Let’s Learn More About Grasses

Grasses are bursting with essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and even chlorophyll to sustain optimal vitality. In addition, they promote digestion and systemic alkalinity. Today we digest many of these grasses in the “superfoods” we add to shakes and smoothies. Due to their high enzyme and nutrient content, the grasses pass into our bloodstream rapidly, providing a burst of energy.

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Healthy Eating

With the increasing awareness of healthy eating grasses have gained in popularity. Many types of grasses have a higher content of vitamins and minerals than the common foods we eat. For example, wheatgrass contains more vitamin C than oranges. As well, it has more vitamin A than carrots. Wheatgrass also contains up to 70% chlorophyll. This neutralizes toxins, purifies the liver, and improves the heart, intestines, and lungs. Barley has more calcium than milk and more iron than spinach.

Alfalfa grasses contain more protein than most other plants. It has solid benefits and ensures our digestive system is balanced. Grasses are a “whole food” to many health-conscious people. They contain so many nutrients that help to sustain the body’s health.

Some people fear gluten in wheatgrass. However, it is harvested while in its early state there is no gluten within it. Below is a brief breakdown of some common grasses that we should be utilizing in our Balanced diet today. See Detox For Wellness

See Chart for Benefits of Grasses

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These five are the most widely used grasses for health and healing. Their abilities are phenomenal. Even just digesting one or more grasses a few times a week makes a noticeable difference in your health. Furthermore, wheatgrass is found growing in containers at health food stores. Take note that wheatgrass juice is especially detoxifying. A little goes a long way. Start out with just a few ounces and build up from there. Otherwise, many toxins will arise in your body quickly. You will feel very ill. If this happens, during a lot of water. As well, you can take a few Activated Charcoal capsules to soak up the fluid and toxins. This will all flush out of your system within a few hours. Overall, grasses are easy to work with for optimal health though. See top foods for alleviating stress.

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