Group Retreat in Sedona Arizona

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Our Spiritual Group Retreat: Discovering Your Soul’s True Purpose

Group Retreat: Finding Your Higher Self In Sedona, Arizona

SpiritQuest is the leading provider of spiritual and self-help retreats and workshops in Sedona, Arizona. Our Spiritual Group Retreat is limited to small group interactions so we can provide an intimate experience in order to help you connect and feel safe. Our Spiritual Group Retreat Center guides you into a journey of the soul. You will gather with other like-minded individuals for a weekend you won’t forget! Learn how to unwind and let go. Learn how to quiet the egoic chatter of the mind that keeps you constantly in a trap. Free yourself from the confined box of old cycles and patterns. This retreat will give you the tools you need. Our Spiritual Group Retreat at our Spiritual Retreat Center in Sedona is perfect for those on a budget with flexible travel dates, and includes several sacred journeys out on the amazing red rocks of Sedona as well as a shamanic sound clearing. You deserve to get away and discover the joy and serenity that is your birthright!

Our Women’s Group Retreat: Accessing the Divine Feminine

Group Retreat: Communication Dynamics for Enhanced Relationships

SpiritQuest is pleased to offer some of the same amazing insights and tools we utilize in our private intensives, organized into an interactive 3-day group program just for women at our Arizona Retreat Center. Katherine Lash will hand select which SpiritQuest guide will work with you. The intention is to create a nurturing environment where it’s safe for participants to become vulnerable — all of which is necessary in order to learn and grow. Our Sedona Women’s Group Retreat is very personal and goes deep. Often sisterhood connections are made that last far beyond the retreat itself. If your travel dates are flexible but your budget is limited, our group retreats provide an affordable option for women seeking to heal their hearts, find their purpose and empower themselves to follow their dreams. Each women’s group retreat includes a sacred journey to one of Sedona’s many famous power spots. You don’t want to miss this one. We limit our Sedona Women’s Group Retreat to small intimate groups in order to assure a powerful experience. Our intention is to provide solutions based on your life challenges; we guarantee that your voice will be heard.

Healing Group Retreat: Personal Healing to Empower Your Body & Soul

Group Retreat: Personal Healing to Empower Your Body & Soul

During your Healing Group Retreat at our Healing Retreat Center in AZ you will feel safe enough to allow yourself to truly let go of the past and patterns that have keep getting in your way. Your practitioner has a unique approach to help you clear those deep wounds that never seem to heal. While our healing group retreat is about releasing the past, the greater focus is about moving on! You deserve to find your inner strength and happiness; we can help you do that. You will find yourself gathered with others who are here for the same purpose. Together you will support and connect on a deep spiritual level. Often bonds are formed that last a life-time! This wonderful retreat uses Spiritual wisdom and Earth wisdom as a means of moving forward and finding peace. Spend a weekend on a Healing Group Retreat and guaranteed you will be back for more!

Shamanic Group Retreat: Discovering Miraculous Self-Love Through Nature

Group Retreat: Rejuvenate & Replenish in Sedona, Arizona

Often we get so busy with the hustle and bustle of life that we forget our connection with Mother Earth and the tangible support she has to offer. When we reawaken our connection to Nature we are introduced to a powerful, magical relationship which can be life-changing. Everything we need is here within this relationship, if only we allow ourselves to take that first step into enlightenment. This grounding Shamanic Group Retreat is facilitated by the renowned spiritual practitioners with SpiritQuest Retreats. Through the power of releasing fear and connecting with the root of who you are, you will re-discover your purpose and direction. Experience the Medicine Wheel and the power of Animal Wisdom on this Shamanic Group Retreat. We limit our group retreat to small groups at our Retreat Center in Sedona in order to assure a powerful and intimate experience. In doing so, we can provide you with a very personal experience, guarantee that you will be heard, and establish a nurturing atmosphere where you can get in touch with the very core of yourself.

Self-Discovery Group Retreat: Awakening Self Through Spiritual Expressions

Group Retreat: Revealing Your Life Journey Through Self-Expression

This Self-Discovery Group Retreat in Sedona, AZ is  held at the SpiritQuest Retreat Center and on the Sacred Red Rocks of Sedona.  Utilizing the past, present, and desires for the future this retreat offers opportunities to become aware of one’s shadow side, and then move into a future of Self-Love.  Color Essences and other color related products help bring you to a state of equilibrium. Utilizing color therapy, we help you to find a more true understanding of your potential.  Join us for this amazing Group Retreat of Self-Discovery.  This Self-Discovery Group Retreat is limited to a small group in order to assure a powerful and intimate experience. Our goal is to establish a nurturing atmosphere where all participants can get in touch with the very heart of themselves. You will experience an unforgettable weekend of connection and establishing healthy boundaries of wellness for yourself and others.

Yoga Group Retreat: Achieving Balance Through Holistic Wellness

Yoga Group Retreat: Achieving Balance Through Holistic Wellness

This Yoga Group Retreat at our Health & Group Retreat Center in Sedona, AZ is  held at the SpiritQuest Retreat Center and on the Sacred Red Rocks of Sedona. Join our small groups, or arrange for your private group and experience a Yoga Retreat that will be remembered for years to come.  Our Yoga Group Retreats offer three days of interaction, self-growth, and alignment at our Retreat Center in Sedona. SpiritQuest owner, Katherine Lash, will introduce you to select practitioners to facilitate your group retreat. Go deep with meditation, breathwork, sound, and yoga. Explore your strengths and weaknesses with this small group personal yoga retreat. Your practitioner can give you great insights as to how to improve your practice.  Gift yourself and your friends to a personalized experience in Sedona.  Let us help you find the amazing stillness within using powerful and ancient Vedic concepts. Also check out our Personal Retreats and other Group Retreats offered at the BEST Retreat Center in Sedona, AZ. Often connections are made that last far beyond the retreat itself! Join us for this powerful Yoga Retreat.