Being Efficient with Time = Peace of Mind

Most people are of the mindset that to be busy is to increase productivity. They push themselves hard in trying to squeeze in as many tasks as they can do with the very limited time they have. As a result, they may not realize that their health and well-being are suffering.

Productivity, however, is not necessarily measured by how much you can multi-task, but rather, by how efficiently you can do your tasks. If you’re tired and drained, it’s going to be hard to be productive. Relaxation, therefore, doesn’t have to be a price to pay for productivity. There is a way to have and enjoy both, for your own benefit.

The False Allure of “Busyness”

“How are you?” “I’m busy.” This is the common refrain of people who glorify work. The danger of falling into the trap of being “busy” in order to feel productive is that you wear yourself out. You spread yourself too thin. Instead of giving your one hundred percent to a particular task, you do just enough to get it done.Dice work life balance - regain productivity

Not only that, but more often than not, people who have too much on their plate are actually pushing their physical, emotional, and mental well-being to the limit.  Having to deal with a million things all at the same time, with no relief in sight, can cause a huge imbalance and turmoil internally. Worse, productivity actually ends up going down. Thankfully, there is a solution.

Re-Gain Your Balance: Achieve Joy

Productivity without balance is destructive. Giving from a full cup rather than a depleted one is crucial. Many people serve others without refueling themselves. This is why some people get sick. They continue to over-extend themselves without any self-care or self-nurturing. It may seem that you never have time for yourself, but the truth of the matter is that there are no boundaries being established. You cannot continue to be productive without giving to yourself. Eventually, you will burn yourself out. Ironically, when you feel that you are not being productive you lose the very thing you seek: serenity, peace, and joy.

Productivity: Saved by Relaxation

A great way to get your bearings about yourself so that you can work to your maximum potential is to escape for rejuvenation and balance. Being in relaxing environments can help bring you back to that state of calm. It lets you have a clearer perspective of where you are at, and what you should do to further improve yourself.

Revitalization of energy can be had through the energy healing regimens, such as hydrating wraps, & energy work. Other tools for relaxation include breathwork techniques and meditation. Finding the time to slow down and to use tools for relaxation is imperative to refuel the system. Nature is also an important factor in remaining connected and whole.

Knowing Who You Are At Your Core

Regaining balance and peace results in a tremendous boost in productivity. Self-care and self-nurturing is a must.  Don’t continue to drain yourself. This type of self-sacrifice is not helpful to you or anyone else. Get away and re-establish who you are at your deepest core. Check out How to Excel.

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