There are times in life when you experience a crisis and feel stuck, trapped, or suffering. The value of going on a healing retreat is to provide opportunities for inner transformation.

5 Issues to Deal with While on a Healing Retreat

Healing retreats often address issues such as past trauma, anxiety, grief, gaining clarity, and discovering life purpose. When you clear dysfunctional patterns, you find wisdom and peace. You embody a new and healthier sense of self. Let’s take a closer look at the 5 issues you may face while on retreat and why a healing retreat is so valuable.

Value #1- Healing Past Trauma

Healing from trauma can be hard work. Often, talk therapy isn’t enough and movement is vital to healing.  Moving emotionally, physically, and mentally is a way to shed what is no longer in your best interest.  Compassion and forgiveness for yourself and others liberate you to move forward with clear boundaries. You experience a renewed and empowered sense of yourself.

Conversely, when you attach to your trauma, you create an unhealthy story. Ironically, this identification with the story keeps you trapped. Life is no longer about moving forward, instead, it is about justifying the story, or trying to figure out what happened and why. Unhealthy patterns arise. You become resentful, frustrated, or disconnected.

Hostage of your own dysfunction, you are no longer a free sentient being. Your joy disappears and your life force diminishes. Healing your trauma allows for new inspiration and creativity.  Feeling the release and gaining wisdom in the process permits you to experience true freedom and peace.

Practitioner with client for healing retreat

Value #2 – Releasing Anxiety & Stress

In today’s media, you are bombarded with uncertainty including images of war, and an ever-changing economy.  You often find yourself experiencing feelings of impending doom. This type of anxiety is called social phobia and can be debilitating.  Other types of anxiety are post-traumatic stress disorder, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and general anxiety disorder.

A healing retreat helps you change your frame of reference and dysfunctional thoughts.  When you learn to surrender and gain tools for stress release, you embody your transformation. Furthermore, healing your relationship with yourself is a courageous act of love.  Letting go of what is no longer necessary requires awareness, acceptance, and forgiveness.

Releasing the story of your past, you make space to form a new meaning for your life. New tools gained on a healing retreat allow for the release of anxiety & stress.

Value #3 – Healing from Grief

When you experience the loss of someone, the pain of grief is overwhelming. You feel as if your heart is completely broken. This is another type of trauma.  A healing retreat can help you move through the grieving process. Learning to manage the barrage of emotions stemming from loss is key. Grief triggers emotions ranging from sadness, to fear, to anger.

Learning how to first identify your cycle and secondly how to “let it go” is of great value. Now the healing can begin. When you receive the help you need to move forward life becomes a celebration.

With the letting go process, you learn to be free from unwanted & obsessive thoughts. Putting the loss into perspective is critical. We all suffer loss. So it’s not so much what happened to you, but how you deal with it that counts.

Value #4 – Gaining Clarity in Your Life

Your life is not happening to you, it is happening for you. The worst place to be is in a place of confusion. If you are experiencing patterns in your life that are painful, healing retreats help bring clarity. Furthermore, you expand your awareness through spiritual and meditative practices. You set an intention and then manifest the life you always dreamed of.

Finding clarity sometimes requires reaching out to professionals for insight. Tools and techniques can be gained to help you reach a decision on the issue at hand. What are you confused about? A healing retreat encourages journaling, meditation, visualization, and prayer for discovering the right path to take.

Guide Drumming for Healing Retreat

Value #5 – Discovering Your Purpose

Once clarity is gained you can now look at your purpose. Discovering a purpose in life often requires looking deeply into your passions, desires, and meaning. What were you put here to do? How can you help others? What fuels your passions and gives you joy? A healing retreat can help you answer these questions.

When you take the time to retreat and clear your schedule for reflection, you begin to dive into deep existential questions of your life rather than living life in a superficial way. You begin to feel your own meaning. Life becomes meaningful once again.

Wisdom Instead of Pain

Transmuting your suffering into wisdom and joy is a painful process. However, the light at the end of the tunnel is closer than you think. Reaching out for help from those who have already gained awareness is a wise action. You are worth it. Contrary to what those in existential crisis may feel about themselves, the world is a better place with all of us in it. Is it possible to live life from your wisdom body rather than your pain body?

The answer is a resounding YES! You are not your pain. Instead, all of our scars teach us valuable lessons if we are willing to learn from them. That’s where a healing retreat comes into play.

Getting away from the “rut” and fully immersing yourself in your deepest shadows allows for shifts and transmuting the pain. Wisdom is the ability to have insight and a greater understanding of life. This builds personal character. Instead of living in the victim mode, you become empowered and healed.

Embodying a New Sense of Self

Are you desiring a reset in life?  The transitions in our lives happen throughout our lives.  A brief pause, or timeout in our life, can be all we need to transform and renew.  When people gain new perspectives with experiential exercises, they often feel empowered to move forward with confidence and self-worth.  Embodying the new sense of self, they are able to create their outside worlds through inner transformation.

SpiritQuest Healing Retreat Packages

Burned out? The demands of our daily lives compile, sometimes it feels like we are drowning in a violent sea.  We are human beings, however, and are consumed with “what needs to get done.”  Instead of distracting yourself with “keeping busy” it is the perfect time to seek a get-away. Our Healing Retreat in Sedona packages provide opportunities to rejuvenate and learn tools for empowerment.

Taking care of mental health is your personal responsibility and you are worth it!  You deserve to be at peace and our packages are created to assist you in experiencing healing and peace in your life.

If you are suffering, we are here to help.  Isn’t it time for you to reach out?