Relationships take Dedication & Commitment

To be in a relationship as a couple requires constant growth. The person we chose to spend our life with isn’t now the person we married or committed to. People change, needs change. We pass through life milestones and enter distinct phases of our lives. When we commit to someone, the truth is that we have no idea what, exactly, we are committing to. This makes a relationship an act of surrender in many ways.

Controlling Another is an Illusion

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Sustained commitment requires the acknowledgment that we don’t always have control over life. We can’t control what others do or think. We are only responsible for controlling our own developing desires in life, the ways we change and our needs to evolve.

Our expectations, then, have much to do with our happiness as a couple. If we expect a certain outcome, we will be disappointed. However, in saying this, it’s important our needs are truly being met in a relationship. Men in particular often have a lot emotionally invested in their partner. Women tend to have their emotional support spread out among friends and family. It’s very important to have a variety of support sources and to learn to communicate issues of the soul with more than only the intimate partner. Couples counseling, then, should always help the partner less with social support and instead focus on the ability to express emotional and spiritual issues.

However, even the most healthy relationship will suffer long-term without the ongoing active participation of both partners. The tendency is to pull back when we are disappointed, to move away when we are hurt. Long-term, this can drive you apart, or lead to a relationship that is unfulfilling.

Mindfulness as a Relationship Skill

One helpful skill in counteracting the dullness that can come with long-term relationships is to practice mindful listening and even mindful seeing. Have you recently had someone really look at you? Not in a leering, obtrusive way, but in a soulful, genuine way? A way that says: I see you, right now. I honor you, right now. I’m with you, right now. Such a gaze can make you feel years younger, maybe even like a child. Such a gaze is energizing and inspiring. We can offer this gaze to our partners.

Like Flowers…

The beloved monk and activist Thich Nhat Hanh, says to imagine your eyes as flowers, your mouth as a flower, and your hands as flowers. This is a simple addition to our meditation or even can be used as a kind of mantra-image throughout the day. By imagining our eyes soft and fresh, we can see the world with that same beauty and freshness. Your beloved will respond instantly to your gaze that sees not his/her past decisions, his/her past personality traits, his/her past wrongs, or even rights. Instead, you offer your ears like fresh roses to their words, you offer your eyes like vulnerable poppies, and your mouth like a peony. See more about shamanism and couples.

Love is Always Freshbutterfly symbolizing loving relationship - couples retreat

Instead of seeing “Bob” or “Laura” or “Partner” or “Husband” try seeing your beloved as if, at this moment, they exist only in the present, as if they hold a surprise for you. Because that is the truth. None of us know the future. We can’t control the flow of life. We can only offer our love, and love is always fresh. See how to changing attitude helps your relationship.

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