Looking to reduce stress and strengthen the Immune system while enhancing connection to spirit? The Bio Boost and Inner Attunement session at SpiritQuest uses a variety of cutting edge technologies to deeply rejuvenate and heal the mind, body and soul.

We start with the Nobel prize-winning Biomat. The Biomat, created by NASA, has been shown to reduce inflammation and stress while increasing circulation and supporting the immune system. We combine the Biomat with several other healing modalities for a fully immersive experience.

One of the Biomat’s main components is it’s use of amethyst and infrared rays to create heat. Amethyst is a highly revered crystal known to aid in healing a variety of conditions. The Biomat disperses far infrared rays through the amethyst crystals, creating negative ions and distributing heat more evenly than a heating pad. Infrared heat also penetrates further (six inches) into the body than traditional heating pads which creates improved circulation and relief from a variety of pains.

Negative ions have a host of medical benefits; they have been shown to reduce allergy symptoms, increase serotonin production in the brain, and neutralize electromagnetic radiation. As the Biomat creates negative ions, we enhance this effect with the use of salt lamps. Salt lamps are a simple way to introduce peace and serenity into an area. Spiritually, salt has long been used in rituals as a way to absorb and transmute negative energy for centuries.

The client also experiences the soothing movements of the chi machine. Designed by Dr. Shizoi after 38 years of medical research, the chi machine uses a figure eight motion to gently sway the body side to side similar to how a masseuse would gently shake a client’s ankles. The motion can be compared to the way a goldfish swims effortlessly through water and does not create any pressure on the body. The benefits include increased alpha waves in the brain for further relaxation, increase in circulation, and clearing of the lymphatic system.

session room sedonaSound is a powerful healer. As sound is vibration, we can use it to balance and harmonize different emotions in addition to strengthening the physical body. We use Solfeggio sound frequencies sooth and heal during the Bio Boost session. The main six solfeggio frequencies are:

396 Hz for liberating guilt and fear

417 Hz for undoing situations and facilitating change

528 Hz for Transformation and miracles

639 Hz for connecting and relationships

741 Hz for Expression and solutions

852 Hz for returning to spiritual order

Finally, we engage the sense of smell using essential oils. Essential oils are potent healing liquids which can raise our vibration and encourage specific healing qualities. Some of our favorite oils are –

Frankincense- highly renowned in ancient Egypt, frankincense supports healthy immune and nervous system as well as beautifying properties on the skin.

Bergamot – calming and uplifting, helps elevate mood.

Yang ylang – a versitile flower used for centuries in perfumes, religious ceremonies, and wedding events.

Myrrh – powerful cleansing properties. Myrrh promotes emotional balance and helps us stay looking young.

The Bio Boost and Inner Attunement session is a great alternative to a traditional massage. Feel the calm and strengthening effects of new technology combined with tried and true ancient modalities. Visit our website and book your session today.