Bell rock is one of the seven main vortexes in Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona is a sacred and powerful place. Blessed with high levels of electromagnetic energy, it is a destination for healing and transformation. The focus areas of this healing energy are known as the Sedona vortex sites.

Where Are the Vortexes in Sedona AZ?

Sedona is a small and exceptional community located in Northern Arizona. With the vast and bustling metro Phoenix area to the South and the active college town of Flagstaff to the North, Sedona stands alone as its own unique and powerful destination. Furthermore, the town of Sedona is surrounded by crimson pillars of iron-oxide sandstone formations. These formations stand strong in the Sedona skyline, demanding your gaze and constant wonder. The Sedona red rocks are filled with layers of brilliant quartz crystals.

These crystals have been said to amplify a universal energetic force. Some believe that when you come to Sedona, whatever you have buried emotionally or energetically will be set in motion. Likewise, any thoughts that you may have, will manifest themselves. This is a primary reason why so many people visit Sedona. It is a spiritual center that people come from all over the world to experience.

Sedona, Arizona travel destination for retreat


Energetic Swirling Centers for Sedona Vortex Healing

Sedona vortex sites are thought to be energetic centers of swirling energy that embodies certain healing attributes. Historic relics and archives confirm Sedona, Arizona has always been a sacred place to certain Native American tribes as they considered the area to be the origin of their spirituality. These Native American tribes blessed the area with special spiritual ceremonies as they experienced great “Spirit” energies. Buried beneath the red rocks of Sedona, the earth radiates a sacred high vibrational energy into the ethers.

Waterfall in the red rocks of Sedona


Vibrational Energy

This vibrational energy is profound, deeply moving, inspiring, and shifting. Sedona vortex energy amplifies everything it encounters, which means that everything a person may be feeling can be magnified (which can be enormously powerful for active manifestation practices). Thus, the stagnant energy that one suppresses may be uprooted, untangled, and released.

This is a powerful healing method when combined with pure intention, love, and a willingness to grow. These Sedona vortex locations are enhanced energy sites that facilitate prayer, healing, meditation, and exploring relationships with the Divine. This is why so many people are drawn to Sedona, and no matter how deep your spiritual practice, you will feel Sedona’s magic and mysticism.

The Spirit of Sedona

The locals in Sedona describe the vibrating vortex energy as the “Spirit of Sedona.” It has a robust, creative, motivating, inspiring, and feminine presence. The vortexes are described as the crossing points between energy fields in the earth’s grid system. This crossing point is believed to be the intersection between our natural world and the celestial healing realm. Divine vortexes assist in aligning spiritual properties, bringing together our spiritual makeup to create balance and harmony in the body, mind, and spirit.

7 Sedona Vortex Sites

Sedona Vortex Sites have earned a reputation as being magical. Sedona has seven main energy vortex centers, where the subtle energy that occurs at these Vortex sites interacts with the same subtle energy that belongs to each person visiting. The energy vibrates within the person and emphasizes their inner peace and deepens their inner “knowing.” This is part of what makes Sedona such an amazing place to experience and retreat.

Cathedral Rock Sedona Vortex Location

Cathedral Rock Sedona Vortex Site


The Cathedral Rock Vortex of Sedona is one of the most popular and scenic places in Sedona. However challenging as the hike may be, the area is known for its soft yet powerful energy, encouraging a person to “slow down” and be introspective. Thus, it is common to see weddings taking place here year-round, as it is a spectacular place to unite male and female energies.

Cathedral Rock Sedona Vortex is a feminine energy that nurtures a “letting go” experience, generating immense masses of energy. The vortex energy holistically cleanses a person, assisting in holistic balance. Cathedral Rock is the deepest magnetic vortex in all of Sedona, Arizona. It is recommended to find a quiet area, sit down on the Earth, and connect with the innate profound wisdom that each person carries deep within them. Meditating at Cathedral Rock Vortex may soften your energy, create inner peace, and open up your ability to speak your truth and connect with your more nurturing feminine side.

Airport Mesa Sedona Vortex Site

red rocks in the heart of Sedona


The Airport Mesa Sedona Vortex is an extremely popular vortex site and trail. It is centrally located in Sedona. You can easily drive to the site and have a lovely lunch with a stop at the scenic overlook. We recommend, however, parking halfway up the Airport Mesa, to the left, and getting out for a jaw-dropping loop hike. There are 360-degree views as you hike this scenic three-mile loop. In every direction, you see well-known Sedona landmarks such as Bell Rock, Courthouse Butte, Cathedral Rock, and Thunder Mountain. The Airport Mesa Vortex energy is masculine and powerful. The energy is strong, demanding, and penetrating. This masculine energy assists a person with building confidence, and taking charge, and gives one that final push that may be needed to achieve true change. It is difficult to keep things “in the dark” at Airport Mesa Vortex, as the energy forces out the old, and breaks apart emotional walls. This is a perfect area to drum, chant, or meditate at either sunrise or sunset. It is a must-see in Sedona.

Bell Rock Sedona Vortex Location

Bell Rock Vortex for Healing Group Retreat in Sedona


The Bell Rock Vortex in Sedona, Arizona is another electromagnetic vortex that is beaming with energy. Some have noted that Bell Rock Vortex in Sedona has more of a masculine energetic make-up. However, it has also been noted that this vortex area embodies all three energetic components: masculine, feminine, and balance. This is a perfect place to work on achieving wellness and balancing your perspective.

