Let’s Ponder that Question

When skin is cut, is it the antibiotic that “heals?” The bandaid? When injured, the body sends out a set of reactions. How often do we stop and appreciate the wonder that is our physical body? What about our mental, emotional and spiritual bodies? Healing is our birthright. A process that is basic to our existence. Every moment, an invisible force inside is keeping you alive. It’s this system that is responsible for all healing. SpiritQuest can facilitate the process at a healing retreat.

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Someday we will understand every aspect of the process of healing. Even then, it will still be miraculous in its complexity.

How wonderful it is that our skin and bodies mend! Yet the popular belief on mental or emotional health is that healing isn’t possible. What makes us think something so illogical? Our body produces many uncomfortable symptoms when we have a cold. But where is the disease? Is sneezing the problem? If we manage to suppress the sneeze, will the cold magically disappear? Modern science has shown that is incorrect.

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Discovering the Predispositions

At SpiritQuest, our job at your healing retreat is to assist you in discovering your predispositions. We want you to see what has allowed you to be so open to illness or imbalance. The reasons can be, not enough sleep, a terrible diet, work stress, or no exercise. Once located, healing is possible!

Many of these predispositions are located on an emotional, mental, or spiritual level. Lifeforce keeps our hearts beating. It also regulates our temperature and our immune system. It scans and eliminates intruders. At the same time, it is adjusting our mood, reaction, and ability to respond.

Healing is Possible

The mind, emotions, and body can heal. Say that to yourself. It feels uplifting because on some level you know it’s true. What ideas come to mind when you say these things out loud?

SpiritQuest Retreats has a great list of sessions for you to create your perfect, personalized healing retreat. You may be interested in eating better or starting a yoga and meditation routine. Possibly even hiking, and engaging with nature. Perhaps more esoteric disciplines interest you like chanting or shamanic healing. SpiritQuest has a healing retreat package for you! Get personalized attention from our practitioners. No two retreats are alike. Each retreat is geared to you and your specific goals. If you aren’t sure what your goals are, but feel you need a major life change to jump-start the healing process, talk to one of our representatives today. 1.928.282.2509

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