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The following sessions place an emphasis on balance and centering for holistic health. We encourage Mind, Body, Spirit wellness!

What an incredible place to do Yoga and Meditation! People like you travel from across the world to experience the serenity and peace from our Yoga and Meditation Sedona Retreat at the BEST Retreat Center in Sedona. We have personal guides who will take you to private spots out on the beautiful red rocks of Sedona in order to give you the one-on-one attention you deserve for your retreat. The good news is that you are not limited to the sessions on this page! Choose sessions from other categories to create the most meaningful Yoga and Mediation Sedona Retreat possible!

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Yoga and Meditation Sedona Retreat: Connecting Self to Spirit

connect self to spirit for meditation retreat

What do the spiritual Yogi masters know that you don’t?  They know how to meditate!  SpiritQuest teaches meditation as the primary tool for self-healing, the primary means of enhancing self-awareness, and as a gateway to greater self-mastery. During this session you will experience a guided meditation, allowing you to move to a place of deep stillness within yourself. You will learn powerful techniques that you can incorporate into your life to help manage stress levels and you will emerge with a profound sense of joy.

Sedona Retreat Session: Awakening Through Movement

Yoga with nature for balance for meditation Sedona retreat

Discover the Shamanic pathway to break through your old limitations.  During this powerful session a conscious connected breathing and yoga movement techniques is used to clear limiting beliefs, which inhibit the free flow of pleasure, ease, and grace in the body. Breath inhalation is an invitation of love, light, and spirit into the body and exhalation is a release of its opposites — fear, shadow and density. Movement is also used to awaken and activate every cell in the body, leaving you more alive than ever before!

Sedona Retreat Session: Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga on red rocks of Sedona

Hatha Yoga is what most people in the West associate with the word “Yoga” and it is widely practiced for mental and physical health throughout the West.  It is considered to be a preparatory stage of physical purification that renders the body fit for the practice of higher meditation.  The postures of Hatha Yoga work with the energy channels of the subtle body that must be fully operational to attain a state of enlightenment.

Sedona Retreat Session: Sound Meditation & Healing

shamanic tools for yoga and meditation sedona retreat

You’ll experience truly amazing sensations as the practitioner gently invites stuck energy to move or vibrate again… or over-stimulated energy to explore stillness in this session in our Retreat Center Sound Healing room. The different parts of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being resonate to different frequencies of vibration. This is the experience of not only health and vitality, but expansion, consciousness, and eventually transcendence. The Sonic entrainment that you will experience will send you into perfect alignment with the universe.

Yoga and Meditation Sedona Retreat: Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga for Spiritual Awakening on Yoga Retreat

Yoga is considered to be a preparatory stage of physical purification that renders the body fit for the practice of higher meditation.  Yoga asanas work with the energy channels of the subtle body that must be fully operational to attain a state of enlightenment.  Vinyasa Flow Yoga is a dynamic practice of rhythmic asana sequences aligned with the breath.  This practice can be invigorating and energizing.

Sedona Retreat Session: Walking Labyrinth Meditation

This therapeutic session mirrors the journey of life. Use of the labyrinth as a symbol first appears among Native Americans cultures in Arizona around 600 BC, where it represents the sacred path to the Creator. The labyrinth has only a single, non-branching path, which leads directly to the center. This session is a walking meditation outdoors where you will take each step in the present moment with intention to help align your path and center your energy.

Yoga and Meditation Sedona Retreat: Yoga Hike

Meditation with Crystal bowl for Yoga and meditation Sedona retreat

Yoga is aimed to unite the mind, the body, and the spirit. Yogis view that the mind and the body are one, and that if it is given the right tools and taken to the right environment, it can find harmony and heal itself. Yoga therefore is considered therapeutic. It helps you become more aware of your body’s posture, alignment and patterns of movement. It makes the body more flexible and helps you relax even in the midst of a high stress environment. Enjoy a glorious red rock hike to a spectacular scenic location, and partake in a private yoga session tailored specifically for you on the sacred land of Sedona. Yoga on the red rocks is a powerful experience!

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