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The following Spiritual Sedona Retreat treatments listed on this page have an emphasis on the spiritual body to get to the underlying destructive patterns that will be addressed during your Spiritual Sedona retreat.

We encourage you to select Spiritual Retreat sessions at the Best Retreat Center in Sedona from other treatment pages in order to get the most out of your retreat. Our retreats are holistic so we perfer that you combine sessions for the body, mind, and spirit. The Spiritual Sedona retreat sessions listed below take place primarily indoors. Choose from our vortex hiking page for sessions out on the land. These spiritual retreat sessions will assist you in living your passion and purpose by letting go of anxiety and depressive states of mind. This is the way to re-connect to yourself and move to the next level.

The most transformative journey will be one which combines several different types of Spiritual session. That’s where we can help! We are experts in consulting with you on the phone and customizing the self-awareness package that’s perfect for you. Let us do the work! The beauty of our Spiritual Retreats at our Retreat Center in Sedona is that SpiritQuest Retreats in the only Personal and Group Retreat Center and your retreat is built around your specific goals. Most popular are the 3-5 day retreats, however some clients stay up to 12 days! Call us for a free consultation to complete your Spiritual Sedona Retreat itinerary and determine the cost. 928-282-2509

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Sedona Retreat Session: Accessing The Divine Feminine

Biomat Crystal Activation will Balance your complete body leaving you in a state of peace

Empower your soul by exploring your personal archetype in relation to the Goddess!  You will discover how the divine feminine shows up in your life and how to nurture these aspects of yourself. The practitioner will look at your heart to find out where the Goddess makes her appearance in and how she can best help you to tap into your intuition, heart, strength, compassion, and empowerment.

Spiritual Sedona Retreat: Accessing The Divine Masculine

Access your Divine Masculine during your Spiritual Sedona Retreat and resestablish your self-esteeme

Empower your soul by exploring your personal archetype in relation to the Divine Father.  The practitioner will help you look into your heart so that you can tap into your highest wisdom and greatest strength. This session is about grounding and balancing yourself so that you can be the empowered person that you want to be: power through peace.

Sedona Retreat Session: Akashic Records Integration

Take a Journey into the Akashic Records and learn of past-present-future on a retreat with SpiritQuest in Sedona, AZ

This session accesses your energy field through intuition, which presents your subtle body timeline. This is a blueprint of your experiences past, present, and future. Painful events, doorways, and energetics that are not serving your full expression may be revealed.  Understanding your timeline and how your life events connect with your purpose will help you gain perspective on what shifts need to be made to find ultimate happiness.

Sedona Retreat Session: Crystal Grid Perspectives

Crystal Grid Readings give insight into self-healing in your life. Join SpritQuest Sedona Retreats on this special session

This session allows you to interact with crystals in a deeper more profound way! Crystals have a unique living history and properties. You will select from a plethora of crystals in order to create your own power grid. Your practitioner will then examine your selection of crystals and your placement in order to give you feedback on how this layout may give you insight and perspective on your life. Don’t be afraid to ask to take a photo of your grid.

Spiritual Sedona Retreat: DNA Light Body Activation

SpiritQuest invites you to a DNA Light Body Illumination Spiritual Sedona Retreat session to find how your gifts are passed through our lineages.

This procedure is for people who are already on a spiritual path, and want to understand more about their personal gifts. Often, our gifts are passed through our lineages. There are three lineages – Your own life lineage (lessons and patterns from this life that have shown up); the genetic heritage (parents and other ancestors); the spiritual lineage (belief systems from other lifetimes). This session assists people to activate the wisdom from each lineage, and heal & release the patterns and karmic lessons. It involves a guided meditation, crystal grid, and Shamanic activation.

Sedona Retreat Session: Insights Into Self

Gain insights into your self, healing from depresive state of mind with energy healing for spiritual health during your Spiritual Sedona Retreat with SpiritQuest

Looking for wisdom and insight into the self?  In this session you can explore any questionable areas of your life. You will be guided to meet your own inner wisdom and connect with it to make realistic decisions regarding your relationships and life as a whole. Release the “Chitta” (or inner noise) through healthy living. Align and integrate this new wisdom to establish wholeness, thus empowering you and your life.

Sedona Retreat Session: Living Your Purpose with Passion

Learn from a Living Your Purpose with Passions session during your Spiritual Sedona Retreat with SpiritQuest

Our passions always lead us to our purpose. Yet at times in our lives we become disconnected from our true selves. We lose our way. This session focuses on re-igniting the fires of creative self and helping you align once again with your purpose on a deep and meaningful level. Tools and insights such as “self-mantra” are given to help you re-discover that which you have been missing. Find your own voice, learn who you are at your deepest core.

Sedona Retreat Session: Mantra Meditation & Breathing

Learn Mantra Meditation & Breathing for healing and spiritual health during this Spiritual Retreat with SpiritQuest in Sedona, AZ

Meditation, mantra and deep breathing are enriching mentally, physically, and spiritually. SpiritQuest teaches meditation as the primary tool for self-healing, the primary means of enhancing self-awareness, and as a gateway to greater self-mastery.  During this session you will be guided through a tranquil journey using mantras, breathing techniques, and chants that will allow you to move to a place of deep stillness and profound joy.

Spiritual Sedona Retreat: Dreamweaver Journey

SpiritQuest offers Past Life Regression among other sessions for spiritual health during your Spiritual Sedona Retreat in AZ

This experiential session expands self-awareness and insight through Active Imagination, guided meditation, and the wisdom of images. Exploring dreams and life situations, listen deeply to image voices as they come alive offering insights and transformation. Hear the wisdom of ancestral callings, animal visitation instinctual power, and the musings of the soul.  Images carry inner knowing, innate sensibility, and potency to open to the depths of your own experience.  Participate in life more fully rooted in the ground of your being. From this ground you will experience the support to grow your creative wings and expand your vision to encompass wholeness. 

Sedona Retreat Session: Spiritual Guidance Reading

Deepen your spirituality and regain spiritual health during your Spiritual Sedona Retreat Session with SpiritQuest

This session helps you access your energy field through intuition and a deeper knowing, which presents your subtle body timeline. Your guide will help you in getting in touch with painful events creating anxiety, depression or confusion and help you gain a healthy perspective.  Understanding your timeline and how your life events connect with your purpose will help you realize what shifts need to be made to find ultimate happiness.

Sedona Retreat Session: Tap Into the Abundance Vibration

Come and tap into the abundance vibration and learn other tools for spiritual health on your Spiritual Sedona Retreat with SpiritQuest in Arizona

This is a three-part system including discussion, writing, and meditation intended to help you clear through the mental constraints that have been blocking the abundance that is your divine birthright. This session is to help manifest your signature strengths, life purpose, and ideal lifestyle.

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