Who are we Now?

Now that this exceptionally difficult time is winding down, this “life after covid,” the question becomes, what do we do? How do we begin the journey back to wellness? These past couple of years have been so dark, so trying, and so demanding for millions of people all over the world. As empathic humans, we feel the hurt and sadness rippling through the air. We have all felt this collective pain, this deep and primal suffering. This time has brought a great deal of ugliness to the surface. Now that there seems to be a light at the end of this crippling and dark tunnel, it becomes even more imperative to shift old limiting ways and beliefs. We can step into a more integral and bright means of operating, especially during this life after covid experience.

A heart made out of a leaf for life after covid-healing retreat

Reflection on the Past

Before we can move past life after covid and talk about the future, it is important to discuss and explore what this experience has taught us. Reflect on what you learned during the past two years. What did you understand about yourself and others? How did you feel during this time? How did you stand up in the face of disaster? Who did you help? Are you proud of what you did for others or are you ashamed of how you acted during this time? Deep reflective introspection is needed to properly convey where you may have “dropped the ball” and then you can learn to take ownership of yourself and your actions. It is understandable if you hid and felt the need to retreat into your own “cocoon” of sorts. We all felt confused, worried, concerned, and upset with the painful dynamics of 2020 through 2022.

Sun setting on a person for life after covid-healing retreat

A Call to Action During Life After Covid

Life after covid is a time to focus on healing, love, and unity. Now, more than ever, we must fill our cups so we can pour them into others. This is a time to head the call to action and lend that helping hand. We can shift any and all selfishness and give back. We have so much to offer. Instead of sitting in our pain, let’s take the plunge into real, authentic, heart-centered communication and action. Every single person felt pain during the pandemic. Many people are still in incredible amounts of personal and collective anguish. See poem on grieving.We believe it to be a critical time in which we are measured by the quality of our hearts. We can work on stopping toxic patterns, releasing suppressed emotions, forgiving, and letting go of resentments.

Three hearts hanging from strings-life after covid

Sedona: A Healing Sanctuary

One amazing way to truly heal new and old wounds is to step out of your environment and step more fully into life after covid. Sedona is a perfect environment to relax, unwind, and focus on spiritual growth. You can unplug and step out of your environment for a moment to clear out the pain and let go of any negativity. The Sedona red rocks are grounding and nurturing. Nature is such a powerful gateway to the ethereal world of light. You can get back to your true authentic self and learn to forgive yourself and others. Allow this time of life after covid to become your true awakening. Stop just surviving and move into thriving. Make your life all about love, integrity, transparency, and seeing the best in everyone. You deserve to invest in self-love, self-growth, and self-acceptance.

Sunrise over mountain for beautiful life after Covid-healing retreat

Life After Covid – Time to Move Forward

Moving forward requires that we muster up the courage and strength to clear out the cobwebs of the mind. Finding an attitude of gratitude and a feeling of positivity will be felt by those around you. This enthusiasm for life and for healing is infectious. We can all become shining lights in order to raise consciousness on this planet. Our lives are so short, we need to take advantage of every day in order to live the best life possible.

It is time to take action today in order to regain your equilibrium and peace. Instead of living in a tunnel of despair do something about it today. Read more about what is healing.