Empowerment Through the Healing Process

Spiritual Catharsis is a purification or purgation of emotions. It brings about spiritual renewal or release from tension. Healing begins as soon as you become aware that you are the one guiding your own destiny. However, you need additional support sometimes. Seeking the silence of a spiritual refuge allows for deep introspection. Equally important, how you think and feel about tough spiritual experiences can change.

The Hunger to Change Can Lead to Spiritual Catharsis

bridge in the sky Spiritual Catharsis


Deep within, you have the hunger to change. Above all, in the darkness, you tune into the voice of love. Tuning into love means that you are already changing and you are actively seeking a place to heal. This is an extremely important time. Your higher self has a hunger to grow and to develop. That higher self wants to break away from limiting beliefs and fly, being set free.

The chains of this world are experienced through addiction, depression, anxiety, and dysfunction. These chains hold a person down for years, or even lifetimes. If the person has the hunger to grow, then they are on their way to an evolution of self. That usually entails a spiritual catharsis.

What is Catharsis?

Catharsis is defined as releasing repressed emotions. This purification or purging allows us to be free of the bondage of negative stories. Our emotions are actually there to help us gain more awareness. When we feel sadness, frustration, anxiety, depression, etc. our first thought is to ignore these emotions or suppress them. This “stuffing” of your emotions is not healthy. Ironically, these emotions will continue to show up again and again until they are addressed. The ugly cycle of drug addiction starts with this very method. People distract themselves from their emotions by drinking or using drugs. Others distract by working more, traveling more, or selecting an activity where “business” replaces diving deep directly into the uncomfortable emotion.

Confronting Your Emotions

Instead of hiding from our emotions or stuffing them, a much better technique is to directly visit the emotion. Clearly, it may be uncomfortable and you may need to release tears or scream into a pillow, however, in the end, emotion can be seen as your best friend. Why? The emotion is arising because it is trying to inform you as to what is missing. That’s right, the emotion wants to be felt and explored. Ask your emotion of sadness why it is here and what it needs to release you from the pain. If the answer is more friends or deeper connections, then do that. If the answer is that you feel disrespected and undervalued, then determine what you can do about it. What we want to do by having a conversation is identify what the soul needs to be happy and then take action to achieve it.

Shifting Into Empowerment

When we acknowledge our emotions, feel them, and have a conversation with them, then we can begin to move forward. We learn to break the cycle of negativity and victimization We begin to focus on what is missing rather than drowning in our tears. This proactive way of relating with yourself and your emotions frees you and allows you to get what you need. When we ignore our emotions, we become disempowered. When we listen and take action, we move into self-empowerment in our lives. See A Story of Personal Empowerment.

Share Your Story

One way to release pain is to share it. Your story matters. But learn to share from a place of power rather than explaining to everyone why you are a victim. Share your lessons. Help others by helping them see how their own feelings and emotions are their guides. Someone once said to me, “Pain cannot be released until it is witnessed.  We encourage you to share your story and express your experiences of the world. You will start to feel more at ease just opening up about all that you are going through.

Listen to Your Inner Guides

You have such an innate and profound intelligence deep within you that knows what it needs. Your heart and intuition are the experts. You just need to dial into them and be still long enough to listen. In the middle of the storm, the voice of reason will be muted. All we ask you to do is honor your internal compass and listen to your guides during a Spiritual Catharsis. A spiritual catharsis is like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. You are the butterfly. You are NOT stuck in the darkness of a death cocoon. Change is around the corner because you are a beautiful and free being. You can change yourself, and you can help change the world. So believe in yourself. Start the self-validation process today.

Holding Space During Your Healing Process

Woman in prayer position for spiritual catharsis


Working through your process requires an act of faith. Trust is difficult when a person is feeling hurt. However find someone who can wrap their arms around you with empathy, love, and compassion. Start the transformative process by seeking active listeners and others who “walk their talk.” Clear your schedule and find a quiet, serene, place to heal. Put the emphasis on gaining new tools. Remember, new mental insights are extremely powerful. Learning to work with your thoughts (instead of letting them run rampant) is one of the most powerful ways to heal.

Find people you trust to hold space for you. It’s been said that you cannot release pain until it has been witnessed. So “letting it out” is a sign that you are willing to heal, change, and grow. There is no better time than now to grow and be the best version of yourself.

Open Lotus in front of heart for spiritual catharsis

Focusing on spiritual healing, a huge transformation of the heart occurs. There is no need to tough out the intensity of spiritual transformation alone. The world is filled with places, people, experts, and more to facilitate your journey. Will you allow a true catharsis to happen?