Connecting to Higher Self through Nature

Our Shamanic Healing retreats will re-connect you with your Higher Self, as well as, your true purpose in life. We do this through a variety of indoor and outdoor session experiences. For those unfamiliar with Shamanism, it is guide facilitated. Furthermore, it will strengthen the connection to yourself through Nature and the Elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit).

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There are many kinds of Shamanic Healing practices from a diversity of cultures all over the world. Consequently, our skilled Shamanic practitioners guide you with their own unique version of what Shamanism is to them. This is based on their life experience with these ancient practices. Session topics commonly experienced at our Shamanic Healing Retreats include, but are not limited to modalities such as Cord Cutting & Ho o Pono Pono. You can choose a Drum Ceremony Land Journey or The 4 Elements Land Journey. We also have Medicine Wheel Teachings. Shamanic Journeys through Breath, Meditation, and Sound are offered. Our Shamanic Wisdom Land Journey and Soul Recovery are especially powerful.

Benefits of a Shamanic Healing Retreat

There are many reasons why you are considering the experience of a Shamanic healing retreat. Indeed, there are even benefits that you may not expect to transpire through experiencing these healing sessions. These benefits moreover include an enhanced ability to create desired life changes. Overall, you will experience increased vitality, personal power, and an expanded sense of wholeness. You will feel greater well-being, and the ability to release addictions. It becomes easier to maintain healthy lifestyle choices.  You will sense a stronger connection to your spiritual source and soul’s purpose. Likewise, a strengthened immune system and a desire to connect more deeply with the Earth becomes natural to you after a Shamanic Healing Retreat.

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How to Book a Shamanic Healing Retreat

Please download our app on Google Play Store or Apple App Store, visit our Shamanic Retreat Page, or call us for your free consultation at 928-282-2509. One of our compassionate retreat coordinators will guide you through the process of designing the perfect Shamanic healing retreat for you and your needs. 

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