Manifestation of Your Heart’s Desire

By now, most people are somewhat familiar with the Law of Attraction – and I don’t mean getting asked out at the local gym, though it can work that way if that is what you intend to manifest. Perhaps you have seen the film or read the book The Secret. Or, heard of Esther and Jerry Hicks, authors of scores of books on the Law of Attraction – getting more of what you want and less of what you do not. The truth is our lives are constantly being created by where our minds go. What we focus on “grows” – if we focus on the negative, we get more of that, and conversely, if we focus on the positive, more positivity flows to us. It is a sort of energetic Law of the Universe. The Power of Manifestation is simple and amazing, and it works – really, truly!

Here in Sedona, this law of attraction or manifestation seems ultra-potent, perhaps due to vortex energy and magnification. For this reason, Sedona is a particularly excellent place for a spiritual retreat. Our manifestation retreats focus on transformation, self-growth, and creating the life you want. We also teach techniques such as letting go of negative mind traps, mental habits, addictions, and unwanted patterns that do not serve you. When we put an intention out into the ethers it becomes clear what we desire. Clarity is the first stage of manifestation. Be careful what you ask for because as soon as you become clear, set your intention, and then speak that to the Universe, you will be shocked about how quickly your desires will arrive. Read about spirituality & meditation

Manifestation without Negativity

Conversely, when you focus on negativity, the Universe will attract that too. Therefore our spiritual manifestation retreats delve into your shadow side, uncovering the dark spots of your ego. The goal is to uplift, transform, and mold yourself into the person you want to be. Join us with your partner or family to heal past rifts or wounds, release past karma, and simply live in the present unconstrained by the past.

You can make a difference in your own life – here are some ideas to manifest your heart’s desires. First, begin to keep a dream journal to learn about your subconscious and where your mind is going. This can be enlightening! Don’t worry, your dreams do not predict your future. Your journaling is more for information purposes, to see what your mental patterns are. You can also jot down any particularly negative thoughts arising for a few weeks to see what needs shifting. You will let go of judgment and embrace compassion.

Journaling is a fabulous self-awareness tool for manifestation – allowing yourself full expression, no holds barred. Simply relax and emote – share your uninhibited thoughts, feelings, fears, dreams, etc. You can also flush out what you really want in your life – perhaps journaling about your ideal work situation, romantic relationship, family or social life. Dream big and put it on paper. You may want to pick an auspicious or lucky number – like 108 in the Vedic tradition and write 108 aspects of your ideal life partner, work situation, etc. Read about the journey of awakening.

Vision Board for Manifestation

Manifestation for Creativity

Once you have charted out your ideal on paper, a vision board can be helpful. This is a fun, creative process. Using a big board – cardboard works fine since it’ll soon be covered anyway, put your images/words/phrases on it to envision. You can cut out images from magazines, words, or phrases that “speak” to you. You can even use letter cut-outs to create your own words. It is your vision board, allow your inner heart’s desire to express onto the vision board. Once complete, enjoy your board, put it up and allow the Universe to create…manifesting the seeds you have now planted. The key is patience and focus. “Keep Your Eye on the Prize.”

Your creative endeavors will pay off. Keep in touch with that creative side of yourself. This is the side of inspiration, hope, and joy. Creative activities should be driven by passion and enjoyment, not done out of duty. In a way, our creativity is the child aspect of ourselves. When life gets too full of “should do’s” or forced responsibilities, manifestation is challenged because you are spending too much time thinking about what others need. When we lose ourselves by becoming the “sacrificial lamb” we lose our authenticity.

Authentic Voice for Manifesting

How do authentic knowing and communicating lead to manifestation? There is an element of truth that must be present if we hope to manifest our greatest life. How do you feel? What does your soul need? What are you passionate about? Is there anything in your life that you love to do? These are important questions to begin to raise your awareness about yourself. Sometimes we realize that the person we know the least is ourselves. Taking the time and clearing your schedule to get away, retreat, and answer these questions is one of the most powerful things you can do for yourself. Our Spiritual Manifestation Retreats help people do so they can live in truth and manifest what the heart wants.

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