Introductory Astrology Workshop – Sedona, AZ

Learn Astrology Basics & How to Facilitate


Workshop Facilitator Kirti Wright Zhu

Our Evolutionary Astrology training is a fun-filled experience, Friday – Sunday. First explore the planets, signs, and houses of the zodiac, followed by learning the aspects and transits. Discover how the stars influence our lives. Explore your own chart and focus in on your strengths and weaknesses. Our workshops are designed to provide you with insights and initial tools to explore your interests. If you fall in love with the subject matter, your next step would be to take a course or become fully certified. While we do not offer a full course, we can direct you with suggestions for a more in-depth path of learning. Our three-day weekend workshop training is a perfect way to start. Discover what your future holds!

Astrological wheel projection. Gain insights so you can facilitate your own astrological readings!

Clients learn the history of humanistic astrology and concepts developed by Dane Rudhyar, followed by the EA method and background of influential astrologers such as Jeffrey Wolf Green,  Steven Forrest, and Maurice Fernandez. Over the course of 3 days, gain a deep appreciation for mentors in the field as well as recommended reading and computer software to help facilitate sessions of your own! Now is the time to discover your inner talents and how to guide others. Astrology helps seekers gain a greater sense of who they are and what their challenges may be.  Our Astrology Training provides you with a rich and diverse understanding of the roots of Evolutionary Astrology. You also learn concrete steps and pointers to become an astrological guide. Learn how to prepare for your sessions and hold space for others in the future if you choose to continue your education.

Join us a day early or stay a day after the workshop to do some one-on-one single sessions just for you!

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March 8-10, 2024

September 13-15, 2024

$2395 per person

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“I am stardust: all the wisdom of the cosmos resides within me.”

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Evolutionary Astrology Workshop Description

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This Evolutionary Astrology Workshop with Kirti Wright Zhu will be accessible to All Levels of Astrology-Seekers, as we dive deeper into the meanings of the Zodiac together, and apply them to our natal charts! This workshop will provide you with the foundation for being able to read natal charts of your friends and family, and after some continued education, possibly lead you to the path of becoming a professional Astrologer yourself! We will be practicing natal chart interpretation by utilizing the Evolutionary Astrology (EA) methodology, as taught by Kirti’s teacher, Kaypacha, and the New Paradigm School of Astrology. This will be an enlightening and empowering 3-day weekend, full of self-discovery and cosmic connection, that you will remember fondly for years to come! May the wisdom of the stars guide you home to who you truly are, and may you be a guiding light for others, too.

Receive an Achievement Certificate!

Our introductory Astrology workshops are the perfect way to receive an initial exploration of the topic. Once you gain some background and technique, you can decide if you would like to further pursue your Astrology skills. Our introductory workshops address holding space for and preparing for facilitating your own sessions. Upon completion, we will provide you with a certificate of achievement as part of your credential collection.

Client receives certificate of achievement

A Little Something For Yourself

If you would like to enhance your experience with a few Private One-On-One Sessions for self-growth, let us know in advance. We will arrange it for you. Now is the time to clear your schedule to join our Evolutionary Astrology Workshop and gift yourself with self-care. Call us today!

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Astrology Workshop Itinerary

I am so grateful for this experience! I have always been interested in astrology and am thankful that I could take this introductory training with SpiritQuest. I learned a ton of tools and concepts that will stay with me moving forward. I intend to use what I learned to guide other people to a new understanding of themselves. I am so excited to have gained the foundation to feel confident in continuing my education in order to facilitate my own astrological readings. It was definitely worth the investment. Thank you SpiritQuest!

Ellen P. - Denver