Rejuvenate and Replenish in Sedona, Arizona

Healing Group Retreat for Mental Health

Happiness and self-awareness are yours if you make a good effort. A Healing Group Retreat at our Sedona Retreat Center in Arizona gives you strength, courage, and spiritual power. This is achieved through self-healing, forgiveness, and empowerment. Embrace your heart-centered, soul-based, authentic self to heal all aspects of your life. Our clients come from all over the world. Gather with others that have the same purpose. They are all open to spiritual and emotional healing to break old patterns and step forward with freedom and joy. There is great support and connection on a spiritual level together. A lifetime of bonds are formed. Our group retreats focus on mental health awareness.

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SpiritQuest Sedona Retreats specializes in creating healing group retreats designed to give our clients concrete tools for transformation, as well as, heart-opening experiences for mental wellness. Our team members are some of Sedona’s best and guide our guests through a hand-curated series of sessions designed to relieve stress. Open your heart so you will improve your self-esteem and communication. Our mental health retreats are unique in that they blend a variety of methods, locations, and healers to give clients the best chance at meeting their goals and opening to their new life! Sometimes we just need a little help in letting go of the story and learning to forgive in order to move forward.  We are here to help you with that process. See our solo healing retreats for a private option.

Come a day early or stay a day after the retreat to do some one-on-one single sessions just for you!

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Group Retreat Dates

  • July 5-7, 2024

  • August 16-18, 2024

  • October 18-20, 2024

  • December 6-8, 2024

  • January 17-19, 2025

  • March 7-9, 2025

  • July 4-6, 2025

  • August 15-17, 2025

  • October 17-19, 2025

  • December 5-7, 2025


  • $795 per person


  • Three ways to book this Retreat in Sedona, Arizona:

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    2. Purchase using the button below that corresponds to your desired dates
    3. Download our App


Cancellation Policy


  • I love and honor myself. Lovingly, I respect my boundaries and trust myself, knowing that I am my best friend and biggest ally. Anything is achievable to me.

Healing Group Retreat Description

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Where is your emotional stability, your connection with Spirit and Self? Are you balanced in mind, body, and Spirit?  Fear is the strongest thought form in the negative polarity. It is often experienced through negative emotions and self-sabotage that cause you to feel anxiety, depression, and fear. Past hurts cause negative thought forms that weaken your soul. This prevents you from appreciating the gift of love and makes it hard for you to understand others and appreciate life. While this healing group retreat is about releasing the past, the greater focus is about moving on and finding your inner strength and happiness. We look at emotional disturbances and emotional disorders to help you release the past and move forward.

Delve into a personal journey that helps you process your emotions in healthy ways and gain perspectives on your Spirit. We support your mental health awareness. Our guides facilitate your process with tools such as the Heart Awakening Land Journey, Shamanic Releases, and the Letting Go Land Journey. In order to surrender to the joy that is yours, we help you embrace the chaos of life and “allow” all that is. This healing group retreat takes place both indoors at our Group Retreat Center and out on the land. Take part in our unique approach to spiritual and emotional healing that lasts a lifetime. If you would like to enhance your retreat with a few Private One-On-One Sessions just let us know in advance. We will arrange it for you. Now is the time to clear your schedule for a mental wellness retreat. You’ll be better than ever! Call us today!

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Healing Group Retreat Itinerary

lotus flower image-healing group retereatEmbrace Empowerment and Self-Love

Join a small intimate group of others to learn what it means to be in the moment. Embrace empowerment and self-love. Learn to be free from your past. Now is the time to experience a transformation that changes your life, whether you are healing spiritually or emotionally.    This healing retreat is a weekend of empowerment of self to create serenity. Come alone and/or bring a friend. Undeniably, this healing group retreat helps you gain the life skills to re-ignite the joy that is yours for the taking.

Healing is Always Possible at a Group Retreat

At SpiritQuest Sedona Retreats we believe that healing, whether it is caused by trauma, failed relationships, disappointments, grief, unhealthy childhood patterns, or other reasons, is always possible. It comes from you. You are the driver. We aren’t gurus, we are people like you, people dedicated to a path. We have left behind lives and selves that no longer serve us. We are truly skilled at transformative coaching to help you make the most of your deep healing. At our beautiful retreat center, we open our doors to our clients, offering a warm, expansive, and positive space to help others live their best lives.

To heal is more than off-loading stress. Finding your voice, and learning new tools like deep breathing, sound healing, or meditation, are all great additions to the process. With these tools, you go back home and maintain a  new commitment to yourself. Our healing group retreat offers both the transformation of the “now” and the maintenance of gained skills for the future.

One Location for Everything

The sacred land of Sedona lends its magnificent and world-class energy, known by some as the Vortex, to this healing process. Some of your sessions are out on the land in ceremony with a special guide. Unlike other Sedona retreat companies, we have an actual retreat center, so the rest of your sessions take place in this relaxing location (no running around looking at Google maps, or seeking your next practitioner’s house). We are honored you are considering joining us for a retreat. Whatever your path, may it bring you closer to love, healing, purpose, and joy. See our personal healing retreat.

I am so grateful for this experience! Before I came here I was angry, bitter, and depressed. I see now that I am full of love, light, forgiveness, acceptance, and hope. Before I came here I didn’t know what my purpose was but now I see that I am here for a reason – to help others heal and that everything that has ever happened to me up to this point has been to show me and lead me to my purpose. Before I came, I was trying to deny everything about me (my feminine self, my child self, my nurturing self), and through the teachings of this retreat, I can finally accept and trust myself. I am so confident and open. I feel like life has hope and many opportunities for me. I can’t wait. Thank you SpiritQuest for giving me the tools to move forward with peace and happiness!
Becky P. - Denver