Find your Life-Purpose on a Spiritual Retreat

Do you desire a time to look within yourself in stillness and silence, to explore what you feel is missing in your life? Do you need tools to let go of the egoic mind and the monkey chatter that is constantly rattling on? SpiritQuest being the leading provider of spiritual and self-help retreats, can help you find the quiet and peace once again. Our small group retreats allow great connection and intimacy. These events are limited to small group enrollment and create a safe place for you to let the stresses of life go. SpiritQuest owner, Katherine Lash, will introduce you to select practitioners to facilitate your group retreat. We draw from yoga principles to teach you the tools needed to re-balance yourself and learn to love & accept yourself at the deepest levels of consciousness on your Spiritual Group Retreat at the BEST Retreat Center in Sedona, AZ.


January 14-16, 2022

August 26-28, 2022

$795 per person.

To BOOK this Group Retreat in Sedona Arizona, please call 928-282-2509

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“I live my Truth, I nurture my Spirit and I Celebrate who I AM”

Retreat Description

white lotus for healing during spiritual group retreat

Your True Self is a Spiritual Being made of Pure Love Energy. You may not be in close contact with your True Self because of past pains not released, lack of self-worth, or maybe overshadowed by your ego. SpiritQuest Retreats are very personal and go deep allowing you to delve into your inner consciousness. Gently you will begin a personal journey to process your emotions in a healthy way and gain re-connection to your Spirit. During this powerful yet intimate Spiritual Group Retreat at our Retreat Center you will experience the Vortex of Sedona, Mantra Meditation, Gong Meditation, Breathing Techniques, Shamanic Sound Healing, Ceremony of Letting Go, Mandala Intention Setting, and Spiritual Alignment. Some segments take place indoors and others out on the Sacred land of Sedona. Come along, with a friend, or bring the whole family. Some guests arrive a day or two early for their own personal one-on-one sessions. No problem. Give us a call and we can help you arrange the perfect retreat

Re-claim your neglected strengths…become the amazingly curious explorer you’ve always yearned to be!

Spiritual Group Retreat Itinerary

Arrive in Sedona, AZ

Please plan to arrive in Sedona the day before the group retreat is scheduled to begin. Check into your accommodations and get a good night’s sleep.

Deepen the Soul

Buddha Statue helps bring spiritual awareness

9:45 – 10:00 Registration
(Meet Promptly at SpiritQuest Retreats Center)

10:00 – 11:00 Tools for Deepening the Soul
We’ll begin the Spiritual Group Retreat with some tools to help you enter into stillness. The essential question we are seeking to answer requires that we “untether” the soul from the egoic mind in order to hear your own Divine guidance.

11:00 – 12:00 Tools For Healing the Soul
Re-grouping In this session we’ll explore how you can utilize the breath, mantras, and sound to re-balance yourself and heal.

2:00 – 4:00 Vortex Intention Setting (Outside)
We’ll go out into the red rocks during your Spiritual group retreat and get off the beaten path to visit a very special power spot where you will set your intention for the next season of your life.

Inner Vision / Outer Manifestation

Buddha for Sedona Stupa during spiritual group retreat

Today Spiritual Group Retreat participants will learn the specific tools necessary to go deep within ourselves to find our own answers. These tools will not only enhance your own intuitive power, but also improve your ability to manage stress and manifest your inner vision into your outer reality.

10:00 – 12:00 Tools for Empowerment
Create a personal mandala to guide your way and move forward in your life. The talking stick allows you to express your innermost feelings in a safe and supported atmosphere. Open the gateway to connection with self and others. Gain an appreciation of the little things in life. Let go of the egoic mind and be the in the present moment. Understand the difference between judgment verses discernment.

2:00 – 4:00 Journey to the Ancient Ones (Outside)
Maintain your passion and excitement as you learn about the concepts and insights of others who have come before you. Tap into the mystery of the spiritual soul. Radically  enhance your perspective on life.

Owning Your Life

Prayer Wheel - Sedona Stupa during Spiritual Group Retreat

As Spiritual Group Retreat participants at our Retreat Center become more attuned and aligned with their spiritual body, our attention naturally turns to the question of how we live in harmony with our highest purpose and do so with joy and passion. After all, this is the whole point of practical spirituality!

10:00-10:15 Gong Bath
Using one of the oldest instruments on Earth, we’ll invite you to experience release and a deeper level of stillness during this session.

10:15-11:00 Tools for Empowerment
Becoming present enough to look at your life’s purpose, and being mindful in everything you do, you naturally develop your own gifts, attract the right people into your life, and choose a healthy lifestyle.

11:00-12:00 Living Your Purpose With Passion
Are you on your path? If not, what course corrections do you need to make at this moment? As we end our time together we will integrate all your insights and perspectives. New layers are discovered to your personality. A new and relevant life is discovered. Re-claim your neglected strengths…become the curious explorer you’ve always yearned to be!

Optional One-on-One Spiritual Group Retreat Sessions

Our self-help retreat can be done either as a Private Spiritual Retreat experience, or enhanced by extending your stay to go deeper through intensive one-to-one private sessions. We recommend you schedule at least one to four days as an extension. While all the sessions offered by SpiritQuest will be available, we have included below a list of those that are especially appropriate for this retreat. Those who feel the group sessions are not enough may also elect to extend their stay and experience some of the fun adventure activities SpiritQuest offers.

Recommended Intensives & Adventures:

— Yoga
— Insights into Self
— Chakra Balancing and Activation
— Empowerment Tools of the Inner Journey
— Tantra: Sacred Path To Intimacy
— Medicine Wheel Teachings
— Spiritual Reading
— Sedona Vortex Tours & Hikes
— DNA Activation
— Emotional Clearing

healing with spiritquest allows you to soar

Join a small intimate group of others to learn what it means to Discovering Your Soul’s True Purpose and live in the moment to be free from your past as you delve into your inner consciousness, to bring you to a profound level of balance. . Whether you’re healing emotionally, going through life transitions, or simply wish to re-connect with your Mind, Body and Spirit, now is the time to experience a transformation that will change your life! This Spiritual Group Retreat is a weekend of serenity that will help you gain the life skills and Spiritual practices to re-ignite the joy that is yours for the taking!

“My time in Sedona with SpiritQuest was amazing! I was in a point in my life where I felt very lost and disconnected. Coming here I felt the exact opposite. I’m leaving feeling loved, accepted, worthy, and appreciated. Above all, SpiritQuest has restored the love, faith, and connection I was missing in Myself. I’m leaving feeling like a whole new person and want to thank SpiritQuest for that”
Megan S., Denver, Colorado, VA