Spiritual Empowerment Within Ourselves

A good way to understand the meaning of Spiritual Empowerment is to look at what it means to be dis-empowered. When we are not in our power, we are not in alignment with our purpose, talents, and gifts. In physics the word “power” means: the amount of energy put out or produced in a given amount of time. So when we look at power as if it were energy we take on a whole new perspective. Do we have the energy to believe in ourselves and to stay in touch with our deepest spiritual path?

Often when I speak to people who are feeling misaligned or are going through challenges they use words such as exhausted, lost, stuck, and disconnected.  Such words are an indicator that there is a dis-empowerment occurring. The energy that is now being diverted to dealing with the crises or to feelings of low self-worth has consumed the energy to create, laugh, sing, and feel joy! Sometimes this “energy leak” becomes chronic and now the person may begin to experience anxiety and fear. When this becomes all consuming, they become so overwhelmed and exhausted that they begin to feel the dark energy void of depression. Arriving at this state of mind is absolute and total dis-empowerment.

Spiritual Retreats to be Whole

Gain self-awareness and personal growth on Spiritual Retreats in Sedona

When we come to the realization that we are not connected with our simply joy, this is the perfect time to seek one of our spiritual retreats to grow in Spiritual Empowerment. Retreat is the key word: Stop, look, listen.  It is time to seek reprieve.  It is time to seek solace.  Put all else on hold because if you don’t, years can pass you by. Our spiritual healing retreats will allow you the time and space to re-evaluate and to refresh; to gain a new outlook. At SpiritQuest Retreats we not only want to help you with Spiritual Empowerment, but we will offer you new tools for moving forward. New ways to align and balance yourself will emerge. You will begin to close the gap of that etheric power leak and start to feel whole once again. Your power will begin to build. Each step will move you back into your own empowerment. Both our Women’s Retreats and Men’s Retreats focus specifically on empowerment.

Centered and Balanced

Sedona Retreat Session to Meet Your Inner Guides with Inner Wisdom

When you give yourself permission to reclaim your Spiritual Empowerment, suddenly it feels as if a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.You are feeling more centered and balanced. You feel as if you matter. Your creative juices start flowing. You begin to remember who you really are at your core. You reconnect your energy cords to the Universe. You begin to align once again to your purpose and passion. You begin to laugh and smile. You realize that you need only to deal with your own issues and not the issues of everyone else. Once more your life starts to look magical and hopeful. You begin to let the energy of each day be toward that which brings you happiness and joy. What else is there?