A good barometer of one’s overall health is how peaceful our mind, body, and emotions are. When the mind is chaotic it can become torturous, warping things out of skew. When our lens of perception is negative it shades everything in darkness. Our own minds can convince us that we are not good enough, not worthy, and can aggravate a low self-esteem, making life seem bleak and depressing.


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When Life Become Overwhelming

Our bodies take on a great deal of trauma. We can even be at war with our own bodies. Eating poorly, being stagnate, and disrespecting our bodies is very common when things become over-whelming. Old wounds can be suppressed and pushed down. They fester until they manifest themselves as aches and pains – some even turn into serious illnesses.

Emotional upheaval can live in a resentment, a regret, or not liking our decisions. Whatever the cause of the discontentment, here are some ways that one can discover a more peaceful way of living: Peace lives in forgiveness. Peace lives in surrender. Peace lives in clearing out the past so that the chains that once tied us down are released. Peace resides in the small things that slowly build our own characters and help us to become all that we can be.

The Power of Mantras

One great way to start creating a more peaceful mental environment is to focus on healthy thoughts. Make a choice to choose your thoughts. Personally, I love positive mantras that I recite over and over, such as “I am a being of light. I make great choices that help to aid every person on the planet. I am of service. I am beautiful. I do the right thing. I feel amazing. I am strong and empowered. I decide.”


girl dancing free from past resentments and hurts


These are some healthy thoughts that can push out the negative ones and make you feel more peaceful and serene. Peace can be found once we have been active in clearing out the past and making any amends that we may have been putting off. Be responsible for your past and the things you have done, good or bad. Tell people that you are sorry, even if they have done their share of hurting. Forgiveness and integrity will set us free. When we can really say to ourselves that we have done all that we could and we did our best, then we will start to really enjoy the person that we are. Everyone makes mistakes, it’s in what you do after that will define you.

Being at peace with our bodies will be all about walking in grace. We need to be mindful about what we eat and how we treat ourselves. We are a Divine creatures who are deserving and valuable.

Those having issues with anxiety or depressive states of mind I highly recommend coming on retreat with SpiritQuest. We can help guide you through the darkness to a place of peace and rest.