There is no place like it on Earth. Sedona has it all: the climate, location, geology, and human history all combined in Sedona, AZ for breathtaking results. With over 300 days of blue skies per year, the complimentary orange/red of the famous Red Rocks creates an electric image against the radiant blue. Sedona bursts from every arroyo and each plateau with something new, something splendid. The bare bones of mother earth invite you to sit and scramble, contemplate and gaze. The warm red of the manzanita and ever-green pinon pines soften the scene.

Northern Arizona in general is a wonderland of unique geographic features, from ancient lava and cinder cones, to fresh springs that burst from the cliffs of the famous Colorado Plateau that juts 3000 ft above the town of Sedona. These rare high desert riparian areas (the most famous being Oak Creek Canyon) color parts of Sedona with green and the rich smell of flourishing plant life.

Outdoor Retreat Sessions

Many of our custom retreats take place outside, on the rocks. Whether engaged in yoga, hiking, meditation, Shamanic, or other ceremonies, getting out on the land will change you. The energy here is hard to describe, but few can deny it’s effects. Maybe it’s merely the beauty, the clear air, the endless views, or maybe it’s the vortexes that are said to dot the unpredictable landscape. No matter what you’re looking for, the experience is sure to inspire. As you get out on the land, soak up the deep silence of Sedona, a place where stillness and calm can lead you naturally, almost instantly, into a more relaxed state.

The Best Guides, An Exclusive Permit

Our guides are the best in the business, and can lead even someone not “outdoorsy” on a life-changing experience. If you like to hike and get out there, then we can accommodate you as well embellished with some local secrets. SpiritQuest Retreats holds a highly exclusive US Forest Service Permit to take you out on public land. In addition to our expert, unique guides and permit, we are also the only spiritual retreat company in Sedona to offer an actual Retreat Center. Once you arrive, you are home.

Group Retreat clients enjoy the Sacred land of Sedona

Group retreats clients out on the sacred vortex land during their retreat

A Designated Retreat Center

Our retreat center is designed to help you unwind and feel relaxed. All sessions can start and end at the Center, no running around town looking to meet up with practitioners or guides. This allows you to relax, focus on your goals, and enjoy the experience. Our center has four session rooms, a reception, an outdoor picnic area, ample parking, a meditation maze, and a unique lotus tent.


Sedona, A Conscious Community

Retreat Center in AZ

Retreat Center in AZ

Sedona is a small community with many healers, and those dedicated to the hope that expanding awareness can result in better lives, communities, and even a better world. The residents of Sedona are unusually dedicated to spiritual development and the outdoor/slow lifestyle. Enjoy a change, and book a retreat today. You won’t soon forget the splendor of Sedona! Check out our Vortex Hiking page. If you are interested in a total custom retreat experiences visit our sample itineraries.