What are the qualities that an Inner Child embodies?

  • Non-judgement
  • Spontaneity
  • Trust
  • Joy
  • Adventure
  • Freedom

These are your Six Essential Anchors of Light. As we move through various life experiences we start to lose these simple but powerful elements. Indeed, we might even go a step further and our adult psyche begins to sabotage the Inner Child Anchors altogether. We start buying into the “parent patterns” or the “core pain” that we have created ourselves. We begin to self -identify with these Patterns of Pain.

Patterns of Pain

  • Core Pain 1: Nobody Loves Me
  • Core Pain 2: I’m Not Good Enough
  • Core Pain 3: I Can’t do It
  • Core Pain 4: Life is Boring & a Drudgery

These four self-defeating barricades literally create a dark, unhealthy emotional wall around us, keeping others at bay and our inner child suppressed. The Core Emotional Pain we choose to buy into can arise any time following a crises or tragedy of any sort. When we feel that we are losing control and the challenging event is dominating then we compensate for this lack of control by going into the story once again.  Emotional Healing Retreats are can guide you through these self-defeating patterns.

These dark Patterns of Pain can run from parent to child, from generation to generation, or even from lifetime to lifetime. The only way to stop them and emotional heal is to pay more attention to the Inner Child Anchors of Light than we do to the self-defeating barricades. The first step is to WAKE UP and simply notice which Core Pain is arising. The second step is to STOP THE NEGATIVE SELF TALK. Make a conscious effort to catch yourself in the moment and correct the story. Instead of the barricades you find yourself saying:

Self-Mantras for Self-Love

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  • I am loved and supported by all beings and things
  • I am important and creative
  • I can do anything I put my mind to
  • Life is exciting and fun
  • I love You
  • If You need me just ask

Every thought we have energizes our reality and leads us toward the manifestation of that reality. To heal the Inner Child say these six self-mantras every morning and every evening. Say them ALOUD. Yes…open the door and say them boldly and with commitment. Shout them to the Clouds, and at night shout them to the stars. Do this for a week and see what happens. Don’t be surprised if someone hears you and shouts back. Don’t hide when doing it. Children never give a second thought to who is listening. And you’ll be surprised at the response you might get from someone who hears you. We need each other. But of course that’s not why you’re doing it. If it’s too hard to do it in public, find private place but it is essential that you are outside and that you vocalize it – forcefully, boldly and freely. Or do it incognito. Just do it and feel the amazing empowerment and healing of the Inner Child.

Think of it as Activating your Life Field. When you believe your self-mantras, your Inner Child core qualities become whole and alive; you become whole and alive. Take a good hard look in the mirror. Which qualities are missing? Which need work? Make a commitment today to activate Non-judgement, Spontaneity, Trust, Joy, Adventure, and Freedom in your life. Whether you are in a relationship or not, these 6 Anchors of Light will never fail you.  Do you desire to understand more on Inner Child Healing?  View the Healing Retreat Treatments for Inner Child Healing!