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Bell rock is one of the seven main vortexes in Sedona, Arizona

Sedona Arizona is located sixteen miles from Oak Creek Canyon where it stands above the heat of Phoenix and below the snowline in Flagstaff. The town is surrounded with sandstone rocks and cliffs of dusky-rose and a glistening creek of stunning shades of the canyon floor. The sandstone in Sedona is literally covered in a bed of quartz sparkling in the rocks; so it is said that wherever you walk or sit you become part of the Universal Energy Force.

Sedona, Arizona travel destination for retreat

There are a vast amount of Sedona Vortexes hikes throughout the area that will allow visitors during a vacation or when on a retreat in Sedona to experience ancient healing grounds perched within the sandstone cliffs. Historic artifacts and records confirm Sedona Arizona has always been a sacred place to the Native American as they considered the area to be the birthplace of their spirituality. The natives sanctified the area for special spiritual ceremonies as they experienced deep spirit here, buried beneath the red rocks, the earth emanating a sacred high vibrational energy to the air.

Waterfall in the red rocks of Sedona

This vibrational energy is known as spiritual vortex energy and it encompasses a circumference of about 22 miles, with Sedona being wrapped in spiritual vortex energy. Sedona vortex energy amplifies everything it comes in contact with, which means that everything you are feeling will be magnified. These vortexes are enhanced energy locations that facilitate prayer, healing, meditation, and exploring your relationship with the divine.

This special energy field is known to locals as the “Spirit of Sedona,” a strong, creative, inspiring and loving feminine presence. The vortexes are described as the crossing points between energy fields in the earth’s grid system. This crossing point is believed to be the intersection between our physical world and the divine healing realm. Spiritual vortexes are said to assist in aligning spiritual properties, bringing together our spiritual make up to create balance and harmony in the body.

7 Sedona Vortexes

Sedona Arizona has seven main energy vortexes where the subtle energy that exists at these locations interacts with the subtle body energy belonging to each visitor. The energy vibrates within and emphasizes the inner being of each person.

Hike out on the red rocks of Sedona

Cathedral Rock Sedona Vortex is a feminine energy affecting both mind and body creating a cleansing experience, generating immense masses of energy. The vortex energy cleanses and balances the mind, body, and spirit. Cathedral Rock is the strongest magnetic vortex in the whole of the Sedona Arizona area generating a subtle but very powerful and deep experience. Deep meditation here connects you to the earth’s energy as well as the communication with your guides, sanctioning deep knowledge within you. It opens up your ability to communicate and to connect to your feminine or nurturing side.

Airport Mesa Sedona Vortex

red rocks in the heart of Sedona

Airport Mesa Sedona vortex is an electromagnetic vortex and the most accessible of all the vortexes with a 360-degree view of Sedona’s breathtaking scenery. The airport mesa vortex energy is a masculine energy strengthening the internal spirit to take charge of their own lives, and live in self-confidence. The forte of the masculine side is the worth that you, place on yourself. Placing a high value on yourself influences who you are and fosters strength and confidence in your life and relationships.

Bell Rock Sedona Vortex

Bell Rock Vortex for Healing Group Retreat in Sedona

Bell Rock Sedona vortex in Sedona Arizona is also an electromagnetic vortex that has immense quartz crystals within or beneath creating a very high energy at this vortex. The energy is very intense and strengthens all three parts of spiritual being: the masculine side, the feminine side, and the balance. The masculine side reveals the deep regard for the value of your own life, as the feminine side reveals the deep regard for the life of others. The maturity of the masculine paralleled to the feminine defines the balance between the two. This balance not only defines how you treat others comparative to yourself, but it also governs what types of emotions you feel most strongly. The vortex energy at Bell Rock will enhance spirit within and help you increase new perspectives, be more aware of self and others balancing mind, body, and soul.

