Finding Your Authentic Self in Sedona, Arizona

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SpiritQuest Sedona Retreats is pleased to offer our Self Discovery Group Retreat at our Spiritual Retreat Center in Arizona. You discover yourself, through self-expression and creativity. Art, color, and self-reflection guide the way as you explore your past, present, and future. The creative process is a life force of energy.

We help you in that self discovery with our retreat. Learn to live life through creative eyes. Explore finding yourself and your own voice to unlock your authentic self. Reflect on your life and determine your course for the future.

SpiritQuest Sedona Retreats offers a safe, non-judgmental environment in our Retreat Center, and on the sacred red rocks of Sedona to help you learn to express and honor yourself. Give yourself the gift that will affect you and all of your relationships in a healthy and positive way. Let us help you find the amazing stillness within yourself using powerful Aura-Soma concepts to connect to your innermost being. Our One-on-One Retreats and Group Retreats offered at our Retreat Center in Sedona, Arizona are powerful and transformative. Often connections are made with other participants that last far beyond the retreat itself!

Come a day early or stay a day after the retreat to do some one-on-one single sessions just for you!

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Group Retreat Dates

  • All sold out this year


  • $795 per person


  • Three ways to book this Retreat in Sedona, Arizona:

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    2. Purchase using the button below that corresponds to your desired dates
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  • All Universal energies support me. I am free. I AM LOVE!

Self Discovery Retreat Group Description

Aligned chakras and angel wings-Self-discovery group retreat


Aura means “light” and soma means “body.” During this group retreat, you work with nearly 100 Aura-Soma bottles in order to learn more about yourself and others. By utilizing color, Aura-Soma brings consciousness and insights from the soul level of your being into your everyday life. During this Self Discovery Group Retreat, you are guided through artistic expressions that equip you with a new focus in your life. This group retreat helps you develop a new understanding of your creative self.

Every person is an artist in their own way. It’s okay if you don’t see yourself as an artist. This retreat teaches you how to approach life creatively. The self discovery group retreat reveals your gifts, talents, challenges, and future visions.

Each day you unlock the passionate side of yourself, freeing your “trapped child” and putting you in touch with the joy of self-expression. The process of creating a life-size personal ART collage raises your awareness of how your past and present are unfolding for your future. Use this as an opportunity to become aware of your shadow side, and then move into a future of Self-Love. Color essences and other color-related products help you bring your being into a state of equilibrium.

Increase self-awareness and create a harmonious sense of comfort within yourself. This group retreat helps you find a more true understanding of your potential. Join us on this amazing Group Retreat of Self Discovery. If you would like, arrive a day or two early and schedule personal & private sessions with one of our team members. Just give us a call today. You deserve it!

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Self Discovery Retreat Group Itinerary

“This was my first experience learning about chakras and what was needed to clear and reset them. Our facilitator was patient, clear, and thorough. The experience was amazing and so very helpful. I was so excited to see all the crystals we could choose from! The energy they exude filled the room. This retreat allowed me to discover things about myself that I never realized before. Now I understand why so many people are drawn to colors and crystals and how they can help us grow and expand. My personal life collage gave me perspective on my life. I am ready now to manifest an amazing tomorrow!”
Cindy P, Nevada