I’d like to invite you to ponder the question: what is healing?

This seemingly simple question is actually profound.

When the skin is cut, is it the antibiotic that “heals?” The bandaid? When we are injured, the body unleashes an automatic set of reactions so complex we still can’t fully understand the process. How often do we stop and appreciate the wonder that is our body (and I will argue, our emotional and mental/spiritual body)? Healing is our birthright, a process fundamental to our existence. Every moment, an invisible force inside you is keeping you alive and it’s this system that is responsible for all healing (although we can facilitate the process).

neurons healing

Maybe someday will we understand every aspect of the origin of life and the process of healing, but, even then, it will still be miraculous in it’s complexity.

How wonderful our skin and body heals! Yet the popular discourse on mental or emotional health is that healing isn’t possible. What makes us think something so illogical? When we have a cold, our body produces a plethora of uncomfortable symptoms: the running nose, the head pain, the sneezing. But where is the disease? Is the sneezing the problem? If we manage to suppress the sneeze will the cold magically disappear? Modern science has shown that is incorrect.

Even before modern science proved the existence of the common cold virus, ancient wisdom described how the symptom is not the source of the disease. In Chinese medicine, for example, the disease is a deeper disturbance on the invisible energetic systems of the body. Homeopathy also strongly supported (and still supports) this perspective. These concepts still apply today, even with scientific advances, because one could argue that not even the virus is the source of disease. Instead, the disease lies at the level of a predisposition.

face in the clouds

At SpiritQuest our job is to assist you in discovering the predispositions which allowed you to be susceptible to illness or an imbalance (not enough sleep, a terrible diet, stress, meaninglessness, no exercise, etc). Once located, healing is possible!

Many of these predispositions are located on an emotional or mental/spiritual level. The life-force that at every moment keeps our heart beating, our temperature regulated, our immune system scanning and eliminating intruders, is also modulating our mood, our reactions, our ability to respond with loving connection and flexibility, creativity.

Healing is Possible!

The mind can heal, the emotions can heal, the body can heal. Say it to yourself. It feels uplifting because on some level you know it’s true. What ideas come to mind when you say these things out loud?

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