In other words, we need to experience humility and respect. Thus, in this article, I will attempt [...]

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The Seven Best Vortex Sites in Sedona

Sedona, Arizona is a sacred and powerful place. Blessed with high levels of electromagnetic energy, it is a destination for healing and transformation. The focus areas of this healing energy are known as the vortex sites. Sedona Vortex Sites Sedona is a small and exceptional community located in [...]

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The Value of a Healing Retreat

There are times in life when you experience a crisis and feel stuck, trapped, or suffering. The value of going on a healing retreat is to provide opportunities for inner transformation. 5 Issues to Deal with While on a Healing Retreat Healing retreats often address issues such as past trauma, anxiety, grief, gaining clarity, [...]

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Sedona Retreat Packages

Integral Healing With Sedona's Best Practitioners Sedona is unlike any other place on the earth. It makes it a perfect setting for our Sedona Retreat Packages. Its vast desert landscapes are rich and inviting. Therefore, people come from all over the world. In addition, Sedona draws those seeking excitement, introspection, and deepening awareness into [...]

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Why Go on a Couples Retreat?

Often couples reach out for tools to take their relationship to the next level. Society has the idea that relationships should be easy and constantly fun. The reality is that relationships require a great deal of patience. Relationships require understanding, commitment, and continued growth. Thus, going on a couples retreat helps you gain tools [...]

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Living With Authenticity From the Heart

Authentic Souls Achieve Self-Love & Peace The ancients knew how to live authentically What is authenticity? Webster defines it as “living true to one's own personality, spirit, or character.”  Yet sometimes it’s hard to determine what our own true feelings and needs are. Especially if we have spent the majority of our [...]

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The Heart Speaks

The Heart has many Languages The heart speaks, and if we listen, gently calls us to love.  The wisdom in our scars reminds us of a life that once was. It empowers us to live with empathy and compassion for ourselves and for others.  The journey informs me of the importance of self-care and [...]

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A Purposeful Life: Read a Personal Success Story

A River Speaks—A Trip Down the Colorado River and a Wake-up Call  How to lead a purposeful life?  We were all set—Saturday, 8 am, a group of friends planned to meet at the Colorado River. Indeed, the temperatures were hot that summer in Yuma, Arizona. A float down the Colorado River sounded like a [...]

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