Unparalleled beauty and the Perfect Place to Heal

red rocks beautiful


People come to Sedona for many reasons. Some come because of the magnificent beauty and picturesque hiking. Some come because of the relaxed atmosphere and collective consciousness of integrity and spirituality. Others come to explore the energetics and mystical lore that surrounds the vortexes. Whatever the reason may be for visiting Sedona, people come from all over the world to experience what this land has to offer. I would like to touch on the mineralogy of these sacred lands.

Crystalline Bedrock: Be Supported by the Power of the Earth

While on the land here in Sedona you can’t help but be struck with deep maroon color of the “red rocks.” I invite you to look deeper at what lays beneath the flat rock you may be hiking upon.  What hides under the basalt sandstone slick-rock is a bed of crystals. These crystals stay hidden much of their lives and only in the right light does the sparkle catch the sun’s rays. Once you have become aware that under your feet lays a rich and remarkable family of crystals, you will never look at the red rocks of Sedona the same way again.

Allowing the Earth to be a Healing Tool: Our Highest Teacher


It is simply one of the most powerful dynamics to the Sedona area. That you and your intentions are being supported and amplified without you even knowing. Crystals are thought to be conductors. They amplify your deepest desire. Many times, the magic of Sedona seems abstract. Sedona is sacred for many reasons, but this is just another profound reason to come to Sedona to heal.

We at SpiritQuest honor the land and we wish to use it as a healing modality in and of itself. Alone this land can heal and amplify your intentions, but when paired up with a highly gifted SpiritQuest practitioner, the sky is the limit. It has been said that you are what your deepest desire is, and therefore this forms your deeds, as your deeds evolve you are in the act of becoming. You have a choice to shift your old thought paradigm. You can evolve into your highest self. You can choose love, peace, patience, integrity, and gratitude and release the toxic thoughts that have held you back all your life. Once you have made the conscious decision to change your life, the process has begun. You can stop sleepwalking through life and be in stillness. You can attract bliss into your life and all the splendor that life has to offer. All you have to do is act, and pick up the phone and call 928-282-2509, we are waiting for your call.

 Caring Compassionate Retreat Coordinators Await Your Call


Imagine sitting high on up on a mountain side, up on top of a pillar of sandstone. After you have released your pain and opened your heart to your highest wisdom, you will be guided into a deep meditation as you allow your heart to open. Your dreams transcend through the ethers and your feet are pressed upon the crystalline bedrock that activates your deepest wish. This is a place where no dream is too big and no wish out of reach. Together we can make this happen. I invite you to come be in bliss with us, in Sedona, and allow the land and SpiritQuest Sedona Retreats to lead you through your journey.

Begin today to heal your past and finally step away from limiting beliefs. Come claim your power and step into forgiveness and integrity. Today can be the day that you take your power back and see your own destiny and purpose forming in the crystal bed below your feet. The reflection is your true authentic self in its true form, which is pure love and light.

Our highly trained, compassionate and insightful Retreat Coordinators are present and awaiting your call. Together we can create your perfect customized retreat and start your journey of healing and awakening today.