Couple’s Alignment for Success

Are you ready to take your partnership to the next level?  This couples group retreat puts you on the same page with your partner and provides you both with a roadmap to achieving the life of your greatest dreams. Is it time for the alignment for success? Our weekend marriage retreat provides couples with a path forward. These small group gatherings are focused entirely on your needs. During this couples group retreat, you learn how to change your attitude and discover more about yourself and your partner. Our couples group retreats are perfect for a 3-day escape to Sedona in order to heal and grow your relationship. These are different from our private retreats in that they invite a small group of couples to join in the weekend intensive.Couple holding hands with Sedona nature in the background

Opting for a couple’s group retreat with SpiritQuest Sedona Retreats is a way to gain tools and insights in order to grow your relationship at an affordable price. Our transformative couple’s group retreat focuses on communication, trust, clear agreements, and shared responsibility. Often clients find that their relationships have become stale or perhaps there has been a breach of trust. Whatever the issue, we are “relationship experts.” We draw from the Gottman Institute which is known for its proven science-based relationship tools to inspire healthy communication and deeper connection. Our couple’s group retreat explores pillars of healthy relating: trust & honor, communication, shared responsibilities, clear agreements, taking ownership for mistakes, and working through conflict. Group retreats are facilitated by our relationship team members.

Come a day early or stay a day after the retreat to do some one-on-one single sessions just for you!

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Group Retreat Dates

  • March 15-17, 2024

  • May 17-19, 2024

  • September 6-8, 2024


  • $795 per person


  • Three ways to book this Retreat in Sedona, Arizona:

    1. Call 928-282-2509
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Sedona Couples Group Retreat Description

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Join us for a Couples Group Retreat in Sedona, AZ where we share with you an Alignment for Success. It is so important for couples to “be on the same page.” This group retreat is all about relationship building. Our practitioners guide you on a journey of manifesting your greatest dreams through learning self-care and healthy relating. Learn effective communication while establishing teamwork using the “stances” model. Unlock unhealthy patterns by learning the value of honor and respect.

Our couples group retreat is based on compassionate communication techniques and connecting to your inner truth. Knowing your authentic voice is a must. This is what we call “genuine living.” 

This couples group retreat is perfect for those who are looking to take their relationship to the next level, or for those who are struggling with their marriage or union. The retreat is also valuable for those just starting a relationship or for those who are partners in business, as well as partners in life.

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Couple’s Group Retreat Itinerary

Vulnerability for Building Intimacy – Couples Group Retreat

In order to have good sex, partners must feel emotionally safe. This begins with true intimacy. Intimacy means more than the physicality of sex. It involves feelings of love, respect, trust, appreciation, and speaking the heart. A couple’s group retreat assists you in all of these areas. Learn how to become more vulnerable. Learn how to trust and forgive. But most importantly, learn how to take care of yourself. (If this group experience doesn’t meet your needs check out our private couples retreat.)

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How can we be great partners if we don’t know how to care for and nurture ourselves? Any dysfunction we carry (from our pasts) will be carried into the relationship. Thus, our couple’s group retreat begins with learning to achieve health and understanding within ourselves first. Our clients report that their retreat introduced concepts that they were never taught for healthy relating. Our marriage counseling weekends are a great way to join others for a weekend of renewal and reconnection.

Couples Group Retreats: Privacy is Protected

Our commitment at SpiritQuest Sedona Retreats is to hold your retreat in confidence so your privacy is protected. Clients feel safe revealing their deepest feelings. Mutual respect is paramount. Do you feel valued by your partner? Our couples counseling weekend assists in letting down barriers so you can speak your heart and mind freely. Feeling valued is what intimacy is all about. Let us help you get your relationship back on track by booking a couple’s group retreat today!

Get ready to embark on the greatest quest of your life together.  It begins with a phone call and your commitment. These group retreats are limited to 7 couples. Don’t miss our weekend marriage retreat. Book NOW and reserve your spot. For a private retreat see our Solo Retreats.  Also, remember to explore all our Group Retreats offered in Sedona, Arizona.

This retreat was exactly what we were looking for!  The exercises and the experiences the retreat provided have given us hope and inspiration.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Being outside on the red rocks was amazing and your guidance throughout the process was empowering and uplifting.  By honoring one another, respecting one another, and realizing that we are each an equal cathedral of ourselves, complete and capable of achieving our dreams, we are able to move forward with love and confidence.  The opportunities to let go of past hurts, forgive, and learn new communication techniques were powerful and enabled us to grow in self-awareness.  We cannot wait to begin posting pictures of our achievements and to share with you our successes!  We are so grateful for this retreat, it was truly a life-changing experience!

Agnes and James: Boulder, CO