Your Inner State Says It All

Whether you are seeking to improve your meditation, yoga practice, or achieve career or athletic goals we can teach you how to excel. It is time to excel at your creative pursuits, your mind-state will determine your success and enjoyment. Success depends on passion, dedication, and a little luck thrown in, but excelling at anything has a lot to do with your inner state.

Your inner state is more than your attitude, although it includes that. It’s also a subjective feeling of what it is like to be you. We can do the same task to the same level of “success” whether we are bored or energized, irritated or calm, positive or negative. However, to excel, for the purposes of this blog, means to bring bright, open, creative, calm energy to your pursuits.

Challenge Limiting Thoughts & Beliefs

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Our limiting beliefs are the most damaging to our success. Sabotaging self-talk, or inner doubt that goes unchallenged is probably the biggest hurdle for most people. To really address limiting beliefs, some degree of mindfulness must be cultivated. Think of yourself as a sleuth for a day, tracking down and bringing to light any and every negative thought.
Keep in mind, it isn’t bad to have negative thoughts! It’s only harmful to have undetected negative thoughts. You can’t change what you can’t even notice. Once limiting beliefs are discovered, challenge them in a loving way. Or, if emotion comes up around the belief, spend a reflective moment holding space to feel, then release.

Let Go of a Timeline

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Nothing great happens overnight. Knowing how to excel and being patient results in personal accomplishments. All truly great accomplishments happen with commitment, dedication, and in their own time. Your timeline isn’t the same as someone else’s. Allow yourself the respectful attitude of letting your goals unfold on their own timeline.

A better indicator of progress is how much quality time you are devoting to your dream (i.e. one solid, focused, impassioned hour is better than twelve distracted, bored, and exhausting hours). Another indicator is how much you are willing to work in the face of hardship (i.e. one distracted, bored, and exhausted hour is better than zero hours.) Always look for the positive.
Curve balls are guaranteed. The only choice, when faced with resistance and setback (which are inevitable), is to choose an attitude that allows for a future. Set realistic goals, and be clear, and concise. Your intentions will be interpreted by the Universe. When you state what it is you want to let go of, and when you replace that with a positive affirmation, the Universe can respond. Patience and trust are then required. Let go of expectations. Sometimes the Universe delivers an unexpected gift, a challenge that may be overcome in order to learn a valuable lesson.

 Learn How to Excel: PositivityHimalayan bowl in sky - how to excel

Let go of any thoughts like it’s too late, you should have, but you didn’t so why not just give up? If not now, then when? Why not put yourself out there? What is the worst that can happen? Is it worse than never trying or giving up? Life isn’t safe, it’s an adventure. Whatever it is you desire to accomplish, if you are willing to do even a little inner work, you will learn how to excel. Maybe it won’t look exactly as you envision now, but if you embrace each day, anything can happen. Positive thoughts go a long way. The belief that you are worthy of living your best life is a must! Destructive patterns and old stories only hold you back. Reaching out to a spiritual coach is a perfect way to dive into your deepest caverns and make some major shifts in your life. See how to regain productivity.