The masculine side is about self-preservation, protection, and forging forward. The feminine side fosters deep regard for others, with a focus on true altruism. Yin and Yang, black and white, masculine and feminine, are all needed to achieve balance, and wellness, and maintain a neutral emotional state as you interact with the world. The vortex energy at Bell Rock in Sedona, Arizona enhances one’s understanding, as well as providing new perspectives. Being balanced means that you can lead by example and inspire those around you to live a holistically balanced life.

Boynton Canyon- Kachina Woman Sedona Vortex

Sedona vortex energy for healing


Boynton Canyon Vortex is also known as the Kachina Woman Vortex Site. The Kachina Woman Vortex is one of the most sacred areas in Sedona, as it is known to the Yavapai-Apache Native American tribes as the birthplace of their Spirituality. The Kachina Woman pillar stands tall as she watches over Boynton Canyon. This sacred and ceremonial area is mysterious and exceedingly enchanting. It is said to foster both masculine and feminine energies, however, the most prominent of energies felt here, would be that of the mother/feminine. Many native American tribes believed this area to be exceptionally sacred. Kachina Woman/Boynton Canyon Vortex is a perfect place for inner child work, healing inner wounds, sacred ceremonies, and deepening one’s spiritual practice.


Chapel of the Holy Cross Sedona Vortex Location

Sacred vortex at the Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona


The Chapel of the Holy Cross Vortex in Sedona, Arizona was inspired by a local rancher and sculptor Marguerite Brunswig Staude, who was inspired by the empire state building in 1957. This Catholic Church is one of the most compelling and inspiring architectural designs in Arizona. No matter your spiritual affiliation or belief, this area is known as one of the most powerful energetic centers in all of Sedona, Arizona. Its brilliance and power are gently carried by its soft and feminine characteristics.

As you gaze at its many splendors, you can’t help but feel your heart well up with honor and love. With the red rock “eagle” spire that gazes down, it protects and forces away anything other than love. The eagle red rock outcropping is known to the locals as the “keeper” of the Chapel of the Holy Cross. The feeling of the vortex within the walls of the chapel is one of unity, oneness, compassion, and empathy. It fosters a high vibrational force that is sure to move any person visiting.

Schnebly Hill Road Sedona Vortex

Schnebly Hill Land Journey


The Schnebly Hill Sedona Vortex is remote, unique, and tranquil. An off-road vehicle is needed to gain access to the top; however, it makes for a fantastic mountain bike ride for those looking for a more serene method of travel. This vortex area is robust and perfect for those who wish to make a greater shift in their lives. The Schnebly Hill Vortex energy is felt in the root chakra, or at the base of one’s body. You feel grounded, rooted, and connected with the Earth here. There is a primal feeling in this area, that is unique and different from any other vortex site. It is a perfect place to release limiting beliefs, blockages, and anything that may be holding you from your dreams.

Courthouse Butte Sedona Vortex

Courthouse Butte Rock in Sedona, AZ


Courthouse Butte Vortex is located just east of Bell Rock Vortex and north of the Village of Oak Creek. The Courthouse Butte Vortex emits an aura of mystery, native history, and exploration. Courthouse Butte Vortex is known to many locals as the spot for deep spiritual transformation. The energy felt at this vortex site is grounding, healing, and extremely therapeutic. The high vibrational pulse is felt even when hiking, but if you sit down and tap into the silence, the ancient wisdom of the land begins to speak. The great wisdom of the “father” is in every sandstone red rock, draped over every waxy Manzanita, and sprinkled throughout the thorns of the prickly pear. This is an ideal area for Shamanic practices, such as drumming, chanting, or ceremony.

Things to do in Sedona AZ

Jeep Tour in Sedona Arizona

Jeep Tours

Enjoy off-road jeep tours in Sedona, Arizona, one of the most beautiful places on earth. Sedona Jeep Tours are a thrilling adventure for visitors. There’s a wide variety of tour companies to choose from. Some offer a spiritual experience, while others offer that “amusement park” day trip for all ages.

Sedona Church of the Red Rocks

The Chapel of the Holy Cross

The Chapel of the Holy Cross appears to rise out of the surrounding red rocks. It has been a compelling Sedona landmark since its completion in 1956. The towering cross and awesome panorama of the red rocks are a source of inspiration inviting rest and reflection offering incredible photo opportunities in all directions.

Helicopter tours in Sedona Arizona

Helicopter Tour

Take a helicopter tour into the secret and myriad canyons of Sedona. Discover ancient ruins from the air and experience the “wow” that Sedona has to offer.

Vortex energy of Sedona Arizona

Night Sky Tour

Sedona and Flagstaff are “Dark Sky Cities”. Without light pollution, you will have an exquisite and magical view of the stars! Don’t miss out on such an adventure.

Tlaquepaque in Sedona, AZ for shopping


Giant Sycamore trees surround Tlaquepaque which is an artistic village with a variety of specialty shops and exclusive art galleries. Shops brim with local treasures and unique gifts, often created by local artisans.

Sedona Rouge lodging partner of SpiritQuest in Sedona Arizona


Sedona boasts of diverse restaurants in which to dine, including 4-star establishments known worldwide for excellence and service. One of the local favorites is Mariposa (which is a Spanish word for butterfly). The views are awe-inspiring, the food amazing, and the service impeccable.  Also recommended is Elote for a unique culinary experience.

Sedona group personal retreats by SpiritQuest Sedona Retreats in Arizona

Spiritual Retreats

SpiritQuest Sedona Retreats is the Number One Retreat Center in Sedona.  Our SpiritQuest Retreat Center offers a vast variety of retreats such as shamanic retreats, men’s retreats, couples retreats, retreats for women, and spiritual retreats.  Retreats last about 5 days are known for being transformative.

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