Finding Your Centerpoint

Finding your Centerpoint is something that spans many cultures.  Ultimately, using the breath to guide you is key. The Hawaiian word Aloha means “the presence of breath” or “the breath of life.” Ha, means breath. Also, it means presence. However, this term encompasses so much more. Is it treating each other with respect, sending and receiving positive energy. Aloha Is Living in Harmony. Comparatively, it is similar to the term Namaste. It recognizes that we share the dance of breath. To share the dance of breath is to share souls and thus to connect to the God-self, or Spirit in all things.

Dance with God in Your Centerpoint

A woman dancing in the bright sun with a scarf -centerpoint

Soul and Spirit are absent without breath. Without breath, the soul leaves in a few minutes. The breath knows the soul and the soul knows the Divine. The dance of God is the flow of breath. Consequently, when something is not in the flow, it will live in a contracted state. Everything is Spirit. Albeit, not everything chooses to participate in the dance. Contracting states are states of holding back, pulling away, or closing down. Indeed, this is exactly what happens as we near our deathbed. As the breath closes down, it prepares to leave.

Breathing is specifically responsible for the vitality of our lives. Vitality means being very vibrant and alive. Accordingly, this happens when you are vibrating at a frequency that has movement, flow, and joy. As we use the word vital, we think about what is essential. Chiefly, the breath is critical to maintaining vitality on both a physical and spiritual level. Without it, there is no life. Breath is the life-giver. A great indicator of our interactions with our Soul and Spirit is how we breathe. Our spiritual self is deeply, mindfully, and consciously engaged with our breath. The engagement with our soul self will undoubtedly be shallow if we stay on automatic pilot and breath in a shallow way.

Breath Engagement

Taking this a step further, we can say how we engage with our soul self influences our engagement with others. Empathetically, we become more conscious and present in the moment when we breathe slowly. The slow, deep engagement with breath causes us to be more contemplative. Likewise, putting attention on our breath requires listening. We start to be present with what’s happening at the moment when we listen. In this silence, we find calm and peace. Balance and the sacred principles of healthy living are also found here. Moreover, we tap into the wisdom of the heart. Wisdom is always open, willing, and free. It knows forgiveness, kindness, connectedness, and compassion, all of which are essential to healthy relationships.

Two hands coming together in the Universe to touch fingertips-Breath


Connection With Self  and Others

There is evidence that the heart plays a greater role in our decision-making than previously known. California’s HeartMath Institute is studying heart-brain communication and its relationship to deepening connections. Although we have traditionally viewed intelligence as purely the mind, we are discovering that it involves the heart as well. The heart is the only other organ that we speak of as intelligent. “My heart told me so. Her heart hurts. Your heart knows the truth.” In all of these instances, we speak about our hearts as though they know something the mind does not. Ultimately, the heart is responsible for filtering the logic of the mind and the emotion of the gut through the soul’s essence. Many Vedic chakra systems place the heart at the center. Our physical bodies are also centered around the heart. Let’s look closely at the word Centerpoint.

Heart Centerpoint to Self

The heart Centerpoint is the place to go for centering one’s self in relation to the point. What is the point? Perhaps you are being judged by a co-worker and very stressed out by this. Your mind is full of judgments as to who is right, who is wrong, and why this happened. Your mind is trying to tell you what to do about it and how to solve it. Move to your Centerpoint and pause. Take a very deep breath. Simultaneously, clear the space of your mind. Now tune into your heart’s wisdom. You pull up your feelings (“I am hurt”) and ask the soul what it is that you need.

 Hands circling around the Earth shaped like a heart-Centerpoint


The answer may be that I need to fully be heard. After filtering my thoughts and feelings through my heart, I check in to see what I need to do. If I need to be heard, maybe the best course of action is to invite this person to lunch one-on-one and gently express myself. We are able to honor our feelings and get to the core of what we need to be healthy. We may or may not need to act in this process. Often, we know how we feel and what we want, but lack the courage to act. All we need to do is to continue to breathe deeply and to know that all is well and that this too shall pass.

All in all, we must strive to live a holistic and balanced life which can be achieved in Sedona with chakra healing. Read about finding balance through Ayurveda and Yoga.