Women’s Empowerment: A Long Journey

The word empowerment is exciting, liberating, and terrifying. Therefore, we hold back and push women down as a result. Emaciated fashion models and oppressive religions demonstrate this. We live in a culture of playboy bunny look-a-likes. It is therefore natural for women to be told how to look, feel, and behave. It is common for women to be disempowered in many cultures. Consequently, the right to vote in America was a long and arduous process that took decades to conquer. The fight for equality is an everyday struggle for many women. Our upbringing is heavily influenced by cultural and societal norms and conditioning. Additionally, it plays a significant role in the development of an individual’s identity. There are many times when women are viewed as items. Something to be owned and shown off. The importance of appearance is undeniable in many cultures.

Discover the Beauty That is You

Three women standing close together-women's empowerment


This movement that we are seeing of liberation and women’s empowerment is one of great importance. Empathetically, not buying into what you were told, or shown, and challenging these limiting beliefs is making the choice to re-build your identity. Through a process of unfolding, unraveling, and letting go, you discover the beauty that is you.

SpiritQuest Women’s Retreats start with a choice to change. In the same vein, the choice to grow and dig deeper to examine the fiber of your being. By investing in yourself, and taking part in an amazing life-changing retreat, you are already empowering yourself. Women coming together with the same intentions, goals, and focus is extremely powerful. Through our retreats, you sift through your story and eliminate faulty beliefs. Our next step is to assist you with the process of letting go. This is an act of surrender. While surrendering to your higher self, you liberate your inner power. Thus, empowering women is a means of taking control of their lives more effectively.

Buddha's hands-Women's Empowerment

Personal Mantras Help Create Each Woman’s Empowerment

Markedly, after this emotional release, you get an opportunity to discover your personal mantra. You lay down the foundations of trust, surrender, groundedness, and balance. Indeed, the formation of a powerful mantra is life-changing. One that we use daily is, “I am love and I am light. I am strong and balanced.” These types of “I AM” mantras reshape your thinking process and challenge low self-esteem. Even if you have a past where all you have ever known is a belief of unworthiness, you can change the way you see, treat, and talk to yourself. This process of rebuilding personal power is healing for all those around you. Women’s empowerment frees us all to be our authentic selves.

The Phoenix

When you have released, let go, and laid down a strong foundation, you now begin to allow the “Phoenix” to emerge from the ashes. As a result, she is undeniably reclaiming her body, mind, and spirit. Through a creative self-discovery process, you begin to explore the inner workings of your holistic being. Consider the questions . . . “Who am I? What do I stand for, want, and need?” This helps a woman become clear about what defines her. You learn ways to take care of the budding seed that is you. You are your best advocate and cheerleader.

statue of a phoenix rising-women's empowerment

Phoenix rising, Sedona

With SpiritQuest and the other women in the retreat, you emote, express, create and receive. Your true emotions come out. No more bottling up and stuffing them down. Clarity comes and inspiration flows. We joyfully help you to form a new plan and dreams for the future. You are not in this alone. You are surrounded by other women who understand and value you. We know that you have the power already within you to move mountains. All we need is a little willingness. This is an incredible journey of women’s empowerment when you decide to claim your birthright and embrace who you truly are.

Women’s Empowerment Facilitated By Mother Earth

With a clear integral intention, we connect you with the greatest Mother of all . . . Mother Earth. Grounding and connecting to the Earth while sitting on the red rocks of Sedona, you remember your divinity. Furthermore, with clear eyes and a new perspective, colors will be brighter and smell more distinctive. You find peace and freedom within the present moment. Meanwhile, with this fierce connectedness and a collective unification with all women, you start making plans on how to integrate your empowerment with your life.

Women’s Empowerment Helps You Be All You Can Be

You are the light that inspires the people in your life when you become the best person you can be. Correspondingly, by allowing your heart to shine, no matter how many times broken, you are living an empowered life. Another dynamic that you explore and build is strong healthy boundaries. Particularly, it is important that you learn new tools to honor, love, and support your continued growth. With well-defined wants, needs, and desires, you are ready and capable of anything you put your mind to. True and lasting change comes from putting into place your practice and/or discipline. The Women’s Group Retreat at SpiritQuest gives you the tools and helps you to integrate your daily life. Start your journey today with a retreat for women.   Call aSpiritQuest retreat coordinator at 928-282-2509.