Let’s Ponder that Question

When skin is cut, is it the antibiotic that “heals?” The bandaid? When injured, the body sends out a set of reactions. How often do we stop and appreciate the wonder that is our physical body? What about our mental, emotional and spiritual bodies? Healing is our birthright. A process that is basic to our existence. Every moment, an invisible force inside is keeping you alive. It’s this system that is responsible for all healing. SpiritQuest can facilitate the process at a healing retreat.

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Someday we will understand every aspect of the process of healing. Even then, it will still be miraculous in its complexity.

How wonderful it is that our skin and bodies mend! Yet the popular belief on mental or emotional health is that healing isn’t possible. What makes us think something so illogical? Our body produces many uncomfortable symptoms when we have a cold. But where is the disease? Is sneezing the problem? If we manage to suppress the sneeze, will the cold magically disappear? Modern science has shown that is incorrect.

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Discovering the Predispositions

Zero in closely on discovering your predispositions. See what has allowed you to be so open to illness or imbalance. The reasons can be, not enough sleep, a terrible diet, work stress, or no exercise. Once located, healing is possible!

Many of these predispositions are located on an emotional, mental, or spiritual level. Lifeforce keeps our hearts beating. It also regulates our temperature and our immune system. It scans and eliminates intruders. At the same time, it is adjusting our mood, reaction, and ability to respond.

Healing is Possible

The mind, emotions, and body can heal. Say that to yourself. It feels uplifting because on some level you know it’s true. What ideas come to mind when you say these things out loud? Learning to embrace possibilities is paramount. Your soul knows what it needs. It’s the ego that’s all about limits. The ego does this with fear. You may get stuck in a cycle of limitation. Whereas, the Spirit is free. It always allows for freedom!

What is Spiritual Freedom?

There are a few types of freedom. There is physical freedom, which allows you to move to and from a location. There is national freedom which allows you to identify with a country and feel safe being a member with rights and privileges. But most importantly is Spiritual Freedom which is about the personal freedom to believe what you want. The biggest limiting factor is our own minds. True spiritual freedom can never be taken away as it lives in the heart. However, if we give our power away and surrender our thoughts to someone else, we can no longer be spiritually free. So how do we remain connected to our Higher Selves and our spiritual freedom? It takes awareness.

Spiritual Awareness for Healing

How do healing and spiritual awareness complement each other? Actually, to heal, you must first gain awareness. This is done through the art of being present. When you are present with yourself, you will not dodge tough questions.  You may begin asking yourself, “what are my best traits, what is my worst?” Or you may ask “what is my purpose?” More importantly, you may ask, “what is holding me back?” In order to heal, you must first identify what is NOT healed. You must be real and truthful. This is a deep inventory of the soul. Journaling is a wonderful way to explore these questions. The next step is to find the answers. Thus step one is to ask the question, and step two is to discover and answer the question. Step three is to make a plan of action for healing. And step four is to take action to stop the cycles and revitalize your life.

What is Healing?

Healing is when you feel personal wholeness. It’s a process where you learn to slow down and listen to your deepest self. Healing requires spiritual awareness. It requires a present state of mind. When you are in a state of healing you are in a state of self-love & appreciation. You surrender your pain and your heart feels lighter. You begin to acknowledge and honor your feelings. You become more compassionate and feel more joy in your life.

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