Workshop Trainings in Sedona, AZ

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Workshops to Become a Practitioner

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SpiritQuest Sedona Retreats offers introductory three-day intensive workshops. Our workshop trainings are facilitated by teachers with years of experience and expertise. Each teacher is also a practitioner in their field. SpiritQuest workshops are best suited for participants who are newly exploring the topics presented. We intend to provide a history and background of the subject followed by hands-on practice. Handouts and worksheets will be provided, as well as a certificate to end your workshop experience.  These three-day experiences involve a group interaction in contrast to our private retreats which are one-on-one sessions. Book at least 30 days in advance to ensure your enrollment in our workshop training. Our Center offers four areas of study: Astrology, Breathwork, Self-Awareness, and the Power of Plants. Check out our workshop pages to view the full itinerary for each.

Why Join Our Workshops?

Many of our clients initially join SpiritQuest to expand and heal. Yet, after their retreat, some are left with the question, “what’s next.” Certain clients return for our economical and condensed group retreats which provide the perfect tune-up. However, clients have also asked us for a more in-depth learning experience where knowledge is gained in order to embark on a new path as a facilitator. We listened, that’s why we are expanding our offerings to meet your needs!

In addition to workshop training, you can also enhance your personal growth by adding one-on-one intensives from our extensive menu of holistic treatments & activities.

Calendar of Workshop Trainings In Sedona

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2024 Dates:

September 13-15, 2024 – Evolutionary Astrology Workshop

October 11-13, 2024 – From Triggers to Self-Awareness Workshop

November 8-10, 2024 – Healing with Plants Workshop

December 13-15, 2024 – Breathwork for the Soul Workshop

March 21-23, 2025 – Evolutionary Astrology Workshop

April 11-13, 2025 – From Triggers to Self-Awareness Workshop

May 9-11, 2025 – Healing with Plants Workshop

June 6-8, 2025 – Breathwork for the Soul Workshop

September 12-14, 2025 – Evolutionary Astrology Workshop

October 10-12, 2025 – From Triggers to Self-Awareness Workshop

November 7-9, 2025 – Healing with Plants Workshop

December 12-14, 2025 – Breathwork for the Soul Workshop

The Workshop Training was amazing. I feel blessed to participate with a group of beautiful focused individuals. We spent three intensive days exploring the subject as well as practicing with each other. The teacher was very knowledgeable and organized. I loved the handouts, slideshows, hands-on practice, and one-on-one attention.  I gained a lot of tools that will help me decide if I want to expand more to become a practitioner.  I appreciated receiving a certificate at the end.  Thank you SpiritQuest!

Kari W., Houston, TX

Sedona Workshop Training: Details

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Cost, Location, and Lodging

Workshops are $2395 per person and take place at our Retreat Center in Sedona, AZ.  Clients are advised to arrive on the Thursday before the event and plan to depart after 5 pm on Sunday or the next day. SpiritQuest is located in West Sedona. Adding a day or two to your travel plans allows for hiking and sightseeing. Sedona is known for its breathtaking views and inspirational red rock buttes! Lodging and meals are not included however, see our lodging page for ideas on where to stay. We offer an apartment right on Oak Creek (a 20 minute drive to the Center).

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Transportation and Booking

Participants coming from out of state usually fly into Phoenix (PHX) and drive approximately 2 hrs to Sedona. Otherwise, you can take a shuttle from the airport to Sedona and then rent a car upon your arrival. Also note that for those who do not drive, you can book accommodations nearby and walk to our Center.  Departing flights can be arranged any time after 5 pm on Sunday but please allow 4 hours to return to Phoenix and catch your flight. Payment in full is required at the time of booking. Check out our policy page for information on cancellations.

Call us or download our app from the Play Store to purchase your workshop.

Breathwork Workshop for the Soul

Centering Yourself With Breath

This introductory workshop is an intensive three-day experience. Learn the power of breath and how it reduces stress, creates a sense of balance, and aligns the mind, body & soul. Our Breathwork Workshop is designed to provide you with an understanding of the physiology of breath. Learn various yoga breath forms. Gain an understanding of the difference between holotropic breath the rebirthing breath.  During this group interaction, you delve into the background of breath and the founders of various movements. Explore what it means to hold space for clients during a breathwork session and receive a certificate to add to your credentials!

Evolutionary Astrology Workshop

The Wisdom of the Cosmos

Join us for an Evolutionary Astrology workshop in Sedona, AZ. Enjoy a three-day introductory exploration of Astrology. Gain an appreciation of influential leaders in the field such as Dane Rudhyar, Jeffrey Wolf Green, Steven Forrest & Maurice Fernandez.  Learn about the Luminaries and the Planets, followed by the Houses, the Angles, the Nodes of the Moon, Chiron, and Archetypes.  Enjoy hands-on practice at preparing and reading astrological charts.  End with an understanding of how to prepare for the delivery of your own astrology readings. At the end of the workshop, you will receive a certificate of achievement!

From Triggers to Self-Awareness Workshop

Connecting to Your Higher Self

Our Self-Awareness Workshop is very personal and intimate. First, explore your own triggers and how to move beyond them. Gain a deeper understanding of how challenges can lead to personal growth.  Understand “loops and patterns.” Next, explore the Principles of Neuroplasticity and the super highways of the brain. By replacing old dysfunctional patterns with new and beneficial behaviors/beliefs/emotions we create a new consciousness. Trauma and wounds can be released and new awareness leads to a more joyous and balanced life. Core beliefs are reframed and a profound connection to the higher self is gained. Learn how to do this for yourself with the intent of possibly assisting others in the future. Learn what it takes to become a spiritual practitioner. Receive a certificate at the end of the workshop!

The Power of Plants Workshop

Learn the Energetics of Plants

Awaken your awareness with the Energetics of Plants. This introductory training is a fun-filled weekend of learning, growing, and doing. Learn the historical background of influential figures such as Dr. Edward Bach. Learn the healing gifts of plants by applying the doctrine of Signatures. Learn to work with plant medicine and flower essences. Gain an understanding of how various plants correlate to the human energy centers. Explore your own vibrational energy field and discover how the vibration of plant essences assists in raising consciousness. Understand the vital force as a spiritual field of energy that encompasses the whole person—body, mind, and emotions. Receive coaching on becoming a “plant energy” guide for others. Enjoy a practice segment each day for one-on-one interaction. End by receiving a certificate of completion!

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