Do you have the courage to live your greatest dreams?  Are you willing to embark on a great adventure together?  It is going to cost you to surrender to something greater than yourself. Trusting in the process, believing in yourself, and learning that supporting and encouraging your partner is your greatest gift to them.

Manifesting your dreams is going to require you to let go of what you currently have. It is going to require courage and sacrifice.  It is going to take work.  Are you prepared to make the commitment for yourself and your partner?

My Story of Manifestation

At 32 years old, all things considered, we were nearing bankruptcy.  We were married with 3 kids, a mortgage, and two cars in need of constant repair.  I was the sole breadwinner and was making $45,000 a year … we were going backward fast.  Additionally, I had no savings or money saved for my oldest to go to college.  The financial stress was almost unbearable and occupied much of my mind.  Backed into a corner, feeling stressed about where I wanted to be, we needed to set an intention … we needed to live our greatest dreams.

We needed a plan, a course of action, and inspiration to transform a life of poverty and hardship to an abundant life.  The abundant life of financial peace, joy, and love for family and work were our greatest dreams.  We were a long way from that, and at the same time, recognized it was within our power to manifest our greatest dreams.  The stress was related to where we were and to where we wanted to be, it was the tension in between.

Self-Doubt Kills the Dream

To want is very different from to need.  When you need something, you will stop at nothing to get it, though impatience is a killer of dreams.  When you want something, it is different.  What do you want?  Is it peace and quiet, or a petting zoo with unicorns?  Whatever it is you want or need, it is about timing, and what you learn about yourself in the process.

It is important to note that doubt is a killer.  Doubt kills the dream.  Self-doubt is going to require you to step up and become what you’re capable of being.  Eradicate doubt and adopt a mindset of healing, growth, perspective, and positivity … trusting that the whole design is happening for you.  Become the magician.  You are not the victim of your circumstances, and although you may need to transmute your suffering, you can decide right now to change your life.

What do you want it so badly that you can taste it?  What motivates you?

Is it freedom?  Is it joy?  Is it peace?  Is it love and truth?  Or, is it the house on the lake, in the mountains, or your favorite place in the world?  Is it living with a partner that is willing to make the commitment to co-creating your greatest dreams together?

Supporting Each Other’s Process

Motivations change throughout the course of living.  Our dreams change.  What you may want when you are in your 20s is different than your greatest dreams at age 62.  The point of the process is to come together and agree to support one another in the process of achieving everything your partner wants through your support and encouragement.  It is about appreciating yourself and your partner, stating your appreciation frequently, and building a life of adventure together.

Manifesting what you want in your life is going to cost you.  What are you willing to give up in order to receive what you desire?  Letting go of who you were, and visioning your next 10 years together, you step into your dreams every day … it is what you do throughout the day that will get you there?  When you partner, you increase the energy, and when two people come together in partnership and agreement … magic happens.

Activating Your Chakras

Oftentimes when manifestation is discussed, the metaphysical wisdom and knowledge of manifesting are acknowledged.  It can be spoken into existence; it may be felt into existence. You may use focus and many other methods to manifest.  Those are all wonderful ways to activate the higher chakras, however, the lower chakras are often neglected.  Manifesting your greatest dreams is going to activate your lower chakras, and that means putting your boots (or work shoes) on the ground and getting to work.

Activating your lower chakras is where the action is.  These are the places where many fear to go.  These are places where you learn self-esteem & self-worth by training yourself to do what is hard, rather than what is easy.  Self-esteem is more than a word to use with frivolity, it is a word earned from dedication, devotion, and perseverance.  Self-esteem happens when you do the hard thing over and over again when you know it is the right thing to do.

A Program for Manifesting Dreams

As someone who has manifested the life of my own dreams, it is our great pleasure at SpiritQuest to offer our unique Couples group retreat program.  It is a passion to help couples live their greatest dreams every day, all day long.  Our clients’ dreams are as varied as they are.  We are all worthy of experiencing our greatest dreams, to live them every day, and it is going to take you leaving behind your old self in order to experience the greatest version of your new self. SpiritQuest can help you with this and so much more! This is the value of commiting to a couples retreat.

Manifesting your greatest dreams is going to amaze you.  Opportunities will arise that will come from out of nowhere, nighttime dreams may assist you, and people will enter your life to point the way.  Living in the now is going to provide the clues … the question will become if you’re paying attention and are aware of the omens and signs.

This is not about greed or mansions or fancy cars, though the estates and sparkly are nice.  It is about forming a credible vision for your future, with your partner, working together, and enjoying the fruits of your labor together.  Basking in the delight of your partner’s ear-to-ear smile while experiencing their dream, knowing you supported your partner and encouraged them to be their best, is a reward best felt in the moment.

A Manifestation Exercise:

To begin manifesting, pick up the penny.  Yes, you heard right … pick up the penny.  Pick up the moment … the Universe is speaking to you.  You are on your path … keep walking the Good Red Road.

Find another penny and give it away.  Lay it next to an older dilapidated car in the parking lot and say a prayer that the person finds it.  You are a channel and not meant to hoard, when you give with freedom it will return tenfold.

Pick up the dime and donate it.  Trust that you will always receive what you need, that the Universe is abundant, and that there is more than enough for everyone.  Find joy in letting go.

If you come up short in the aisle, by a dollar, be open to receiving.  It is important that you learn to ask for what you need and want.  Observe what happens and be grateful, it is all happening for you.

Manifesting your greatest dreams is going to take a while, in fact, the process is going to take 10 years.  10 years from now, where do you want to be in your life … how old will you be?  There is a reason it is 10 years away because you cannot figure out how to get there … and that is the point.  Each day will be a step into the Unknown, and each day will bring you one day closer, allow the miracles to take place in your life, and do not explain them away.

The Power of Intention

My greatest dreams when I was 32 were to own my home with a creek and mountain out of my office window, to own my vehicles, to live with the love of my life, to put my children through college, and to do the work that I love to do.  10 years later, this is my reality, and having been through the process I am amazed.

Manifesting your greatest dreams begins by creating them through the power of your intentions.  Writing them down makes them known.  The agreement makes them very powerful.  Protecting them with boundaries, nurturing them with appreciation, pruning them with care, and harvesting the fruits are all a part of the process.  It is not easy, and then again, nothing that is ever worth it is.

Dare to dream, to work for it.  You are worth it and are far more powerful than you know.

Do you dare?

Blog by Troy DeSmet

Couples Retreat Facilitator