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Ala Carte Shamanic Activities: On this page, you will find suggestions that emphasize the Shamanic approach. Enhance your Shamanic  Retreat Treatments with these powerful and dynamic activities. Select sessions from other categories too.

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What are Shamanic Activities in Arizona all about?  Indeed, the shamanic way is about reconnecting with nature, your animal guides, and your inner shaman. Basically, we are here to be your guides during your journey but you will be here to do the work! How can you go deeper and connect with your ancient roots? We will teach you how to cut the cords that have been holding you back. As well as, learn how to walk a Medicine Wheel. We would love to take you on a Shamanic drum journey also.

The best way to proceed is to let us assist in building your program and customizing the retreat or ala carte shamanic activity that’s perfect for you. We know the land. We have created the sessions. Equally, we know the practitioners. Moreover, we are the only company that provides an actual  Retreat Center in Sedona. Let us build your Shamanic Sedona Retreat for you! Most popular are the 4-5-6 day retreats However, some clients stay up to 12 days! Straightaway, call us for a free consultation at 928-282-2509 to complete your itinerary and determine the cost. In addition, explore our Group Retreats.

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Shamanic Activities: Emotional Clearing & Dreamweaving

If You Can Dream It You Can Do It sign- SpiritQuest Sedona Retreats

This session is designed to energetically remove and lift years of emotional damage. Because, the joy, beauty, and opportunities of the present are inhibited by our emotional baggage. Thus, exploring dreams or life situations and using Active Imagination in this session, will help you heal and release past trauma. Therefore, you gain self-awareness, transformation, and a sense of wholeness.

Sedona Shamanic Activites: Canyon Journey

Small tree growing through the a red rock-Sedona Shamanic Retreats

Discover your inner self with a spiritual guide in the Sacred Canyons of Sedona. Allow your connection with yourself and nature to allow for a great deal of release. Be led by your totem guides to find clarity and peace of mind. Markedly, you will learn to let go and to be in the present moment. Altogether, this will be a day unlike any other you have ever experienced.

Shamanic Activity/Session: Cord Cutting & Ho O Pono Pono

Guide working with client-Cutting energetic chords-Shamanic Retreats

This session requires that you open your heart and forgive. When you forgive, you become free. You are energetically connected to every person who’s ever been significant in your life. Often those cords become painful and create negative energy. A Hawaiian technique called Ho O Pono Pono is used to gently sever those cords, returning the individual’s energy and taking your own. Thereupon, once the cords have been reformed (with proper intention), they will reform on a fresh and more positive basis (if you wish). Ultimately, for a relationship to be healthy, both of you must be empowered. You can feel whole and complete by letting go and forgiving.

Shamanic Sedona Activity: Drum Ceremony

An ancient drum-Sedona Shamanic Retreats

Awaken your ancestral memories through drumming and ceremony. This session takes place out in the Red Rocks of Sedona where you will feel grounded and connected to the Earth!  Listen to the powerful vibration of the drum as it replicates the heartbeat of Mother Earth, and carries your prayer into the Spirit world.

Shamanic Activity: Medicine Wheel Teachings

Four different aspects of nature are shown-SpiritQuest

A Medicine Wheel is a physical creation of stones on the ground with pointer stones in each direction. It helps us with our “Vision,” to see exactly where we are and in which areas we need to develop to realize our full potential. Your guide will help you discover where you are in your lives and which areas need to shift.

Shamanic Activity: Meet Your Guides with Inner Wisdom

A burst of light shining bright in cupped hands-SpiritQuest of Sedona

Are you searching for wisdom and insight about your life and have had enough of the psychics?  Psychics are great for the beginning stages of your spirituality. They serve as a reminder of the power we all possess.  Perhaps, you’ve reached a point where you already know and/or feel information being revealed to you, confirming your own intuitive ability. If so, then this session is for you! You will meet your spiritual guides and learn to make decisions from that sacred place. This is nothing more than learning to be truly present and learning to listen and trust.

Shamanic Activity: Dreamweaver Journey

A swirl of red and orange colors like a vortex-Shamanic Activity

This experiential session provides self-awareness and insight through Active Imagination, guided meditation, and images. The “image voices” that come alive in dreams and life situations offer insights and transformation. Listen to the wisdom of ancestral callings, animal visitation instinctual power, and soul musings. Surprisingly, images are filled with knowledge, innate sensibility, and potency. Participate in life more fully rooted in the ground of your being. Ideally, with this foundation, you will be able to see wholeness in your world. Soon you will develop your creative wings.

Shamanic Activity: Shamanic Sound Clearing

A singing bowl being played with a soft stick-SpiritQuest

Find out who you really are and break through old limitations using the Shamanic path. During this powerful session, we use shamanic instruments to awaken and activate every cell in your body. Specifically, this allows you to become more alive than ever.

Sedona Shamanic Activity: Shamanic Wisdom Journey

A native american drum in Sedona- Shamanic Activities

Traditional Shamanism is the oldest way in which humanity has sought connection with Creation. Using Earth Wisdom in all relationships promotes health, balance, and success. During this dynamic session, you will connect with animal wisdom and the ancient native legend of Kokopelli. As a result, you will embrace empathy, speak your Truth, and achieve clarity and direction. Through Shamanic drumming and rattling, you will embark on a journey into your primal self. Discover your inner Shaman by looking to a power animal who embodies an ancient wisdom. Correspondingly, this Neo-Shamanic journey will create new meaning in the present and provide you with a path to the future.

Shamanic Activity: Soul Recovery

Chakra colors in angel wings

“Soul Pieces” are aspects of yourself that became fragmented due to trauma or emotional upheaval. As a result of an overwhelming event, the “Chitta” seeks to separate parts of yourself from your main energy system. It does this to protect you. As a result, your psyche will continue to function intact, despite the fragmented part of it. However, this protection can often lead to a loss of spirit, manifesting as feeling ‘shut down’ or ‘lost’. It is your lost part that is retrieved and returned to you in Soul Recovery.

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