The following Yoga & Meditation Treatments place importance on balance and centering for holistic health. We encourage Mind, Body, and Spirit wellness!

Ala Carte Menu for Sedona Yoga & Meditation

Yoga & Meditation treatments and activities are for all ages. Thousands of people like you travel from all over the world to experience sessions at our Retreat Center in Sedona. Additionally, personal guides provide you with one-on-one attention. Choose from many categories, some not on this page, to create the most meaningful Yoga and Meditation experience possible!

yoga on red rocks in sedona with private guide


Our ala carte treatments and activities encourage flow and balance in your life. You can do these alone or incorporate them into a retreat.

The Sedona red rocks are an ideal setting for a morning or evening of yoga or meditation. You start or end your day on a note of balance with these activities. With our expert team, you’ll experience the beautiful scenery of Sedona. Yoga & meditation work well as additions to retreats. However, we also offer them as separate experiences (a la carte). Download our app from the play store to view and purchase additional sessions.

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Choosing the right yoga and meditation sessions on the red rocks is our specialty. Or you may choose to design a Personal Yoga Retreat that meets all your needs. Chiefly, that’s what we do! We are experts in this field and assist you. Feel free to email us what you need. Or call 928-282-2509 today! We are happy to help you achieve your goals. Don’t forget to check out our group retreat schedule. 

If you prefer, download our app from the play store and purchase your treatments/activities directly.

Yoga & Meditation Treatments: Connecting Self to Spirit

connect self to spirit for meditation treatment

What do the spiritual masters know that you probably don’t? They know how to meditate. in fact, meditation is the primary method for self-healing, enhancing self-awareness, and gaining greater self-mastery at SpiritQuest Sedona Retreats. While participating in this treatment activity, you experience a guided meditation. This allows you to reach deep stillness. Correspondingly, you learn powerful techniques for managing stress levels. As a result, you emerge with a profound sense of joy.

Sedona Retreat Treatment: Awakening Through Movement

Yoga in nature for meditation sedona treatment

Discover the pathway to break through your old limitations. During this powerful treatment activity, limiting beliefs are cleared using connected breathing and yoga movements. Eventually, limiting beliefs prevent pleasure, ease, and grace from flowing freely through the body. Basically, breathing invites love, light, and spirit into the body, while exhalation releases its opposites; fear, shadow, and density. Subsequently, yoga movement also awakens and activates every cell in your body, making you more alive!

Yoga Flow Experience

Hatha yoga on red rocks of Sedona-Yoga & Meditation Retreat

The word yoga means that you are “yoked” to your Soul. Indeed, yoga is widely practiced for mental and physical health. Generally considered a preparatory stage of physical purification. In addition, it renders the body fit for the practice of higher meditation. Thus, Yoga postures activate the subtle body’s energy channels, which must be fully operational for enlightenment to occur. Depending on the practitioner, this session will consist of Hatha, Vinyasa, or Kundalini yoga.

Sedona Treatment/Activity: Sound Bath

shamanic tools for yoga and meditation sedona treatment

You’ll experience incredible sensations as your practitioner gently releases stuck energy. Here you will quiet over-stimulated energy to explore stillness. Our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual beings resonate with different vibration frequencies. As a result, health and vitality are not only experienced, but also expansion, consciousness, and eventually transcendence. Thereupon, you will align with the universe through sonic entrainment.

Yoga Treatment Activity: Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga for Yoga Treatment

Yoga is considered to be a preparatory stage of physical purification that renders the body fit for the practice of higher meditation.  Yoga guides work with the energy channels of the subtle body that must be fully operational to attain a state of enlightenment.  Likewise, Vinyasa Flow Yoga is a dynamic practice of rhythmic asana sequences aligned with the breath.  Unquestionably, this treatment activity is invigorating and energizing.

Sedona Activity: Walking Labyrinth Meditation

sedona labyrinth treatment

Life’s journey is reflected in walking a labyrinth in a focused way. Accordingly, Native American cultures began using the labyrinth around 600 BC to symbolize the sacred path to the Creator. Throughout the labyrinth, only one path leads directly to the center. Thus, this session will be a walking meditation outside. It will focus on the present moment. Hence, setting an intention will also help align your path and center your energy.

Yoga & Meditation Activity: Yoga Hike

Meditation with Crystal bowl for Yoga and meditation Sedona treatment

Yoga units the mind, body, and spirit. The mind and body are one.  Therefore, yoga is considered healing. You are more aware of your body’s posture, alignment, and movement patterns in yoga. Moreover, it makes the body more flexible. As well, it helps you relax even in the midst of high stress. Enjoy a glorious red rock hike to a scenic location. Embark on a private yoga session or treatment tailored to your needs. Unquestionably, yoga on the red rocks is powerful!

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