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Getaways: Rejuvenation & Healing in Sedona

Even though we call this our Weekend Getaways retreat, you don’t have to come on a weekend. We understand that the pace of modern life is extremely stressful. All of us face difficult challenges every day trying to meet the demands of family, work, and relationships. Sometimes the pressure is overwhelming. That’s why you need time to renew your energy, refresh your mind, and restore your soul at our beautiful Retreat Center.

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Perfect Weekend Getaways for Individuals or Couples

Sometimes a quick “weekend” getaway to a place where you can find peace and serenity sounds just right. It’s a place where you get reacquainted with your own inner voice.

Our Weekend Getaways are perfect for individuals and couples who want to spend two days in Sedona, Arizona. They combine the most popular sessions. Turn your vacation into a blast of balancing and nurturing in order to rejuvenate yourself. A lot is accomplished in a very short time. That’s why our weekend getaways are budget friendly with great results. Concise and to the point, our getaways offer a way to enjoy yourself with the closest people in your life.

Personalized Retreats for Weekend Getaways

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This may be one of the most powerful Weekend Getaways you have ever taken. Sedona, Arizona is a magical destination off the beaten path. Our “Getaways” are very personal with a series of one-on-one sessions. Come and re-establish your foundation of connection and fun. Let us teach the value of a quick getaway. This is a simple vacation idea that many adore. We have a huge range of treatments and activities to choose from and cater to almost any age.

Our Getaways are quick adventures for family, friends, or individuals. You are welcome to create your own experience by choosing from our treatment menu or we can create your itinerary for you. Quick Getaways are a wonderful way to escape the busy world and doldrums of life. It only takes a few days to refresh and regroup. Design your package with a variety of holistic treatments for the soul!

Weekend getaways are a wonderful way to form bonds, escape for an adventure, and share memories with friends and family. Weekend getaways are short and action-packed. Many love the idea of an impromptu escape from the work-a-day world to embark on a wonderful experience in Sedona, AZ. Our weekend retreats combine many modalities such as pampering sessions, coaching sessions, nature sessions, and adventure sessions. If you want to put focus primarily on spa treatments, see our Spa Weekend Getaway. And if you are looking for bonding with a couple of girlfriends, check out our Girl’s Weekend Getaway. SpiritQuest Sedona Retreats has a Sedona Weekend Retreat for you!

Quick Vacation Getaways in Sedona

Adventures: Getting Away with Your Loved One

This Weekend Getaway package is a short vacation for rejuvenation. Our Getaways energize and inspire you with new insights for bonding with loved ones. You’ll experience the beauty and wonder of life in a whole new way.  This Sedona Weekend Getaway itinerary consists of private sessions where the focus is totally on you.

NOTE: We custom design your retreat so the price is dependent on your particular program. Please call us or schedule a consultation using the consultation link. We will create a proposal with prices and email it to you.

Sample Itinerary for Weekend Getaways

How to Prepare for Our Weekend Getaways in Sedona, Arizona

Do you find yourself giving and giving to others only to find you have no time or energy to answer your own Spirit’s deepest longings? Does it feel like you have lost the balance of life? Whatever the situation, this is a Retreat perfect for you. Allow yourself to focus on bonding, connection, adventure, and rejuvenation.

Discovering Your Plan

Our Weekend Getaways in Sedona, Arizona is a time set apart from the normal course of your busy life where you will create memories of a lifetime. It is a time to nurture friends and family with love. The best way to discover a plan for your getaway is to consult with family and friends and choose from our many treatments and activities. Once you have laid out a plan, it’s time to consult with us so we can create a weekend itinerary for you.

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Call for a Personal Consultation About Our Weekend Getaways

Step up to the plate and trust your own instincts. Let us design a phenomenal getaway where you and your family explore entanglements and dysfunction. Or you can combine deep exploration with exuberant fun. Call today so we can help you put something together that puts a smile on your loved ones’ faces!

Personalize Weekend Getaways by Choosing Treatments

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“Not only did we have a wonderful time out on the land but we went deeper with sessions that touched the heart. The most profound way that my life changed is that I learned how important it is to love myself. So many areas of my life have been affected by my lack of self-love. I discovered that I am so much happier when life is at a slower pace. So, I need to slow down. I loved having an adventure that also was meaningful. Thanks, SpiritQuest of Sedona.”
Ally, Baltimore, MD

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”
— Rumi

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