Connecting Heart through Breath

The Hawaiian word Aloha means “the presence of breath” or “the breath of life.” Ha, means breath. Alo, means presence. But this term encompasses so much more. Is it treating each other with respect, sending and receiving positive energy. Aloha Is Living in Harmony. It is similar to the term Namaste in that it recognizes that we share the dance of breath, and to share the dance of breath is to share souls and thus to connect to the God-self, or Spirit in all things.

Dance with God Through Breath

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To be without breath is to be without soul and Spirit. Literally, it only takes a few minutes without breath for the soul to go. The breath knows the soul and the soul knows the Divine. The dance of God is the flow of Breath. That which is not in the flow cannot be part of the dance but will instead live in a contracted state. All things are of Spirit but not all things choose, at all times, to be part of the dance. The contracted states are states of pulling away, holding back, or closing one’s self down. Indeed this is exactly what happens as we near the deathbed. The breath begins closing down, preparing to leave.

The vitality of the life force within us resides specifically in the movement of breath. When we say  vitality we think of that which is very vibrant and alive. It is vibrating at a frequency that has movement, flow, and joy. And when we use the word vital we think of that which is essential, which is paramount to being. The breath IS vital and supplies the nutrients both on a physical level and a spiritual level to maintain the vitality of life. Without it, there is no life. IT IS the life giver. How we interact with our breath is a great indicator of how we interact with our Soul and Spirit. If we engage deeply, mindfully and consciously with our breath then we engage deeply, mindfully, and consciously with our spiritual self. If we remain on automatic pilot and we engage shallowly with our breath then our engagement with soul self will undoubtedly be shallow.

Breath Engagement

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We can take this a step further and say that how we engage with our soul self is an indicator of how we engage with others. The breath causes us to slow down, to become very conscious and present to the moment. The slow, deep engagement with breath causes us to be more contemplative. In order to put the attention on our breath it requires that we listen. When we listen we begin to turn off the chatter of the mind and we begin to be present with what’s happening in the moment. In this silence we find a calm and a peace. We also find the space to find balance and sacred principles of healthy living. We tap into the wisdom of the heart. This wisdom is never contracted, it is always open and willing, it is always free and at peace. This wisdom knows forgiveness, kindness, connectedness, and compassion; all of which are ingredients for healthy relating to others.


Connection with Self & Others

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Studies have shown that the heart might be more involved in our decision-making and actions then we first believed. The HeartMath Institute in California is researching heart – brain communication and its relationship to deepening connections with self and others. Historically we have thought of intelligence as being purely in the realm of the mind however we are discovering that the heart might be more involved than we previously imagined. In fact, the heart is the only other organ that we speak about in our language as having intelligence. We say things like, “my heart told me so,” or “my heart hurts,” or “my heart knows the truth,” or “it broke my heart,” we speak about our hearts as if our hearts know something the mind doesn’t. Indeed, perhaps the heart’s purpose is to take the logic of the mind and the emotion of the gut and filter those two through the soul essence to reach the truth of the situation. In many of the Vedic chakra systems the heart is located directly in the center of the chakras. In our physical systems the heart is also the center point of our core bodies. Let’s look closely at the word Centerpoint. 

Heart Centerpoint to Self

The Heart Centerpoint is the place to go for doing just that: centering one’s self in relation to the point. What is the point? Perhaps I feel I am being judged by a co-worker and I am very stressed out by this. My mind is full of judgments as to who is right who is wrong and why this happened. My mind is trying to tell me what to do about it, how to solve it, or perhaps how to get revenge. When I moved to My Centerpoint and I pause, take a very deep breath, clear the space of the mind, and tune into my heart’s wisdom, I can pull up my feelings (I am hurt) and ask my soul what I need.

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The answer may be that I need to fully be heard. Then I filter my feelings and my thoughts through the heart to the God-self and check in to see what I need to achieve this. Maybe the answer comes in that if I need to be heard the most appropriate action might be to invite this person to lunch one-on-one and gently express myself. This process allows us to honor our feelings, and to get to the core of what we need to be healthy and whole. But this process also may, or may not, require action on our part. Many times we know how we feel and what we want but we do not have the courage to take the action. Sometimes simply honoring how we feel and what we need is enough and all we need to do is to continue to breathe deeply and know that all is well and this too shall pass.