FAQs Page: Frequently Asked Questions About SpiritQuest® Sedona Retreats

NOTICE: SpiritQuest Sedona Retreats conducts activities on public land under permit with the Coconino National Forest. The Forest Service requires all permit holders to post this notice as a condition of their permit. If you’re looking at other providers and do not see a similar notice on their website, then they do not have a permit.

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SpiritQuest can help you grow tremendously. SpiritQuest is the only company is Sedona that has a Personal and Group Retreat Center for healing and spiritual growth.  SpiritQuest is devoted to spiritual growth and service to others. We believe finding the right teachers with the skill and integrity necessary to guide you through the process is absolutely essential. That’s why we have screened all the practitioners in our network to ensure they are the very best Sedona has to offer. This elite group of practitioners are true masters of their craft — experts at helping others reach their full human potential.

The SpiritQuest Wellness Center is located in the very heart of Sedona, at the geographical epicenter of the area’s most important power sites: Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, Airport Mesa, Thunder Mountain and Boynton Canyon. The natural energy emanating from these power sites is very beneficial to the work we do…besides, they are some of the most beautiful sites in Sedona.

Private retreats consist of 4-6 hours per day of one-on-one sessions designed just for you. It’s an intensive personalized experience that will result in a far more authentic and transformative experience. Are you ready to do the work? Are you interested in reaching your full potential? If so then you are already heading in the right direction.

What we do:

— Connect you with the very best practitioners in Sedona.
— Support you every step of the way.
— Empower you to take control of your life. — Teach you to listen to your own inner wisdom.
— Help you break old destructive habits and negative thought patterns.
— Give you the option to have all sessions be private, or to combine private and semi private sessions.
— We can even offer follow-up support by telephone.

All you have to do is be willing to take the first step. Give yourself some space and distance from your everyday life and come to a place of healing and serenity. You will gain clarity, vision and perspective.

SpiritQuest does not have doctors or psychologists on site. We do not work with severe mental issues or behavioral health concerns. SpiritQuest is a holistic, spiritual retreat company, working with yoga principles for healthy living. Thus, we do not treat eating disorders, sex addictions, substance addictions, or other medical conditions.

We can, however, help people deal with the underlying emotional and spiritual elements often found at the root of some conditions. Do you need to forgive, let it go, connect to a higher source, and dive deep into self-reflection for right action? Do you feel lost, or defeated and need to find purpose? If so, you are at the right place. Our Center provides spiritual coaching for a more balanced life-style.

No! We are a holistic spiritual retreat and do not have medical doctors or psychiatrists on staff. We require those with drug and alcohol issues to be clean and sober for at least 6 months before attending a SpiritQuest. We specifically reserve the right to cancel any session — without refund — if the practitioner determines that the client is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

That’s where our retreat specialists come in.  With so many different modalities to choose from, it’s important to work with someone who knows the practitioners, knows what they offer, and has personally experienced the sessions.  We’ll ask a lot of questions to determine the exact sessions and practitioners that are right for you.

SpiritQuest offers both personal one-on-one retreats and small group retreats conducted at our Retreat Center in AZ. Private retreats are customized for your needs and provide the greatest results for the time and money invested. With a private retreat you can opt to have all of your sessions be completely private, or you can save some money by taking advantage of our semi-private land journeys that are listed under day packages. However, we also provide a very affordable option for those on a limited budget with our group retreats.

Any time! In fact, the weather is one of the best things about being here. With a mild 4-season climate and over 300 days of sunshine per year, each season in Sedona has something special to offer.

We offer Private Retreats seven days a week year-round…with just a few days off for holiday. Personal Retreats run $695 – $995 /day for individuals but vary depending on your program. Couples Retreats run $995 – $1295 /day for two people. Contact us and we will conduct a phone intake. We will then email you a proposal with your exact price. Once you place a deposit, we will schedule your retreat. Please give us 5 business days.

Our Group Retreats happen on different dates throughout the year and are $795 for a three-day experience. Most clients arrive on Thursday and depart on Sunday or Monday.

Our Day Packages/Ala Carte are priced according to the single session (or series of sessions) chosen.

Our Spiritual and Healing Retreat Center is located at 75 Kallof Place, Ste. 102 (right behind Natural Grocers in Sedona).

Healing retreats help people let go of the old unhealthy stories. By gaining tools and insights you can let go of the past and experience more joy in your life.

Most visitors fly into the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, rent a car, and drive 120 miles north to Sedona on Interstate 17. Phoenix is served by over 20 airlines and all the major car rental agencies. Major carriers flying into Phoenix.

A car is definitely the best way to get around in Sedona. This is a very small town. With just 2 main roads it’s very easy to navigate. You can drive from one end to the other in approximately 10 minutes.  However, there is another option available if driving is out of the question. You can catch a shuttle from the Phoenix airport to Sedona, and utilize the local taxi service to get around while you’re here.

SpiritQuest has teamed with some a wide range of lodging partners in Sedona, from among the many fine hotels and resorts in Sedona to budget accommodations. Your retreat coordinator will be happy to assist you in booking your reservations with one of our partner properties to ensure the best rates and a convenient location for your sessions.

Sedona has many wonderful restaurants to choose from. Many of these are nearby (within walking distance.)

Some items will depend on the season, of course. Your SpiritQuest Guide can give you an idea of average temperatures when you schedule for a particular month. Here are some items that are always useful:
– Comfortable lightweight hiking shoes
– Journal to write in
– Sunglasses
– Wide-brimmed hat
– Nalgene water bottle (available at most outdoor stores)
– Bathing suit
– An open heart and a willingness to make lasting changes.

Yes! We’ll be happy to design a special couples retreat for the two of you.

While it’s usually best to come alone and focus exclusively on you — away from all distractions — if your friend is in the same mindset and also taking a retreat, many guests have told us that the resulting synergy gave them a more profound experience.

Absolutely! We’ll be happy to assist you in finding “pet-friendly” accommodations.

You will be involved in retreat sessions approximately 4-6 hours per day, leaving you plenty of time to journal, shop, hike or just relax and take it easy. We also highly recommend that our clients schedule a free day at the end of their retreat to further process their experience and explore Sedona on their own. You just never know what the Universe might have in store if you leave a little room for serendipity.

We need a minimum of 5 business days from the time you make your deposit. Most people book their retreat reservations 2 weeks in advance. However, getting a room in Sedona can be very difficult during the peak months of Spring (April-May) and Fall (September-October). You’ll need to book at least 3-4 weeks in advance if you want to come during those seasons. There is a $100 expediting fee if you book your reservation less than 5 business days in advance.

Just call and we will create the best retreat for you.

Yes. While we do require a liability waiver, we should also add that our programs do not involve high-risk activities and no one has ever needed more than a pair of tweezers (hint: watch out for cactus in Arizona!).

Yes! Every SpiritQuest client can purchase a “Lifeline” zoom or phone session to continue the life-coaching we have provided. We also sell packages for ongoing support. We consider our past clients to part of the SpiritQuest family, and will do everything we can to insure the changes you experience during your retreat become part of a permanent transformation!.