Expand Your Spirituality

Are you seeking a Spiritual Awakening?

Are you feeling stuck, lost, blocked, or misaligned?

These are indicators that a spiritual shift needs to happen. If you feel disconnected, numb, or hate your life, it may be time to do some deep healing work. This will result in a profound Spiritual Awakening.

We, as humans, are spiritual beings having a human experience. Remembering that you have a deeply important purpose on this Earth is crucial. You are unique, special, and vital to the growth and evolution of the collective consciousness.

Certain trials and tribulations assist our evolution in our lives. These lessons shape us into helpful tools for others on their healing and spiritual journey. Each person possesses certain unique spiritual gifts. Furthermore, you can bring about deep healing and evolution in those you love and those you come across in your life.

This is why it is very important to release old wounds, learn from the past, and discover your spiritual gifts. After finding your spiritual gifts, you must continuously improve and focus on them throughout your life. We will explore seven ways to assist you with this process. Seven ways to bring about a spiritual awakening and further you on your spiritual journey into light and purposeful living.

  • Grounding & Earth Work

Root yourself, ground yourself, and let the Earth support you. Grounding and rooting to the Earth is vital for spiritual awakening and spiritual growth. It is very difficult to open up to spirituality when you do not have a good foundation to walk upon. Balance is crucial, and necessary to properly carry out your mission for being on Earth.

Spend time in nature, connecting with the ground barefoot. Spend time connecting to the Earth’s majesty and wonder. Spend time contemplating its magic, and seeing that you are part of this grand experiment. Through honoring the Divinity in nature, you will be able to better honor the Divinity in yourself.

  • Deep Somatic Healing (release & letting go)

Let go of past stories, beliefs, and self. Release earthly attachments, negative self-talk, and limiting thoughts. The best way to do this is by Somatic Healing or healing for the body.

We store a great deal of trauma, pain, and tension in the body. We can carry around blockages that can weigh us down and trigger our emotional body.

When the body has not fully healed, it can contain past wounds. When a person truly heals the body and lets go, it can cause a profound Spiritual Awakening. This happens because you become better aligned and better attuned to your spirituality. Without these blockages, you can better connect and hear your Spiritual Higher Power.

  • Discover & Practice Humility

Learn and apply humility by being non-judgmental, helping the homeless, and supporting those with addictions and mental illnesses. Help animals, volunteer your time, and follow altruistic ventures to give back.

Practicing a discipline of humility means that you walk and embody the characteristics of humility. You are open to learning and growing. You are self-aware and work on causing a shift in perspective. Being self-aware helps you have a spiritual awakening by making you aware of your ego and higher self.

The ego may be toxic if out of control and not fine-tuned and explored. It is best to operate in the state of the Higher-self, which is humble and remains teachable. Discovering humility means you have a heightened awareness, which makes it much easier to continue to progress on your Spiritual journey.

  • Maintain a State of Peace

Maintaining a state of peace is important to your ability to be open and receiving. When we are full of stress, irritation, toxic emotions, chaotic thoughts, and tension in our bodies, we are not at peace. When we are in this “full” state, we are blocked.

Blocking or being full inhibits your connection to your Source or flow of consciousness. By maintaining a state of peace, you will have the space to align and attune yourself.

Being clear and open will assist you with a deeper connection to God or Source. Using tools such as mindfulness, meditation, mantra, and stress reduction tools will greatly assist you with this process.

Carry your state of peace with you. Remember, you get to choose your state of mind and thoughts. Keeping things clear and simple will keep you attuned to a Spiritual Awakening.

  • Remember Your  Gifts & Purpose in Life

You have special abilities and tools from God to fulfill your purpose on Earth. Your gifts are unlike any others. What are you good at? What special thing can you do and are you proud of?

Are you an artist? Can you sing?

Do you have an amazing huge, giving heart? Can you see people for who they really are? These are all examples of Divinely given gifts.

Others could include your empathy and intuition.

It is important to see yourself as Divinely gifted. This shows that our lives have a purpose and we need the mission of man to succeed.

Discover, improve, and sharpen your gifts, then use them to help others. When you align with your purpose and gifts, you open yourself to a deep spiritual awakening and transformation.

  • Connect with God/Source Whenever Possible

This relationship is the most important relationship you will ever have. You have a profound amount of love, connection, and trust for you to access anytime.

This relationship is like any other, it falls apart when neglected. Paying attention to your special bond with God will help you understand and connect on a deeper level. The more you focus on how this bond feels, the better your understanding and connection will be.

That is why meditation, prayer, and mantras are so powerful. It is putting spirituality into practice. It is seeing your connection and relationship to God as sacred, and in need of much focus, time, and energy.

Treat God as if he/she were your beloved. Spend time together, share your worries and fears, be vulnerable, and trust God with everything. Put God first, and everything else will fall perfectly into place.

Let Spirit Lead Your Life

These six steps are just tips to assist you with becoming more spiritually in tune. The aim is to decrease human limitations on Earth, allowing you to live a life guided by spirituality and inspiration.

With God, there is no judgment, there is no drama, and there is no chaos or pain. With a spiritually lead life, you are free, peaceful, kind, and helpful. You are able to handle stress and issues that arise because you are in balance. You are able to be the observer and not become reactive or explosive.

As humans, we should all strive to let Spirit lead and drive us. The more we do this, the more our higher selves run the show for us – making decisions for the greater good, with integrity.

Spending time with negative people or situations that make you feel bad about yourself can trick and deceive you. The truth is, you are perfect. The Divine has chosen you to serve out a deep and spiritual mission for your life. You are not alone. You are special and capable of moving mountains.

How We Can Help

At SpiritQuest Sedona Retreats, we run the business with and upon these spiritual principles. We lead the company in and with Spirit’s guidance and support. We believe that any person, no matter the walk of life, can have a profound transformation and Spiritual Awakening.

We would love to show you and teach you more about Sedona’s healing and Spiritual Retreats, and usher you to your highest potential. Don’t spend another day not honoring who you are. Do not let another day go by wasting your beautiful energy!