Remarkable Times call for Creative, Heart-Centered Action, not Isolation

This is a remarkable time. Where we once shared, laughed, connected and embraced one another, we are now urged to separate. Separation can feel lonely and isolating. So much of the human experience is through physical stimuli. We are faced with a time when all there is to do, is go inward. This does not have to be a negative thing. On the contrary, this can be a time when we mold the now into a tool for our future selves. This can be a time to “clean house” and clear out the cobwebs of limiting belief and toxic habits. This in fact can be a time of deep reflection and a chance for true transformation. We are posed with a challenge, a choice. Do we allow the fear to cripple and devour, tricking us into an internal mantra of unworthiness? Or do we choose to rise-up and claim this moment as our own? I invite you to explore the latter.interactiveonlineretreat

A Full Retreat from the Comfort or your own Home

We at SpiritQuest Retreats, believe that you have a unique opportunity to transform your own personal living space into your very own retreat center. Since staying home is what is necessary for everyone’s health and wellbeing, then let’s work together to help you make the most of it. You will be working with some of the world’s most gifted healers and practitioners. In a typical setting one would travel and be immersed in the retreat atmosphere, however, this can be very expensive. With our Live Virtual Retreats, you are able to put your money solely into your sessions and not spend on lodging, transportation or meals. This is a very special dynamic where you will be able to afford the world renowned SpiritQuest experience without ever leaving your home.

The Process of Designing the Perfect Virtual Retreat for you

online healing retreat

online healing retreat

First, you will have an in-depth conversation with one of our highly skilled and compassionate retreat coordinators. They will listen to your story and take in what you have been experiencing. Maybe you have been feeling lost, depressed, anxious or scared. Maybe you have lost someone close and are needing some assistance with your grieving process. Maybe your past has been dark, and the silence and stillness of this moment is bringing out the skeletons you once thought were buried. Whatever your background is, if you feel the desire to change and heal, we can help. Our experienced retreat coordinators are active listeners. In a safe space, they will gently pose questions and gather the information they will need to start the creative process of designing your customized online retreat.

A proposal will then be designed for you where you can see what sessions the retreat coordinator chose on your behalf. After you review your retreat and provide feedback, we finalize your itinerary. At this point we can move forward with setting up the dates for your virtual live retreat.

How to Prepare your Space for your Custom Virtual Online Retreat

At this time, we would ask you to prepare. You would need to choose dates where you will be able to solely focus on your retreat and choose the space you will be utilizing for this purpose. If you have a Sound Clearing on your proposal, we will ask you to prepare your space for such session. Set up an area where you can lay down and receive, as well as get up and move around. Our retreats are interactive and experiential, and your will have control over your end in terms of comport and atmosphere.

interactiveonlineshamanicretreatWhat an Online Retreat Looks Like, Sample Itinerary

We have a unique paradigm that is specific to SpiritQuest. Most retreats will start with an Intension Setting and Releasing Ceremony. This is where you would set your intension, as if claiming your power. This is your time to formulate your desires, voice them to the universe. Claim your power and embrace this moment as yours! You will be asked to move your body to energize and clear your system. Yoga and Tai Chi are some modalities that are used. After your opening session you will have a lunch break, to then return to a focused verbal session.

The verbal sessions will be focused on your specific area of concern. Possibly a coaching session, a healing session, or a spiritual guidance reading to name a few. After you have had a focused and direct conversation you will most likely end your day in silence. We at SpiritQuest feel it is important to receive as well as to release. Many of the silent sessions will be about clearing and will incorporate sound, breathwork, or energy work such as reiki. These are very powerful modalities from a far. Once you have finished, we advise an early sleep time to integrate and heal. This is how most of your days in our live virtual retreat will look like. Movement in the morning, talking or coaching in the afternoon, and ending the day in silence, to nurture and rejuvenate.

I hope this excites you as it does us. We look forward to shifting our futures together.