Introductory Breathwork Workshop – Sedona, AZ

Learn Breathwork Basics

Breathwork teacher Onyay

SpiritQuest Breathwork Teacher Onyay Pheori.

Our Introductory Breathwork Workshop training is a 3-day experience perfect for those who desire to learn more about the transformative power of breath! First, explore the benefits of breathing followed by the impact on the human system. Discover how breath can release stress, tension, and even traumatic thoughts. Explore your breath and learn beginner techniques for potentially becoming a breathwork facilitator. SpiritQuest workshops are designed to provide you with insights and initial tools to explore your interests. Your next step would be to take a course or become fully certified. While we do not offer a full course, we can direct you with suggestions for a more in-depth learning path. Our three-day weekend workshop training is a perfect way to start. Discover what your future holds!

client at breathwork workshop in Sedona

Client Participating in our Breathwork Workshop in Sedona, Arizona. Join us for a 3-day training.

Life Force Energy

Prana in Sanskrit is “life force energy” and Ayama refers to expansion, extension, regulation, and control. Our workshop explores various Pranayama breaths originating from the ancient yogi text – “The Yoga Sutras.” Furthermore, you will learn about Re-birthing breath techniques which originate from the works of  Leonard ORR, and Sondra Ray.   Our Breathwork Training provides you with a rich and diverse understanding of the basics of breathwork. You also learn how breath impacts your own system and allows the nervous system to destress. Learn how a breathwork playlist creates the right atmosphere to “let it go.” Now is the time to discover your inner talents and how in the future you may guide others if you choose to take your journey to the next level.

Join us a day early or stay a day after the workshop to do some one-on-one single sessions just for you!

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December 13-15, 2024

June 6-8, 2025

December 12-14, 2025

$2395 per person

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“I center myself and balance life with breath.”

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Breathwork Workshop Description

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This breathwork workshop is primarily for beginners as we dive deeper into the power of breath and its benefits! Breath workshops provide you with the foundation for exploring breathwork sessions for yourself, and your friends and family. After continued education, it may lead you to the path of becoming a professional Breathwork practitioner for others. Our workshop focuses on four types of breathing styles: Eupnea, Costal Breathing, Diaphramatic Breathing, and Hpyerpnea. We will explore the calming breath – Shamvat, the Balancing breath – Sampad, and the exciting breath – Uttejack.  Next, we learn how breath impacts the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Lastly, learn the power of the Rebirthing breath. End your experience with pointers to hold space for clients if you choose to head in that direction.

Receive an Achievement Certificate!

Our introductory Breathwork workshops are the perfect way to receive an initial exploration of the topic. Once you gain some background and technique, you can decide if you would like to pursue your Breathwork skills further. Upon completion, we will provide you with a certificate of achievement as part of your credential collection.

Client receives certificate of achievement


A Little Something For Yourself

If you would like to enhance your experience with a few Private One-On-One Sessions for self-growth, let us know in advance. We will arrange it for you. Now is the time to clear your schedule to join our Breathwork Workshop and gift yourself with self-care. Call us today!

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Breathwork Workshop Itinerary

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This workshop was amazing! I learned so much about breath during this introductory training with SpiritQuest. The Yoga breath-forms are powerful and the re-birthing breath has changed my life. My goal is to use what I learned to further develop my skills so I can facilitate breathwork sessions of my own. I know my next step is to further develop my skills and gain certification.  I now realize how life-changing even one breathwork session can be. What a great way to release tension, stress, and trauma. This workshop was definitely worth the investment. Thank you SpiritQuest!

Katie T. - Chicago