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Living Your Truth Creates Self-Empowerment 

Live Boldly for Yourself for More Self-Empowerment

What does it take to feel secure within yourself? The greatest culprit of self-empowerment is self-doubt. This is when we receive an answer to a question but we second guess it. Every day we face choices. The direction we choose creates our life. When we have the tools and understanding for loving ourselves and sticking to our truth, we create a life full of integrity, honesty, and fulfillment.

Live Your Inner Truth for Better Decision Making

What does it mean to live authentically through self-empowerment? In today’s busy world, we get very caught up in the fast pace of life. We rarely make time to sit with ourselves and ask “how do I feel” and “what do I need?” We assume that we always know how we feel. Furthermore, we may think that we always express what we need. But in reality, if we take the time to ask ourselves these questions, we might discover that we have not been paying attention to our deepest soul self. When we listen to our soul’s desires, we have begun a process of nourishing our inner “soul voice.” This is the place where authenticity resides.

Focus on Soul Care for Self-Empowerment

We have been raised in a society where it feels selfish to focus on how we feel and what we need. That’s because when our intent is to feed the EGO, the result is ALWAYS selfish. When we are asking the HEART how it feels and what it needs to be happy, then we are soul focused and more genuine. An example might be: “I feel sad.” Then the question, “What do I need” might lead to “I need more connection in my life.” Of course, then the next step is to ask yourself how to go about gaining deeper, healthy connections. Your soul will know how to guide you. Deep inside you ALWAYS know what you need and how to get it. You just need to start trusting that inner voice and growing in self-empowerment through it.

3 Steps to Healthy Decision Making

There are three levels to healthy decision-making and authentic action.

  • Ask your heart the question
  • Acknowledge when you have received the answer
  • Have the courage to take action
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You would be surprised at how often we don’t engage in these steps. There are people who stay in bad marriages for years without ever asking themselves, “Do I need to leave?” We all know people that have asked this question for years though. They find that they have been receiving the same answer. Unfortunately, they never give any credence to the fact that they know the answer deep in their hearts. Of course, the last step can be a huge snag. Sometimes when we ask our hearts a question, we get an answer that we may not want to hear. Accordingly, acting upon our “truth” may be extremely hard.

Deeper Truth About Empowerment and Decision Making

When we take the time daily to ask our hearts how we are feeling and what we need, we discover that we keep in alignment. We stay on the course before the situation gets so out of balance that we start getting sick or deeper into addiction. Living authentically through self-empowerment means putting yourself first. It’s about knowing what the soul needs and how to get it. Even if this “soul action” hurts another, in the end, they will respect you more for expressing it. You will always be the best you can be for another when you are FIRST the best you can be for yourself.

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