Boynton Canyon-Kachina Sedona Vortex

Sedona vortex energy for healing

Boynton Canyon-Kachina Sedona Vortex, an electromagnetic vortex of balanced energies, is the most mysterious and sacred of the seven main vortexes of Sedona, Arizona. The energy at this vortex also strengthens all three parts of the spiritual being, masculine/feminine balance, which benefits relationships by strengthening intimacy, honesty and openness. In ancient times the native Yavapai-Apache would not come into the canyon without first purifying themselves through fasting or deep meditation. The energy here is very balanced and calm. Boynton Canyon-Kachina vortex is grounding and uplifting. It will generate nourishment and strength to recharge and align mind, body and spirit.

Chapel of the Holy Cross Sedona Vortex

Sacred vortex at the Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona

The Chapel of the Holy Cross Sedona Vortex in Sedona, Arizona is a unique experience as many say this vortex is in fact the “strongest” vortex of them all. While at the vortex you will notice a red rock rising over head of the “eagle” an amazing rock outcropping which appears to be an eagles head which is said to protect the Chapel from evil. The feeling of the vortex within the walls of the chapel is one of inspiration and joy that brings a deepening connection to spirit. The energy of this vortex site also includes love, harmony, unity and oneness with all that is.


Schnebly Hill Road Sedona Vortex

Schnebly Hill Land Journey

Above the high terrain resides the Schnebly Hill Vortex which will provide you a quiet, remote place to return to harmony with the self and nature. The Schnebly Hill Sedona Vortex is a strong well of energy that helps you to cleanse and purify your spirit. This vortex energy is balancing and aligning. For those who are looking to release old negative patterns and blockages, the vortex will enhance your process. When taking the trip to the top of Schnebly Hill Vortex enjoy the amazing views of Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon.

Courthouse Butte Sedona Vortex

Courthouse Butte Rock in Sedona, AZ

Courthouse Butte Vortex is located just east of Bell Rock Vortex and north of the Village of Oak Creek. The Courthouse Butte Vortex is a powerful energy that powers up from the earth in to the Sedona sky. This Sedona vortex site radiates off a mystic spiritual energy. Past generations who placed their homes in Sedona say they have experienced deep spiritual connection while in the red rocks of the Courthouse Butte Vortex, making it one of the strongest vortexes for personal and spiritual growth in Sedona.

Things to do in Sedona

Jeep Tour in Sedona Arizona

Jeep Tours

Experience scenic, off-road tours in Sedona, Arizona, one of the most beautiful places on earth. Sedona Jeep Tours thrill visitors with views of ancient ruins, amazing vortexes, and scenery only found here.

Sedona Church of the Red Rocks

The Chapel of the Holy Cross

The Chapel of the Holy Cross has been a compelling Sedona landmark since its completion in 1956. The Chapel appears to rise out of the surrounding red rocks. The towering cross and awesome panorama of the red rocks are a source of inspiration inviting rest and reflection offering incredible photo opportunities in all directions.

Helicopter tours in Sedona Arizona

Helicopter Tour

Take a helicopter tour and view the fantastic formations of the red rocks of Sedona Vortexes.
View ancient ruins, back canyons and forests of Sedona rarely seen by even the most avid hiker.

Vortex energy of Sedona Arizona

Night Sky Tour

Take advantage of viewing brilliant heavenly objects among the beautiful red rocks. The Sedona area has some of the best viewing conditions in the United States resulting in many clear dark nights.

Tlaquepaque in Sedona, AZ for shopping


Visitors love to shop at the internationally renowned Arts & Crafts Village. Beautiful art galleries and unique shops inhabit a lush natural environment where giant Sycamore trees stand conserving the eternal beauty of the Tlaquepaque surroundings of the artistic village, With over 40 specialty shops and exclusive art galleries, shopping becomes an elated experience witnessing fabulous art treasures and unique gifts at every shop.

Sedona Rouge lodging partner of SpiritQuest in Sedona Arizona


View inspiring beauty of the red rocks while enjoying a breakfast, lunch or dinner, casual or fine dining, meal of either Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Southwest, Thai or Sea Food cuisine. Sedona boasts diverse restaurants to dine in, including 4-star establishments known world-wide for excellence and service. Spectacular views, great service, delicious food and a variety to choose from that will make your experience in Sedona awe-inspiring.

Sedona group personal retreats by SpiritQuest Sedona Retreats in Arizona

Spiritual Retreats

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