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What If I’ve Never Done A Retreat & Can’t Come To Sedona Right Now?

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We understand that not everyone can get away for a retreat at our Spiritual Retreat Center in Sedona, Arizona no matter how much they may need and want to. That’s why we decided to provide the same wise counsel that our retreat clients receive to anyone who is seeking it. Live Online sessions are available not only to our past clients but also to the general public. Even if you’ve never done a retreat before, the SpiritQuest Lifeline Online Coaching Sessions are perfect for you. The master teachers and visionaries of Sedona are just a button away. SpiritQuest can help you begin the process of shifting your life in a more positive direction.

Why wait any longer? Call today and we can set up a personal coaching online retreat designed to address a variety of issues. (See list below) The great majority of people receive help with relationship issues, communication, self-care, self-love, and spiritual growth. Let us design a program for you that can be done from the comfort of your own home.

Zoom Sessions and Retreat Aftercare

Phone sessions with SpiritQuest Sedona Retreats

The professional staff at SpiritQuest Sedona Retreats has conducted literally thousands of retreats and workshops. During this time we’ve seen amazing personal transformations take place, and love hearing from past clients about the miracles that take place after their retreat!

There is an unfolding that happens in this time away from your regular life that either would not happen or would take years longer to happen, otherwise.

After a few days of being away from your day-to-day life, the membrane that separates you from your deepest longings begins to dissolve. As the thoughts and beliefs that have kept you from being the person you truly desire become more apparent, they begin to lose their power. That’s where the Lifeline Series comes into play. Our clients can receive ongoing support after they return home. Our Retreat Center practitioners are available for, new and past clients, through Skype or phone sessions.

Need a Little Boost & Support with Life Coaching Zoom Sessions?

No problem! Our goal is to make your transformation permanent, leading to a more authentic, satisfying, and joyful life. Are you concerned about falling into old, destructive patterns or cycles that keep you from your joy? What to do if you begin to feel stuck or numb again? We are here if you feel the need to reconnect with your spiritual family and invite the magic back into your life.  Lifeline Zoom Sessions are only “a line away” from re-alignment.

Our Lifeline Zoom Options:

Wisdom Series (Purchase a Block of 4 at a SAVINGS)

Four sessions focusing on the Wisdom of Empowerment and Self-enhancement. Choose from topics such as Building Trust, Self-Confidence, Chakra Balance and Alignment, Breaking Old Belief Patterns, Manifesting a Soul mate, and Navigating a Separation or Divorce. Give us a call and we can help you select the perfect focus for your Wisdom Series. These sessions have changed lives! Our hand-picked practitioners are masters in their fields. Take advantage of this opportunity to start improving your life right now!

Enlightenment Series  (Purchase a Block of 4 at a DISCOUNT)

Four in-depth zoom sessions. Build your insights and get support on your Spiritual Path. This is our most popular series. The path to enlightenment is one of being willing to do the work necessary to shift your consciousness. No one is responsible for changing your life but you. You are the master of your own destiny. Which destiny will you choose? YOU are the one to manifest happiness or joy in your life rather than pain and anger.

Our Enlightenment Series allows you to put the focus right where you need it. Learn the power of Meditation, or the secret of Becoming Present and Living in the Moment. Or let us help you with your broken relationship, whether it be with yourself or someone else. The SpiritQuest staff are experts at guiding you back to a place of hope and joy. This option is a perfect way to begin to open the door to a tailor-made personal retreat. Our retreat coordinators will assist you to line up the perfect zoom consultants so you can start your commitment to self-care today. Just give us a call and we will help you pick the topics that speak to you the most. If you have already come on retreat, this is a perfect way to continue to get the support you need.

Sample Zoom & Online Sessions

SpiritQuest Phone sessions for Self Growth


Life Coaching – Find Your Purpose & Path

Emotional Clearing – Depression/Anxiety/Inner Child

Family Healing – Forgiveness/Boundaries/Connection

Relationship Healing/Divorce/Separation/Clarity

Health & Wellness – Nutrition/Lifestyle/Balance

Soul Mate or Relationship Enhancement

Personal – Empowerment & Self-Love

Meditation – Spiritual Connection

Personal/Spiritual Journeys

Spiritual Guidance Reading

Divine Feminine/Masculine

Chakra Balancing

Astrology or Tarot

Tami P., N.D.

“This was an amazing experience! I know that my life will never be the same. When I called I was very confused and depressed. Now I know the importance of responding rather than reacting, what it means to love myself and how important this is. I have also learned how to better care for my mind, body, and soul. How to have better relationships, and to live in the present as much as possible was taught to me, as well. I am so happy to know that at any time I can call and get the support I need.  It’s a great feeling having so many new tools that help me live in happiness, love, and light.