Love and Peace is Discovered Through Deep Healing

Most pain originates from a source wound. Consequently, we often talk about connecting to “source” as in a spiritual connection to God for personal healing. What happens though, if we connect to that source on the shadow side. Basically, meaning that we are connecting with the source of our biggest patterns and wounds. Eventually, we seek deep healing from the inside out.

Spiritual & Emotional Healing Through Self

All of life is like yin and yang. In our spiritual and emotional selves, we have the shadow side and the light. Correspondingly, it’s a delicate dance of life between the two. Get clear right now. Chiefly, what is your biggest wound? It is generally a story about abandonment, being lost, or not being good enough because you were picked on, ignored, or forgotten. It is usually a frightening tale of emptiness or a deep feeling of being alone and deserted that needs healing. Many people experience constant fear or anger despite all attempts not to. What is your dark side? Life is not what you thought it would be and that stirs up the wounding.

Any of the statements above call for congratulations. You are part of the human race. You and thousands more feel these issues right at this moment and hope for healing. These put-downs are a program running in your daily world. You see these concepts arise during stressful times in your life. A source wound is a festering wound you return to when times get tough and lousy. These uglies happily wait for the opportunity to arise and bash you once again. Healing on a deep level dissipates the ugliness inside.

Residing in Love or Fear

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So what can you do after being brutally honest with yourself and discovering your source wound? Reach out and connect with others to be in a better place for healing. Deep source wounds are diluted and dispelled with a more positive connection, especially in a healing retreat that we design for you. Isolation is the biggest enemy because we are all reflections of each other. Good and bad. Additionally, when we spend time with others, we put those ugly concepts back into perspective. They are lies. Specifically derived from FEAR.

Either you are residing in love or fear. There is no in-between. Either you feel connected or you feel disconnected. Granted, you can slide back a forth between two ends of the spectrum, but the critical element here is that you recognize what is going on in each moment. This is the best way to have a deep healing and return to love and peace.

The Hopi say all life boils down to two emotions: love and fear. If you live in one, you cannot reside in the other. A daily check in with yourself determines if you are in the love state, or fear state. You cannot be in two places at the same time. So, sorry to say, if you feel any fear, it means your love is being blocked. Fear is usually driven by the dysfunctional idea that “I’m not good enough.” This mindset is extremely afraid of failing. It believes that if it fails, no one will “love me.”

Move Into Love for Peace

On the other hand, when we embrace love, we embrace all that the Universe has to offer. Love is the foundation of all things. However, if you fail to start with yourself, you are never going to be able to go deep with someone else. There are many different types of love, including eros (romantic love), agape (love of mankind), storge (love of parents and family), and philia (love of friends) to name a few. Each variation of love has subtle nuances and aspects. Of these, agape can be one of the most all-encompassing. In the bible, it has been referred to as the “love of God for all beings, as well as the love humans reciprocate to God. It is a higher love that begs for mercy and compassion. The word agape is actually borrowed from a Greek word meaning charity. It is selfless love (not to say that loving self must come first.)

Self-Love Must Come First

Is it selfish to love yourself? Absolutely not!  This is not an egoic self-absorption we are talking about. True self-love is simply having confidence in yourself and learning your worthiness. It also means taking care of your own needs and not losing yourself or depleting yourself for the sake of another. Actually, we can only love another as much as we love ourselves. If we serve others from an empty cup, we will either become resentful or sick. That’s why we must constantly be refueling and nurturing ourselves. When we are the best we can be for ourselves, we are the best we can be for others.

Steps of Self-Love

There are many aspects of self-love, however, a few stand out as paramount.

  1. Establish Self-confidence
  2. Clear time for Yourself
  3. Let Go of Self Judgement
  4. Stop Second Guessing Yourself
  5. Try New Things
  6. Forgive Yourself
  7. Establish a Divine Connection

All seven of these aspects, when activated, result in a more whole and balanced person. And what’s more, when you combine healthy self-love with agape love, you become more of an “enlightened” person. We are all part of this incredible Universe. The Hopi say we are part of the great song of creation. We just need to find and establish our voice to become a part of the great song of humanity. In the end, love and peace is discovered through the process of deep healing.

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