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The following Vortex Sedona Retreat suggestions listed on this page have an emphasis on the powerful and transformative vortex healing. We encourage you to select sessions from other categories in order to create a retreat experience that fulfills you on all levels!

Our Vortex Sedona retreat sessions give you the choice of working on yourself outdoors or inside. We have everything to offer from reiki energy work, DNA activation, Soul Readings to Vortex hiking meditations and personal land journey ceremony. This retreat package is one that has had profound life-changing results for many of our clients.

If you have a general idea of what you are looking for, we are experts in consulting with you on the phone and customizing the package that will change your life. Let us do the work at SpiritQuest Retreat Center! The beauty of our Vortex Sedona Retreat packages is that they are built around your specific issues and goals. You can choose the length you want whether it be one day or two weeks. We can cater to your needs! Call us for a free consultation to complete your Vortex Retreat Itinerary and determine the cost. 928-282-2509

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Sedona Retreat Session: Couples Private Land Journey

Discovery your life purpose during a relaxation period on the vortex areas in Seodna

Unleash some of the hidden treasures within yourself. Experience your own personal beauty that rests with you as you walk the Sacred land of Sedona. Re-connect with Nature and feel the calmness within. This session allows you to process your emotions in a healthy way in one of the most beautiful settings on the planet!

Vortex Sedona Retreat Session: Earth Medicine Wisdom

Experience your Spiritual Animal Wisdom Through the Medicine Wheels in Sedona

Tap into the wisdom of the Ancient Ones, feel your roots, reconnect once again with Mother Earth.  Let your SpiritQuest guide bring you back to your connection with all things.  You will be taken to a special location on the sacred land of Sedona.  Learn about your Animal Power Guides and how they can assist you to make good insightful decisions.  Reclaim your innocence and feel your heart beat once again.

Vortex Sedona Retreat: Insights Land Journey

Relax in the Sedona Energy Vortexes while on a Vortex Retreat

Breathe the fresh air of Sedona and feel the sun on your face as you gain insight with your guide about yourself and your connection to all things. This session may include sound, and/or movement. Experience the renewal and freshness that Nature has to offer. This session helps you get centered again.

Sedona Retreat Session: Nature Wisdom Walk

Take a hike in the red rock vortexes of Sedona and feel the energy awaken your soul

Take a walk out on the land with a skilled guide. Discover the wisdom of self-growth and renewal. Only you can change your life. Only you can raise your consciousness and let go of past patterns. Revitalize your life with a new awareness. Go deeper with yourself and know that you deserve to be happy.

Sedona Retreat Session: Sedona Vortex Experience

Experience the connection with water and earth while on a Sacred Earth Wisdom Journey with SpritQuest Sedona Retreats

Concentrated vortex energy is everywhere in Sedona and helps amplify whatever may be needed for spiritual growth. Sedona has been known to help people untangle and release stagnating energy, facilitating healing, meditation, and deepening the connection to the Divine. This session begins with an educational conversation about Sedona history, geology, and lore. Once you have reached your sacred site (chosen for your specific intentions) your guide will lay down a spiritual altar. You will be given a quartz crystal that will amplify the energy beneath you, as you are guided in meditation. You will then enjoy a cleansing sound bath, as you connect with the Earth, the energy, and your higher self. The intention is that you will leave this session refreshed, renewed, balanced, and in harmony.

Vortex Sedona Retreat: Sedona Scenic Hike

Feel your self-love with nature while on a Hiking Session with SpiritQuest Retreats in Sedona, AZ

Sedona draws people from all over the world because of her wonderful views and spectacular sunsets. Enjoy a relaxing guided hike in the beautiful outdoors of Sedona.

Sedona Retreat Session: Spiritual Awakening Land Journey

Sedona, AZ is well know for Prayer Rocks throughout the sacred vortexes.

Spiritual Awakening deals with deepening your connection with God/Source/Spirit and working with you at your Soul level, asking the questions and exploring why did you come here? What are your lessons, challenges? What is your purpose? Get in touch with you at your center, the Source of who you are, using principles of meditation, connection, and the power of being present.

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