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There is no retreat center in the United States like SpiritQuest Sedona Retreats because we recognize the interconnected and interdependent nature of health and healing. That’s why SpiritQuest is different.  We design customized packages to revive your health and vitality. Being masters of relating, we teach skills and techniques for interpersonal relating. Our retreats focus on authenticity and self-expression. SpiritQuest Sedona Retreats is holistic, helping people achieve balance & peace. We help people with imbalances of the mind and learn to live in alignment with truth.


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A Fully Customized Experience to Express Who You Are

Custom-tailored to your exact needs, our Sedona retreats build on your strengths and address your weaknesses. We interview every client and choose a team that we feel can both nurture and challenge you in many aspects of your life. Our goal is transformation on all levels.

Say you are an overworked executive. You don’t exercise enough, your back hurts, your neck hurts. A feeling comes over you as if you might explode. There is a struggle connecting with your kids, your marriage is failing. In fact, you feel like you may be heading for a crisis and aren’t even sure what it means to be happy. Your back doesn’t show pathology on an MRI and your dissatisfaction hasn’t lessened with therapy. What are your options?

Often we need inspiration and insight, something traditional methods cannot always offer. Imagine doing yoga on the red rocks under a sky so blue it’s electric. On the same day, imagine learning to meditate, so that the answers you seek, can always be accessed simply by training the mind to be present.  Think about learning communication skills, to express your emotions in a healthy and constructive way. Allow yourself to imagine hiking and undergoing sound therapy, then ending the day with a massage. And that’s just Day 1.

Is SpiritQuest for You?

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If your health and vitality are waning, you feel a vague sense of anxiety or depression, but you aren’t sure where to start, an integral approach may be for you. With the proper training, experience, and guidance we help you feel inspired, find meaning and purpose, clarity, and peace. We offer medicine for the soul.

At SpiritQuest Sedona Retreats there isn’t any one way, one treatment, one retreat: it’s your way. Our practitioners respond to you, each with a unique perspective and set of skills. We incorporate a wide variety of topics, modalities, and experiences to challenge and inspire you! This makes a sedona retreat a relatively safe investment. You aren’t paying for one teacher or one method. Each retreat comes with many teachers, many guides, many styles, and personalities.

An Imbalance Leads to Future Challenges

Any exploration into healing, then, should ideally be all-encompassing. The body, emotions, and mind have a robust capacity to heal. Health, vitality, and growth are, in many ways, the natural state of the human organism. The body withers without some stress and stimulus. The mind becomes weak without challenge. The emotions remain immature without upset and subsequent growth. We are built to thrive and respond positively to life’s challenges, but when any one system becomes encumbered by ruts, overwork, and undernourishment, the whole system is weakened.

The body cannot be healthy without activity and conscious eating. Misalignment in the body also causes stress and tension that originate in the mind or emotions. If the body is not healthy, the mind cannot rest, and if the mind cannot rest, the emotions will be confused. If the emotions are confused, the mind is restless, and the body tightens. The mind when it isn’t trained, runs endlessly, like a hamster on a wheel, tiring us out and leading to burnout.

Living in Alignment: SpiritQuest Sedona Retreats

A healthy lifestyle means living in alignment with your deepest inner truth and principles. It means recognizing the corresponding functions of body, mind, heart, and spirit. It means trying new things, even if you are unsure. Call our understanding and skilled staff today to see if a Sedona retreat is right for you, at 928-282-2509. Enter the world of Integral Health, and enter a new set of possibilities! Who does a Sedona Journey?

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